Инфоурок Информатика КонспектыКонспект урока на тему "PROBLEM SOLVING: FOR LOOP" (8 класс)

Конспект урока на тему "PROBLEM SOLVING: FOR LOOP" (8 класс)

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Long term plan unit:

     Chapter №4   Programming         


School: M.Auezov



Teacher name: Aissulu Batyrkhankyzy




Grade:  8


Number present:


Theme of the lesson 4.2 PROBLEM SOLVING: FOR LOOP

Learning objectives (s) that this lesson is contributing to:

Сабақ негізделген оқу мақсаты (мақсаттары): using  selection and duplication operators (C/C++, Python, Delphi, Lazarus) таңдау және қайталау операторларын программаны өңдеудің кіріктірілген ортасыныңда қолдану (С/С++, Python, Delphi, Lazarus)  

Lesson objectives:

Сабақ мақсаттары:


1.All learners will be able to:

- apply ‘FOR’ Loop.

1.Барлық оқушылар:

- ‘FOR’ циклін қолданады

2.Most learners will be able to:

Know what algorithm and types of algorithm are. The structure of programming.

2.Оқушылардың көбісі:

Алгоритм және алгоритмнің түрлерін, бағдарламалау құрылымын біледі.

3.Some learners will be able to:

-          solving problems using a ‘FOR’ Loop in the programming language

3.Кейбір оқушылар:

-программалау тілінде параметрлі циклді пайдаланып есептер шығару

Key words and phrases:

Негізгі сөздер мен тіркестер:

Loop, for, starting value, ending value, number of steps





divisor - бөлгіш – делитель

 controller - тексеруші – контролер

 head - тиынның сыртқы беті – орел

 circuit - тізбек – цепь

 independence - тәуелсіздік – независимость

 ascending - өсу - восходящий

ancestor - арғы ата - предок

particularly - атап айтқанда - в частности

 LED - жарық диодты индикатор – светодиод

 independent - тәуелсіз - независимый

Interdisciplinary contacts:

Пәнаралық байланыстар:

Russian, English, Mathematics, Physics

Орыс тілі,Ағылшын тілі, математика, физика

Previous learning:

Алдыңғы оқу:

 4.1 LOOPS






The course of the lesson (didactic structure of the lesson)

1. Organizational stage (2 min)


Universal learning activities:

- Personal

- Communicative

Универсальные учебные действия:

- Личностные

- Коммуникативные

Good morning.  I’m very glad to see you. Sit down, please. Is everybody here? Who is absent? //Здравствуйте. Я очень рада видеть вас. Все здесь? Кто отсутствует?

Today we have an experiment: an lesson of computer science in English. There are some rules: //Сегодня мы проводим эксперимент: урок информатики на английском языке. Правила такие:
1) you can do mistakes in English, //вы можете делать ошибки в английском языке,
2) if you don’t understand me you stop me and ask me to repeat. Do
you agree? //если вы не понимаете меня, то просите остановиться и повторить сказанное. Вы согласны?

Are you ready? We are beginning. //Вы готовы? Мы начинаем.



2. Check and analysis of homework (7 min)


Universal learning activities:

- Personal

- Cognitive

- Regulatory

- Sign-Symbolic

             - Communicative

Homework set in the last lesson:

Write programs:

1) With the help of a loop, output a repeating line from any song 25 times.

2) Write a program that receives two integers A and B (0 <A <B) and displays the squares of all natural numbers in the interval from A to B.

A probable dialogue://возможный диалог

- Who want to go to the board to write the program?//Кто хочет пойти к доске и написать программу?

- It is right?

- Who will fix the error?

- What is the input data in this task?

- What is the output data?//что является выходными данными?

Now check the dictionary.(Quizlet программасы қолданылады.)

loop - тізбек - цикл

even - жұп - четные

iteration - итерация – итерация

 inclusively - қоса алғанда – включительно

 trick - қулық – хитрость

 to fix - түзету - исправлять

sum - сома – сумма

 divisible - бөлінетін - делимый


3. Activity  (10 min)

Universal learning activities:

- Personal

- Cognitive

- Sign-Symbolic

            - Communicative

In the last lesson we studied the cycle with the precondition FOR. Today we will solve problems with the FOR loop.

In the FOR loop, you can specify the exact number of repetitions that the programmer needs. Let's look at an example of a FOR loop:

//На прошлом уроке мы изучили цикл с предусловием FOR. Сегодня мы будем решать задачи с  циклом  FOR.

В цикле FOR можно указать точное количество повторений, нужное программисту

At the beginning we’ll remember (rewise) the Python program structure. Lets rewise it together. //Для начала мы вспомним структуру программы на языке Паскаль.

Оқушылар тест орындайды.(Quizizz  программасы)

- Here are our results// Вот такие у нас результаты

And now// ал, енді

Solve the following activity in pairs.

1.        Eldar uses a controller with a circuit to light 16 LED lamps which are labeled from 1 to 16. When the controller a gives signal to a LED lamp, it changes its state (ON or OFF). In the beginning, all the LEDs are switched OFF. Eldar has found a sequence of lightning: On the 1st second controller lights ON all LED lamps. (1….2….3….) On the 2nd it lights ON the LEDs that are even in the circuit. (2...4...6….) On 3rd second it lights every third LED in the circuit. (3...6...9…) And so it continues in similar way... Which LEDs must be switched ON after the 16th second?

2.       100 tenge There are (N) number of coins on table. Some of them are tails, and some are heads. How many coins do we need to turn around so that all coins be of the same side? We have total number of coins (N). Next N rows contain the numbers 1 (if a coin is up tail) or 0 (if a coin is up head). Find the minimum number of coins that you must turn. Input: The first line is a total number of coins, next lines are values of tails or head. tails = 1, head = 0 Output: Minimum number of coins that we must turn.

We decide together //Решаем вместе



for i in range (n):


    if x==0:




Writing in a notebook:

1. The solution of the problem

2. Terminology

divisor - бөлгіш - делитель

controller - тексеруші – контролер

 head - тиынның сыртқы беті - орел

circuit - тізбек - цепь

independence - тәуелсіздік - независимость ascending - өсу - восходящий

ancestor - арғы ата - предок

particularly - атап айтқанда - в частности

 LED - жарық диодты индикатор - светодиод independent - тәуелсіз - независимый



4. Work on computers (20 min)


Universal learning activities:

- Personal

- Regulatory

- Cognitive

- Sign-Symbolic

             - Communicative

Students write programs on computers under the guidance of a teacher.


Учащиеся пишут программы на компьютерах под руководством учителя.


Practice 1


/This is group work.//работа в группе/

 Bakhtiyar likes to do morning exercises. He knows that it makes him feel better and healthier. Also he wants to count time that he spends for exercises everyday. Can you help him?




for i in range (n):




Practice 2

 Positive numbers

 Print all positive divisors of X from 1 to itself in ascending order.

/pair work//жұптық жұмыс/



for i in range (1,x+1,1):

    if x%i==0:


Practice 4

 Positive, negative or zero?

You have N amount of numbers. Defi ne which of the N numbers are zero, positive or negative numbers. Print total count of zeros, then positive numbers and finally negative numbers.

/ This is a private project// бұл жеке жоба/ Who will do this work will win the name of the programmer





5. Homework (3 min)


Universal learning activities:

- Personal

           - Communicative


Write programs:

1) Using the for loop, print all even numbers from 10 to 20.

2) Using the for loop, print the first 10 powers of two.

3) 7 natural numbers are entered from the keyboard. Print the largest of them.

Написать программы:

1)      С помощью цикла for вывести все чётные числа от 10 до 20.

2)      С помощью цикла for вывести 10 первых степеней двойки.

3)      С клавиатуры вводится 7 натуральных чисел. Вывести наибольшее из них.


End of lesson

37-40 мин

1.      Reflection.

Let’s resume our lesson. Did you like this lesson? Was the lesson very difficult? J’m sure you will remember the Python language foreverJ What do you think?// //Подведем итоги урока. Вам понравился урок? Он был сложным? Я уверена, что вы запомните язык Питон навсегда. Что вы думаете?



Back to the lesson of the lesson:

• What was successful?

• What is unsuccessful?


Students  answer the following questions:

!! Well, I understood

? I have a quesion


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