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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыКонспект урока на тему "Путешествия"

Конспект урока на тему "Путешествия"

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Білоцерківська гімназія № 2

Відкритий урок

з англійської мови

в 8В класі

по темі «Подорож. Для чого люди подорожують»

Підготувала: вчитель англійської мови

Бочкарьова І.О.


Theme: Travelling. Ideal place for travelling.

The type of lesson: the formation of grammatical competence on the Passive Voice

The kind of lesson: combined lesson


    • Vocabulary: words related to places of interest and their design, materials and features

    • Reading: for gist to match information, reading for specific information

    • Listening: to match information

    • Communication: asking for and providing information

    • Grammar: the Passive Voice

Methods and techniques used in the lesson: explanatory and illustrative method (information-reproductive); the method of stimulation and motivation.

Work in class: collective, individual

The equipment of the lesson: textbook Enterprise II, workbook, notebook, audio snippet, video presentation.


  1. Introductory stage:

Good morning, children! (Good morning,)

  • I am glad to see you. How are you today? (We are fine, thank you. And how are you?)

  • I am fine, too, thanks. Let’s start our lesson.

  • Warming-up

Introduction of the theme.

Teacher: Can I ask you? How do you prefer spending your free time?

I prefer

to play the computer games

to read books

to hang out with my friends

to watch films

to communicate in social networks

to sleep

to go shopping

go in for sports

to travel




  1. Main stage:

  • Role-play the dialogue

Teacher: Very good, as the English say: "Who knows how to work, knows how to rest". I think it’s true. Now, please, listen to the dialogue and guess what topic we should discuss during our lesson?

M: So, Ann. Are you going to take some rest?

A: Yes, you are absolutely right. I am going to travel!

M: Oh, that`s great, you`ll go to places you’ve never been before

A: Well…Actually, I have already made plans for the summer.

M: Oh, have you really?

A: Yes. I’m planning to go to Greece. Travelling is a good way to spend my spare time. Visiting new places, seeing sights and meeting new people is a very exciting and useful relaxation.

M: Oh, wow! In summer I like to be outdoors from morning till night, sunbathing, swimming in the sea, walking barefoot on the beach.

A: Greece is a picturesque place. You can see there a lot of historical sightseeing!

M: What are the best places in Greece to see?

A: Oh, it is a matter of your preferences. Each sea city has its own unique character! Athens! Athens’ landscapes are picturesque and unique.

M: Yes, you will have an excellent opportunity to see the mountains and all the views of Greek coast. I hope you`ll have a good rest and enjoy every minute of your trip!

Student`s answers -Travelling!
Teacher: Right you are! People enjoy travelling. We are going to discuss the topic “Travelling”.

Today we are going to discuss what the ideal place for travelling is. You will read and listen to different people’s opinions. Then you will share your ideas about the ideal holiday.

  • But before let`s mind our grammar material. We studied the Passive voice. How do we form the Passive voice?

to be + Past Participle






space is explored

space is being explored

space has been explored


space was explored

space was being explored

space had been explored


space will be explored


space will have been explored

Let`s drill these rules. Look at the cards. Your assignment is to fill in the gaps with the correct tense of the verbs.


  • Time for break.

Now let’s have a rest. You’ll see pictures showing different means of travelling. Try to imitate them and pronounce. Repeat after me. (Pupils imitate movies)

  1. We travel by plane.

  2. We travel by train.

  3. We travel by car. We travel so far.

  4. We travel by ship.

  5. We travel on foot.

  6. We travel hitchhiking. Let’s choose our route.

  • The auding of the text.

  • Read the questions, then listen and circle the correct answer. You`ll listen to the text twice.

  1. When is the opening of Shelby Museum`s new Whittaker Gallery?

a) 8th March at 6 pm b) 18th March at 6 pm

  1. Who will open the gallery?

a) the Mayor of Shelby b) Mrs. Whittaker

  1. Which collection will be on display in the gallery?

a) the Indian b) the Oriental

  1. What are the opening hours at the museum?

a) 9 am to 6 pm daily b) 9 am to 6.30 pm daily

  1. What do they charge for admission for adults?

a) £ 1.00 b) £ 2.50

  1. What are visitors not allowed to take into museum?

a) cameras b) food

  • Now let`s speak about Shelby Museum. Use this plan:

Opening day – to be opened by – reason it was built – the collection – opening hours – admission.

  • Using Photo File section to Unit 9 and plan talk about each place.

  • Now let`s speak about Why do people travel? Now look at the scheme.


Give your reasons… Start with People travel to…

3. Summerising

H/T: WB ex. 8, 9 p. 39-40

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