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Конспект урока на тему "Временные глаголы в английском языке"

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I part

1) "There's been a horrible accident," said Cook. "A man killed."

Something had happened.

The friendliness of it, the - the - Just to prove how happy she was, just to show the tall fellow how at home she felt, and how she despised stupid conventions, Laura took a big bite of her bread-and-butter as she stared at the little drawing.

"What's the matter? What's happened?"

"People like that don't expect sacrifices from us. And it's not very sympathetic to spoil everybody's enjoyment as you're doing now."


1) yield/slower than

2) To be influenced by: make impact/ to look after somebody

3) important/great

4) to take a blow


1) class distinctions — difference between people/a characteristic is observed to differ based on social class.

2) to order smth — to book smth/to ask something to be made, supplied, or delivered, especially in a restaurant or shop.

3) it seems that — it is look like/ it is understood as true.

4) to look business-like — to be serious/ hawing or showing qualities that are considered good in business: serious, polite and practical.


1) He sailed in the examination but he doesn`t care about it.

3) She is a good pupil, she is always ready to go everything.

4) The doctor ordered me to stay in bed.

5) The President shook hands with everyone, without class distinctions.


1) «Это была моя вина», - сказала Лаура.

2) Все члены семьи хотели принять участие в подготовке к вечеринке.

3) Кэтрин Мэнсфилд была очень недовольна классовым различием и отчаянно боролась с этим.

4) Казалось, что вечеринка должна пройти хорошо.

5) Зачем садовые вечеринки, коробки и платья мертвому человеку?

6) Мама Лауры была высокомерна в отношении бедных людей.


Windless, warm the sky without a cloud.

Breakfast has not yet over before workmen come to put up a tent.

But Meg, the elder sister, could not help the men.

Joze always come down to breakfast in a silk kimono.

His smile was so friendly that Laura thought, have very nice workmen were!

He bent down, picked a flower, put it to his and smelt it.

After a talk over the telephone with her friend Laura put back the receiver and sat still listening.

I was passing the shop yesterday and I saw them in the window.

Laura and Joze thought they were grown up to care about such things.

All the same they agreed that the putts looked very good.

But two minutes later Joze and Laura were eating them with great pleasure.

Let`s go into, the garden by the back door” suggested Laura.


Nice: have, view, garden.

Early: morning, marriage.

Logical: answer, thinking.

Artistic: style, monkeys.

Beautiful: girl, flower.

Business-like: woman, approach.

Perfect: world, lyrics.

Friendly: dog, animal.

Warm: weather, coat.

Silly: songs, cat.

Famous: star, writer.

Wide: field, street.



A good excuse — отличная отговорка

All the same — все равно

To take part in — принять участие

To be famous for — быть знаментым

To have smb for smb — иметь что-то для кого-то

For once in one`s life — один раз в жизни

After all — после всего.


1) since

2) —

3) with

4) up

5) on/to

6) over/back

7) for


1) Садовник работал с раннего утра, стриг траву и подметал лужайку.

2) Лаура подошла к ним пытаясь выглядеть деловой.

3) Лаура ела свой хлеб с маслом, когда она смотрела где будет установлена палатка.

4) На кухне кухарка закончила делать бутерброды.

5) Никому не хотелось делать слойки с кремом дома.


They could not have had a more perfect day, for a garden party if they had ordered it. (У них не было бы более подходящего дня даже если они его заказали).

As for the roses, hundreds had come out in the night. (Что касается роз, сотни расцвели ночью).

She had hashed her hair before breakfast and she sat drinking her coffee with a green towel on the head. (Она помыла волосы перед завтраком и сидела пила кофе с зеленым полотенцем на голове).

In the kitchen the cook had finished making the sandwiches. (Кухарка закончила приготовление бутербродов).

She had seen the man pass the window. (Она увидела человека, проходящего мимо окна).

That meant the cream puffs had come. (Это означало, что слойки с кремом прибыли).

Something had happened. (Что-то случилось).


My dear child;

So artistic;


Too grown-up;

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