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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока но английскому языку на тему "Los Angeles" (6 класс)
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Конспект урока но английскому языку на тему "Los Angeles" (6 класс)


Grade: 6th

The theme of the lesson: “Los Angeles.”

Objectives of the lesson:


To consolidate lexical stock, to enrich students vocabulary; to practice students, to speak about the largest cities and their influence on our life;


To develop their thinking abilities, speaking habits and self working skills; to enrich the student’s word-stock;


To educate pupils respect the culture of the countries and care for their riches.

The method of the lesson: RWCT technology.

Equipment: Active board, posters, felt tip pens.

The outline of the lesson: I. Association.

II. Insert.

III. Think vain.

Waiting results:

Speaking and talking about the largest cities;

To enrich the student’s word-stock;

To develop their thinking and writing abilities, speaking habits and self working skills.

The course of the lesson:

I.T: Good morning, students!

I’m glad to see you!

S-s: Good morning, teacher. We are glad to see you too.

T: Thank you, sit down. Let’s begin our lesson. Who is absent today?

S1: All are present.

T: Let’s make a funny circle. (Students give wishes to each other … )

Be more active! You are brilliant pupils! Have a nice day! etc.

II. T: We have an unusual lesson today. Today we’ll visit one of the most beautiful cities of America and we’ll learn some word combinations which express assurance and uncertainty.

But before we get acquainted with this city I’d like to listen to what you know about the USA. Now, let’s check up your knowledge about states and their capitals. You are given some names of the states and their capitals. Your task is to say “Is it a capital or state?”

(Teacher divides students into 2 groups)

States: Alabama, California, Utah, Arkansas, Colorado, Texas

Capitals: Montgomery, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Little Rock, Denver, Austin

Pupils who have names of states are the 1st group. Pupils who have names of capitals are the 2nd group.


III. Work with groups.

Now, all of you look at the board. You see 4 pictures of one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Can you guess the theme of our lesson?

S-s: Los Angeles.

IV. Vocabulary

T: Yes, you are quite right. Let’s read some geographical names and the words we’ll meet at this lesson.

Los Angeles

Hollywood and Highland

Beverly Hills


Rodeo Drive

Mann’s Chinese Theatre

to locate - орналасу

Governor — губернатор

to establish — негізін қалау

downtown — қаланың жұмыс орталығы, бизнес-орталық

entertainment capital — ойын-сауық астанасы

paradise — жұмақ

to host — қонақтарды қабылдау



V. Work with the text “Welcome to Los Angeles”

Teacher: Well, boys and girls, you will read the text and then we’ll discuss it. You have 5-7 minutes to look it through.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is located in Southern California. The climate is sunny and warm in the summer.

The name Los Angeles is Spanish for the Angels. Los Angeles was established by Governor Felipe de Neve on September 4, 1781.

Nowadays the city of Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, a cultural center which has more than 300 museums and a paradise of good weather.

It is the only city in the world to host the Summer Olympics twice. The population of Los Angeles is about four million people. Los Angeles ranks as the second largest city in the nation behind New York City. Los Angeles is home to people from more than 140 countries speaking 224 different languages.


VI. Comprehension check.

Ok, did you understand the text? Then answer my questions:

Questions for the 1st group:

1. Where is it located? (It is located in Southern California.)

2. What climate has this area got? (The climate is sunny and warm in the summer.)

3. What is the origin of the name Los Angeles? (The origin of the name Los Angeles is Spanish for the Angels)

4. How many museums are there in Los Angeles? (There are more than 300 museums in Los Angeles)

Questions for the 2nd group:

1. How many people live in Los Angeles today? (About four million people live in Los Angeles)

2. Is it the largest city of the USA? (Yes, it is. It is the largest city of the USA)

3. Is it a multinational city? (Yes, it is. It is a multinational city.)

4. Did Summer Olympics take place in Los Angeles? (It is the only city in the world to host the Summer Olympics twice.)


VII. Project work.

Teacher: Well done! Smart you are! The next task is to do the best poster about Los Angeles.


VIII. Writing. Revision of Grammar.

Task for the first group

Put the right degrees of comparison of adjectives from the text:

  1. Sunny – sunnier – the sunniest

  2. Warm – warmer – the warmest

  3. Good – better – the best

  4. Large – larger – the largest

  5. Different – more different – the most – different

Task for the second group

Put the nouns in plural form from the text:

  1. City – cities

  2. Museum – museums

  3. Person – people

  4. Country – countries

  5. Language – languages


IX. Conclusion

T: Now, we’re going to see a video about Los Angeles. Your task is to put top 10 attractions of this city in order.



  1. Malibu

  2. Beverly Hills

  3. Rodeo Drive

  4. Grauman’s Chinese theatre

  5. Griffith Observatory

  6. Hollywood walk of fame

  7. Hollywood

  8. Santa Monica Pier

  9. Venice Beach

  10. Los Angeles Downtown

X. Evaluation.

Students of group give marks to each other.

hello_html_1ad6ffd8.jpgExcellent, good, poor


XI. Homework: Your task is to retell the text “Los Angeles”

T: You were very active in groups today. Thank you very much! The lesson is over. You are free. See you the next lesson. Good-bye!

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