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Конспект урока "How to be healthy" 6 класс New Millennium English

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Михеева Татьяна Петровна

Тема :” How to be healthy “ 6 класс New Millennium English

Цели урока:


  1. Активизировать в речи обучающихся НЛЕ по теме «Еда»

  2. Совершенствовать грамматические навыки (употребление модального глагола “should”);

  3. Развивать навыки устной речи и чтения.

  4. Тренировать обучающихся в аудировании.

  5. Формировать умение вести диалог.


  1. Развивать способность анализировать материал

  2. Развивать воображение и творческое мышление у обучающихся


  1. Воспитывать ответственное отношение к своему здоровью

  2. Воспитывать уважение к мнению других, умение слушать.

Ход урока

I Организационный момент.


Teacher: Good afternoon. I’m glad to see you. How are you? So, let’s begin our lesson. What do you think of when you hear the word “Health”( Pupils’ answers). I see one of your points is about our food. Today we are going to speak about healthy food.

2.Фонетическая зарядка

I want you to practice some sounds. Please, look at the screen and repeat after me.

[h] – Honey, hamburgers, healthy

[ө] – health, healthy, think

[r] - crisps, oranges, carrots

[p] –popcorn, apples, pears

[ı:] – tea, meat, eat, clean, team

[e] – healthy, bread, head, ready


Here are some English proverbs and sayings ( the beginnings and endings are mixed up)Match the beginning with the suitable ending and give Russian equivalent. Think of sentences to illustrate each proverb and saying.

1)Good health is …

a) keeps the doctor away.

2) An apple a day …

b)what you eat.

3) Early to bed, early to rise…

c)above wealth.

4) You are….

d)makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

II. Повторение и закрепление ранее изученных лексических единиц.

Which is your favourite food? Make a list of six things. Ex. 1a, p 92

You know that food may be healthy and unhealthy. Write the words on your list in two columns. Ex. 1 b,p92

Now compare your answers with your partner using the structures:

Example: We both think that meat is healthy. I think that pizza is healthy but my friend thinks that it’s unhealthy. Ex. 1c,p 92

III Аудирование. Listen and answer: What is the TV programme about?

Complete the table with the words from the box. Ex. 2a,b.c, d

Keep you healthy

Give you energy

Help you to grow and make you strong

Empty food

  1. ……………

  2. …………..












Bread eggs meat nuts sweets fruit crisps vegetables

True or false

  1. All foods are good for you.

  2. Vitamins and minerals help you to keep healthy.

  3. Fruit and vegetables are full of sugar and fat.

  4. Sweets, crisps and cola keep you healthy.

  5. You should eat a variety of foods to stay healthy and grow big and strong.

IV. Relaxation . Game ( eatable or uneatable)

V Чтение .Now you will work in groups.

Read the text, answer the questions and complete the table.

Your body needs vitamins. Vitamins «Vita» means life in Latin. Each vitamin is responsible for different things in the human body. There are about 13 main vitamins.

Vitamin A gives you healthy eyes and skin and helps you grow. It is found in a number of foods, including liver, carrots and spinach.

Several vitamins named with letter B help your body turn food into energy, build muscles and make red blood cells. Vitamin B1 is responsible for the nervous system. Vitamin B1 is in meat, porridge and bread.

Vitamin C gives you healthy teeth and bones. It is in oranges, grapefruits as well as in tomatoes and strawberries.

Vitamins D gives you strong bone. Milk is a good source for this vitamin. Your skin makes vitamin D directly from the sunlight!

The best way to be sure you get all the things your body needs is to eat at least three good, balanced meals each day. And you will grow strong and healthy.

Answer the questions.

  1. What vitamins do you know?

  2. What do you need vitamins for?

  3. What vitamins do you need for healthy bones?

  4. Can you find vitamins in meat products?

Complete the following table.

The Four Basic Food Group

Fruit and vegetables

Breads, cereals and grains

Milk and milk products

Poultry, Fish, meat, Eggs, nuts


Whole-wheat bread


Chicken, fish

VI Совершенствование навыков диалогической речи и навыков говорения.

Ex. 3a, b ,p 93

Find out how healthy your friend is. Let’s do the test. You will work in pairs. You should ask each other these questions and answer them (put a tick). At the end you should count “yes” answers and read the interpretation of the test. After it you should give the advice to your friend ( use should, shouldn’t)

VII Заключительный этап урока.

Подведение итогов.

Girls and boys, during our lesson we have developed our knowledge about healthy eating. I’d like to thank you for good work at the lesson. I give excellent marks to……. good to……

Домашнее задание. Ex. 4,p 93 Write a poster How to be healthy

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