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Конспект урока по английскому языку


Дата урока:________________

Тема урока: Великие изобретения.

Цель урока: Активизация знаний учащихся по теме «Великие изобретения»

Задачи урока:

  • формирование коммуникативных умений.

  • развитие коммуникабельности суждений, умения делать выводы.

  • воспитание уважительного отношения к мнению собеседника.

Ход урока.

Today our lesson is devoted to the topic “Inventions”. It will be unusual as today we are having a competition between 4 teams. Every team worked over the project and has prepared a group presentation about one of the top inventions and a contest for other groups. I also have tasks for all of you. Your goals are to get as many points as possible. We have a jury, who will announce the winner at the end of the lesson. So, we start.

There is such a legend that Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity with the help of an apple. One day he was sitting in the garden under an apple tree and when an apple fell down and hit his head, he began thinking about the reason of the apple falling. Thus the law of gravity was discovered. A lot of great inventions were made since ancient times and now we can't imagine our life without most of them.

Phonetic drills. Now look at the blackboard, let's revise the words which help us to name things around us.

appliance – прибор, приспособление

device – приспособление, механизм

gadget – приспособление, устройство

tool — инструмент, станок



Warming up.

Teacher – How do inventions help us in our life?

Pupil 1 – Inventions help us learn more.

Pupil 2 - Inventions help us live longer and healthier.

Pupil 3 – Inventions help us make our life easier.

Pupil 4 – Inventions help us entertain.

Pupil 5 – Inventions help us take from one place to another.

Pupil 6 – Inventions help us be happier.

Pupil 7 – Inventions help us communicate with one another.

Pupil 8 – Inventions help us explore our universe.

Well done. Now I would like to see how you know the inventors of some inventions.

Task 1. Match the name of the inventor with his invention in groups and write down your answers on the sheets of paper. (2 min.)



1) telephone

a) Charles Babbage

2) bubble gum

b) Albert Einstein

3) the theory of relativity

c) John Logie Baird

4) motor car

d) Ezra Warner

5) computer

e) Frank Fleer

6) the can opener

f) Alexander Graham Bell

7) television

g) Karl Benz

(answers – 1f, 2e, 3b, 4g, 5a, 6d, 7c)

Task 2. Listening. You will listen to 5 extracts about different appliances. Try to guess and choose them from the list.

A – a car; B – a microwave oven; C – a cordless phone; D a mobile phone; E – a camera; F – a computer.

Task 3. Now it's high time to present your projects. The main idea of the projects is to give information about your invention, the history of its discovery, the main advantages and disadvantages and general use of this gadget.

The groups presented their presentations:

I. Television

II. Telephone

III. Computer

IV. Digital camera

Well done. And now when everything has been left behind I would like you to think over what was interesting and valuable at the lesson.


Pupils' answers: 1) I like to compete and we have had a competition today.

2) I've learned the information about the history of some inventions.

3) As for me, it's interesting to work in groups.

4) I like the music of the clip.

5) I like how we prepared our presentation.

Our lesson is coming to the end. I’m pleased with your work today. And now let’s listen to our jury.

Material for listening.

  1. This invention is not only popular but it is really important for everybody. Thanks to it people have a reliable opportunity to come in touch with everybody they want. It saves much time when you have such an appliance at hand. You may take it and use it anywhere you like even when you are during the motorway.

  2. The advantages of this piece of technology are great. It can take me, my relatives and friends to any place we want. The speed is its main benefit. And it’s natural that this piece of technology suits everyone whatever your age. When you use it you needn't think about tickets, timetables and the rush hours because you always reach the place you need in time.

  3. Life is boring without this unit. It is very easy to operate. This unit allows you to shoot sharp and colorful pictures which always remind you about the places you have visited. This unit is small in size and it is small in weight too. If you want to capture special family moments or record exiting holiday events you are sure to buy it.

  4. This appliance is used practically every day. It has a lot of advantages. On the one hand it is used as a type writer but on the other hand it is used as an address book. Due to this appliance one can go on the Internet and discover a lot of information needed. This appliance gives people many possibilities to play and learn. But it's natural that this appliance shouldn't replace seeing friends.

  5. The unit is very useful when people cook meals. With its help you can cook dinner more quickly. And if you want to eat a hot meal, you just take your pre-prepared food and put it inside the unit. The only thing you must do is to set the dial and your dinner is ready in some minutes. Isn't it wonderful?

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