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Конспект урока по английскому языку "What does your father do?"

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Theme: What does your father do?

The aim: development of communicative skills, development of oral speech.

The aids: flashcards, pictures, cards.

The procedure of the lesson:

I Organization moment

The bell has gone. Stand up.


- Good afternoon, pupils!

  • How are you?

  • Who is on duty today?

  • Who is absent today?

  • What day is it?

Checking up homework

What was your homework, pupils?

Our homework was review ordinal numbers.

Let’s review them. Now we’re playing the game “Flowers”. I’ll give you flower cards with numbers you must to cal them.

1 one – first

2 two – second

3 three – third

4 four – fourth

II New theme: new words

Listen and repeat new words

An operator



A doctor



A dentist



A teacher



A driver



A housewife



A lawyer



A musician



A bank manager


Банковский менеджер

A secretary



Now we’ll read and translate the dialogue “Colin is at Omar’s flat”.

Colin: Is this your family?

Omar: Yes, it is.

Colin: Is this your Dad?

Omar: Yes, it is.

Colin: What does he do?

Omar: He’s an ambassador.

Colin: Oh, really? And what does your mother do?

Omar: She is a housewife.


Stand up clap,

Hands up clap,

Hands down hop,

And sit down top.

IV Doing exercises:

Open your notebooks write down today’s day. Work with cards. I’ll give you cards with picture, you’ll answer the questions.

What does your father do?

He is a _____________ (bank manager).

What doe your mother do?

She is a ___________ (teacher).

Work with pairs. You have to collect cards and make the right offer.

Doctor he a is. He is a doctor.

Work with picture. Go to the blackboard two pupils and ask questions about the picture.

Is he your Dad? Yes, he is.

What does he do? He is a driver.

Make the dialogue.

Page 77 exercise 9. Write about your relatives.

My father is a driver.

My sister is a doctor.

V Conclusion: Giving marks grading by using emoticons.

Homework: to learn by heart new words and work on pronunciation.

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