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Конспект урока по английскому языку для 6 класса “When I’m 25”

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Outline of the lesson plan

Subject: English


Theme: “When I’m 25”

The aims of the lesson:

Educational:language structure introduction of new material and to know countries on a map, to make a plain if they are going to stay at home during your holiday.

Vocabulary: bullfight, lucky, suitcase, room, there, their.

Developing:talking about world countries and their dreams, complete the calendar and mark the day that you are going to read or something else.

Upbringing:to bring up pupils’ to know about countries and places their traditions, to teach children to dream, planning their free time.

Communicative: asking and describing to practice the pupils knowledge on listening habits.

Form of the lesson: Traditional

Type of the lesson: mixed

Methods of the lesson:explanation, exercises, demonstration, work with book.

Visual aids: pictures, new words, cards, non-mechanical

Inter subject connection: Kazakh, Geography, Mathematics

Literature: English from 6A.T.Ayapova

The procedure of the lesson

Stages of the lesson

Teacher`s activity

Pupil`s activity


I Introduction

  1. Greeting

  • Good afternoon children

Thank you. Sit down please. I’m glad to see you!

  1. Talking to duty

  • Who is on duty today?

  • Who is absent?

  • What date is it today?

  • What day is it today?

Good afternoon teacher

I`m duty today . . . are absent / all are present

Today the_______________

Today it is_______________

II Checking – up of the home task

III Vocabulary

  • Ok. Very nice. What was your home task?

  • Are you ready? Open your copy book , I’ll check up them

  • The new theme of our lesson is “When ‘I’m 25”. Look at the blackboard.

  • We have new words. Listen to me.

Bullfight- бұқамен шайқас

Lucky- бақытты, сәтті


Room- бөлме, орын

There- ана жерде

Their- оларды

  • Ok. Repeat after me all together

  • Ok. Read please, one by one

Ok. Write down words in vocabulary. I `ll give you 3 minutes

P1: P2: P3…

P-s: repeat it after me all together

P1: P2: P3…

IV Practice

Consolidating exercises





ex. 7


  • Have you finished?

Warm-up. Read

What are you going to do?

What are going to do when you are twenty two?

I don’t know…

Read the text.

Colin is going to travel around the world. Colin is a winner of a round the world trip. He can take one person with him.

Read the dialogue.

True or false?

A)Colin can take one person with him.

b) He is taking his mother.

Read and think.

On Sunday Dmitry is going to have a picnic with his friends.

They are going to the Esil river.

Choose the right answer and check it.

Write the words in the right column.

Listen and practice.

P1: read

P1: It’s true

P2:It’s false.

V Conclusion

  1. Home-task

  • Now children, open you diaries and write your home task ex. 12, p 135

Next lesson I checking up of the home task

  1. Evaluation

  • Now, I`ll give your marks. I want to evaluate your activities.

  • P1 you are the best one who works hard today. I put excellent

  • P2 you have some mistakes today. I put mark good

  • Stand up, please!

  • Our lesson is over, thank you for attention.

Good – bye!

Good – bye!

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