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Конспект урока по английскому языку " Музыка в нашей жизни"

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План-конспект урока

Этап учебного занятия, время

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность ученика

Используемые электронные образовательные ресурсы

I. Организационный момент. Приветствие,

постановка цели, определение задач урока.

(5 минут)

Good afternoon, boys and girls! I am glad to see you. Sit down, please. Today we have got an unusual lesson. Many guests have come to our lesson. I see you are in good mood. I am sure you are full of energy and ready to work hard. Now, let’s begin our lesson.

Look at the screen, please. Here you can see some groups of words. Cross out the odd word out and try to guess the topic of our lesson.

Well, children, what is the topic of our lesson?

Music. Right you are! We are going to speak about music.

Children, What are we going to do at the lesson? Let’s start our lesson .Today we’ll revise everything we have learnt about music, styles of music, music tastes, practise in English, improve our listening, reading, speaking skills. So our today’s topic is “Music in our life”.


Учащиеся читают:

Wind, weather, rain, woodwind,

A car, a cello, a train, an airplane,

Sixty, symphony, twenty, thirty.

Xylophone, telephone, radio,

A pilot, a scientist, a musician

P1: The topic of our lesson is music.

P2: I think we are going to speak about the role of music in our life.

Слайд 2

2. Речевая зарядка (4 min.)

Close your eyes and listen to some music (“Autumn” by Chaikovsky ).While listening let your imagination fly and draw a picture in your mind. Describe your imaginary picture. Lets stop here. (учащиеся слушают музыку , отвечают на вопросы и описывают воображаемые картины).

Look at the screen, please, and read the motto of our lesson (“Life without music
would be a mistake”) Do you agree with this wonderful quotation? Why?

P1: I see the falling leaves from the trees.

P2: I see the autumn forest. It is raining. The sky is grey. The picture is rather boring.

P1: It goes without saying I do, because we can’t imagine our life without music.
P2: I think life without music would be boring!
P3: In my opinion, life without music isn’t interesting at all.
P4: Really, the life would be a mistake if we didn’t hear music, because music helps us in
everything we do.

Слайд 3,4,

Слайд 5

  1. Основная часть урока (A)

(Обсуждение высказываний великих людей о музыке). Работа в парах.


So, music helps us to live. Famous people offer us quotations about music. Read and translate them. And then give me your own definition of the word ‘music’.

Now, children, give me your own definition of the word “music”. What is music for you? Work in pairs, please.

Учащиеся читают и переводят:

  • Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. (Plato)

  • Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. (Bach)

  • A painter paints pictures on canvas, but musicians paint their pictures on silence. (Stokovsky)

  • Music is the universal language of the world/ (Longfello)

  • Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. (V.Hugo).

Possible answers:

P1: It is the universal language of the world.

P2: It is the mirror of our lives and life problems.

P3: It is the art of writing or playing music.

P4: It helps drivers keep from going mad in traffic jams.

P5: It is a reflection of our lives.

P6: .Music is a source of delight, inspiration, hope..
P7: Music is a very important part of my life. I can’t imagine my life without it..

Слайд 6

3.Основная часть урока (В)

(Проверка домашнего задания. Ответы на вопросы дискуссии)

Thank you, boys and girls, and I suppose it’s time for us to pass over to your homework.

At the previous lesson you were given different tasks. Let’s discuss them.

Questions for discussions:

1. In what situations do people listen to music?

2.What music do you listen when you are sad or happy?

3. Do you know any types of music? What are they? Which of them do you prefer?

4. What can music do with our hearts and feelings?

5. What are the reasons for listening to it? (healing, relaxation, dancing, doing exercises to it, having fun, etc).

P1: Music is everywhere! It’s on television, over radio, in all movies! Can you imagine any movie without music?! Of course not. What if you watch television without sound, what if you see ballet without music, what if you hear voices without melody at the opera? Our life will be boring without music.
As for me, I think that music plays an important role in our life. This is something that helps me to be in a good mood, to understand different things and relax. Music brings me pleasure and delights, fills my life with great expectations of joy and happiness. It fills me with new ideas

P2: I can’t imagine my life without music. I’m keen on music. My final choice often depends on my mood. If I want to relax, I can listen to classical music. Nothing can help you better to forget about your problems than a merry song. Listen to your favourite melody and your spleen will disappear, and you are in a good temper again.

After a hard working day I like to listen to some slow and beautiful melody. It helps me to relax and to forget about my tiredness. In fact, music is an integral part of my life and I can’t imagine how I would live without it!

P3: There are so many kinds of music in our life. For example, rap and pop music, rock and alternative music, industrial and disco music, drum & bass and techno music, and, of course, classic music. Different people like different music. The scientists say that they can define your character if they know what music you like. For example, they suppose that people who listen rock music are very clever and reasonable. British scientists confirm that the most of young people listen to the aggressive music as metal and rock. Scientists say that these people are good students, because of their character and assiduousness. I agree with this statement, because I think that music shows your soul and nature.

P4:I always adored people who compose music and write poems. I think that such people are very talented. Also I believe that they can draw pictures and show their feelings by their music or poems. They can make you cry or laugh. Moreover they make you think about global problems or you may lie soft and just dream while you are listening to the music.
I guess that we can’t live without music. My motto is: “Silence is killing!” As for me, I always listen to music, when I’m happy or when I’m unhappy. It helps me in my everyday life. I listen to music everywhere: at home, in the bus, in the street.

P5: It goes without saying that music plays a very important role in people's lives. It reflects our moods and emotions. Music appeals to our hearts and transforms our feelings. It conquers our souls and enriches our minds. Besides, listening to music is the perfect way to spend free time and not to feel bored. You can hardly find a person who doesn't like or need music and who never sings or dances. Music is beauty in sounds; it is our magic source of inspiration.

Слайд 7

Презентация учеников

3. Основная часть урока (С)

(результаты опроса )

The power of music, What is it? Sonya interviewed people and now she will introduce the results of interviews.

Ученица показывает презентацию с результатами интервью.

Sonya: We interviewed people of different ages. Our questions were:

Do you like music?

What is your favourite kind of music?

  1. Schoolchildren at the age from 7 to 9 like pop music and classic music.

  2. Schoolchildren at the age from 10 to 13 like pop , classic , rock and metal music.

  3. Schoolchildren at the age from 14 to 17 like rap, rock and pop music.

  4. Teachers like bard, classic, folk and pop music.

Презентация ученицы

3. Основная часть урока (D)

Беседа о любимых жанрах музыки

Children, what music do you like and why?

Look at the screen .Use these adjectives: Beautiful, touching, serious, cheerful, relaxing, sad, simple, traditional,
healing, emotional, exciting, catchy, soothing, pleasant, romantic, energetic.

As for me, I enjoy listening to classical music, because it is emotional, serious and healing. Its useful influence on people’s organism was proved by scientists. For example, doctors recommend pregnant women to listen to classical music to strengthen their babies’ nervous system. Besides, listening to classical music means that you are an educated person. That’s why it’s important to listen to classical music and I often listen to it. And what about you?

Nobody has mentioned folk music. Don’t you like it? As for me I like folk music .I think folk music is worth listening to because it is based on old traditions and reflects the lives and life problems of people .Historical events are often reflected in folk songs. That’s why it’s important to listen to folk music. It will help you to know more about the history, culture and traditions of your country.

I hope you will like folk music some day.

P1: As for me, I like pop music because it is cheerful, simple and touching.

P2: As for me, I enjoy listening to folk music, because it is beautiful, traditional, romantic.

P3: As for me, I like rap, because it is emotional, energetic and catchy.

P4: As for me I like dance music because it is energetic and rhythmic.

P5: As for me I am fond of pop music because you can listen to it wherever
you want and have good relaxation.

P6: As for me I think rap music is cool. It’s a rhythmic style of speaking. I like it because first of all it’s the music of young people

Слайд 8

4. Тренировка употребления в речи страдательного залога и музыкальных стилей

Look at these photos. and say with what kind of music these persons are associated with:

Учащиеся называют фамилии групп и певцов и с какими жанрами они их соотносят:

P1: Nadezhda Babkina is associated with folk music.

P2: Anna Netrebko is associated with classic music.

P3: Eminem is associated with rap music.

P4: Dmitry Hvorostovsky is associated with classic music.

P5: Oleg Mityaev is associated with bard music.

Слайды 9-16

5. Тренировка употребления в речи структуры I wish I could

Children, can you play any musical instrument?

Look at the board . What are they?

Name them, please.

Children, can you play these musical instruments?

Express your regret. For example: As for me I wish I could play the guitar.

P1: No I can’t.

P2: yes, I can.

P3: They are musical instruments.

Учащиеся называют музыкальные инструменты на слайде.

P5: As for me I wish I could play the tuba.

P2: As for me I wish I could play the chello.

P3: As for me I wish I could play the viola.

P4: As for me I wish I could play the harp.

P5: As for me I wish I could play the violin

6. Работа в группах. (учащиеся составляют правила поведения на концерте)

Have you ever been to concert halls?

Very often people go to listen to classical music or pop music to different concert halls , theatres. Do you know the rules of behaviour at a concert?

( Учащиеся работают в парах) .Затем читают на слайде: Look at the screen.

Children, do you follow these rules? I hope you do.

Учащиеся читают правила поведения на концерте, написанные в группах и затем читают на слайде.

1. Please, don’t drink during the performance.

2. Please, don’t eat during the performance.

3. Taking photographs is strictly forbidden.

4. Please, ensure that your mobile is switched off.

5. Please, try not to cough during the music.

Слайд 17

7. Аудирование песни с просмотром видеоролика

Children, our lesson is coming to an end. Let our lesson be over in unusual way. Let wonderful music sound for you.

The song is called “Love story”. It is performed by Andy Williams. Let’ s listen to it.

Do you like the song?

What about the lyrics?

How do you find the singer?

Учащиеся смотрят видеоролик из кинофильма “ Love Story”.

I am fascinated by the song.

The lyrics are wonderful.

The singer is talented.

8. Рефлексия. Подведение итогов. Домашнее задание.

It brings us to the end. Dо you enjoy our lesson? I hope you dо.

What do you feel about our lesson?

Your home task is to write an essay “ Music in My life” or “ In the Realm of Music”.
Our lesson is over.
May there always be this music of love in your hearts!

Учащиеся отвечают на вопрос , используя выражения на слайде.

Слайд 18-20

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