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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "День Святого Валентина"

Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "День Святого Валентина"

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Открытый урок в рамках недели английского языка «Зимние праздники!» с использованием мультимедийных средств.

Тема: Праздники и традиции в англо-говорящих странах: День Святого


Цель: Расширение лингво-страноведческих знаний учащихся об одном из

популярнейших праздников Великобритании и Америки.

Задачи: 1) Развитие умения аудирования с пониманием основного


2) Развитие просмотрового и ознакомительного чтения.

3) Развитие умения письменной речи: написание ответа на личное


4) Развитие умения диалогической речи: диалог-расспрос по теме

«Ориентация в городе».

5) Расширение лексических знаний по теме.

6) Расширение кругозора учащихся.

7) Воспитание толерантного отношения к культуре народов стран

изучаемого языка.

Языковой Christian priest, root, image, bow, arrow, miracle, to cure, jailer,

материал: blindness, to sign, lace-edged, valentine, card.

Оснащение - презентация слайдов

урока: - раздаточный материал (личное письмо, задания к нему, план)

- стенд с валентинками (красными, розовыми, белыми)

- карта Лондона

- музыкальное сопровождение

Ход урока:

1 Warming up. (Слайд 2)

Девочка исполняет песню Белоснежки из мультфильма Уолта Диснея.

Some day my prince will come,

Some day I’ll find my love,

And how thrilling that moment will be,

When the prince of my dreams comes to me.

He’ll whisper “I love you.”

And steal a kiss or two though he’s far away

I’ll find my love some day

Some day when my dreams come true.

2 Greeting and beginning of the lesson.

T.: Good morning, everybody! I am glad to see you at our unusual lesson today! You’ve just heard a part of Snow White’s song from Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. In this song is spoken about dreams of a young girl, who would like to find her love and to meet her prince.

I think this song is the good beginning for our topic about one of the best British winter holidays which young and old people love. Have you guessed this holiday? – Of course, you’re right. It is St. Valentine’s Day. (Слайд 3)

I have no doubt you’ve heard about this holiday and you know something about it. That’s why at first I suggest you to answer the questions of this quiz. (On the blackboard) (Слайд 4)

3 Listening and answering the questions.

T.: Thank you for your answers! Please listen to my story now and try to answer the questions of the quiz more fully!

St. Valentine’s Day, February 14, has been a customary day for choosing sweethearts and exchanging love-tokens from time immemorial. (Слайды 5, 6)

St. Valentine’s Day is a religious holiday, which is celebrated in Great Britain, in the USA, in many European countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Denmark and others. St. Valentine’s Day has roots in several legends. And one of the early symbols of love is Cupid, the Roman God of Love, who is represented by the image of a young boy with bow and arrow. (Слайд 7)

This is the legend of how St. Valentine’s Day began. Claudius II, who was Emperor in Rome at that time, made a law that no one could become engaged or get married. He was afraid if men had sweethearts or wives, they would not want to fight in wars. Now, a kindly priest named Valentine, seeing the love of young people (couples), married some secretly. When Emperor Claudius found out, he had Valentine put to death.

Even in prison, Valentine showed his love for everyone. His jailer had a young daughter who was blind. And by a miracle, Valentine restored her sight. Just before his death, on February 14, he sent her a farewell message signed “From your Valentine.”

There are many other legends about how Valentine’s Day started, and no one knows for sure whether any of them are true.

Let’s come back to our quiz! (Слайд 8)

4 Reading of a personal letter.

T.: Brilliant! All questions are discussed except two last ones. But don’t be depressed. Some days ago we received/got a letter from our virtual pen-friend Julie and now I want you to read her letter and to find out the answer of two last questions.



  • The beginning of the letter.

  • Why do you like or don’t like this holiday?

  • Is St. Valentine’s Day popular in Russia? What do you think?

  • How do you usually spend this day?

  • Your questions.

  • The end of the letter.


T.: Let’s come back to our quiz again!

T.: Well done! We can answer all questions of our quiz. But don’t hurry up to put Julie’s letter on the side of your desks. I suggest you to do this task (true or false). (Слайды 9,10)

5 Writing letters.

T.: Julie’s letter is very interesting and has much information. I want you to reply her. To write a letter to Julie will be your homework. Now let’s discuss the plan of your future letter. (Plan)

6 Acting dialogues.

T.: And now we’ll go to London and we’ll look for the most romantic square – Piccadilly Circus. (Tasks: You are at the British Museum. / You are near Buckingham Palace.) (Слайды 11, 12, 14)

7 Checking up the lesson’s lexicon.

T.: Now I suggest you to learn the meaning of some words connected with St. Valentine’s Day. (Слайд 15)

D:\Светлана\Мои картинки 5.jpeg

8 Summing up and giving homework.

T.: What new information about St. Valentine’s Day have you learnt at this lesson?

Your homework is to write a letter.

Thank you! Good bye!

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