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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему " Dream vacation "

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Класс: 9 а,б,в,г


The theme: Unit five. Step one. Dream vacation.

The aim of the lesson: to develop skills of speaking, reading.


Practical: reading, writing. Questions and answers.

Developing: to develop interest, attention.

Educational: reading, translate and speaking about dream vacation.

II.Organization moment:

Teacher: Good morning, pupils!

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What is the date today?

III.Asking the homework:

Teacher: What was your home task for today?

IV.Doing exercises:

Ex.1p.114 Think of your dream vacation: what kind of places will you visit? Who will you go with?

Ex.2p.114 Read: “ Dream vacation ”.

Ex.3p.115 True or false.

Ex.4p.115 What is Kuralai going to see or to do in these cities?


Grammar : Gerunds

Герундий (-ing форма) используется после предлога- before, after, without, by, about, at, to, of : после некоторых предлогов, как субъект приговора.

Mind the spelling of – ing form.



Swimming, beginning,


Final single consonant after one vowel double; stress on second syllable; double final consonant (two syllable word)

Write, care, hope, come

Writing, caring, hoping, coming

Final single “ e ” after consonant is dropped

Lie, die, tie

Lying, dying, tying

Final “ e ” replaced with “ y ”


Ex.8p.117 Read :” She is not pleased with her life”.



Go dancing, go skiing, go funning, go shopping…

Complete the sentences with suitable gerund.


Complete the sentences below using gerunds.


Now write more sentences. This time write about your own feelings and opinions.

VI.Giving marks for the lesson.

VII.Conclusion: Our lesson is over. Good bye pupils! You are free.

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