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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "Health Habits" (7 класс)

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Класс: 7

Тема: Health Habits.

Цели: образовательная – обобщить и проверить знания учащихся по теме урока, активизировать лексику урока;

развивающая – развивать навыки чтения, говорения, восприятия иностранной речи на слух, а также грамматики;

воспитательная – учить работать в группах, прививать интерес к изучению английского языка, работать самостоятельно.

Тип урока: урок закрепление.

Методы: работа в группах, фронтальный опрос, индивидуальный опрос, закрепление, презентация, работа в парах, индивидуальное задание, аудирование текста.

Оборудование: доска, компьютер, интерактивная доска.

Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you at the English lesson. Today we are having an unusual lesson “Health Habits”. I want to sum up your knowledge on the theme of the lesson. So let’s begin our lesson. The duty report. Who is on duty, today? What date is it, today? What day is it, today? Who is absent?

The first task. Translate the words from Russian into English.

  • Глаз

  • Нос

  • Рука

  • Желудок

  • Ступня

  • Грипп

  • Палец ноги

  • Ухо

  • Шея

  • Запястье

The second task. Translate the words from English into Russian.

  • Back

  • Leg

  • Tooth

  • Knee

  • Insomnia

  • Finger

  • Hair

  • Mouth

  • Headache

  • Tongue

The third task. Divide the words into three groups “Parts of the body”, “Face” and “Illness”.

  • Flu, cough, neck, hand, nose, eye, insomnia, toothache, leg, ear, back, lips, burn, headache, finger, hair, a cold, a sore throat, tooth.

The fourth task. Find the right home remedy for the following illnesses.

  • 1. Burn, cough.

  • 2. Insomnia, flu (a cold).

  1. Drink hot chicken soup. Rub oil on the chest. Drink a mixture of red pepper, hot water, sugar, lemon juice and milk.

  2. Drink warm liquids or take some honey.

  3. Put under cold water or put a cold handkerchief on it. But don’t put ice on it.

  4. Drink a large glass of warm milk.

The fifth task. Comprehension of the texts on the theme “Health”.

  1. Spend as much time outdoors as you can. Go in for swimming. Go in for different sports games. Eat many green fruits and vegetables. Don’t drink cold water in hot weather. Don’t lie in the sun for a long time.

  2. Keep your bodies clean. Clean your teeth every day. Get enough sleep. Do your morning exercises. Have regular meals at one and the same time. Wash your hands before meals.

  3. Don’t take too much things with you. Take only the things you need. Put on comfortable clothes. Eat a little before you go for a swim. Don’t go into the water after you just eaten much. Don’t eat dirty fruit.

  4. Put on warm clothes. Go in for skating and skiing. Keep your feet warm. Don’t stay outdoors for a long time. Don’t drink hot tea just before you go out into the street.

  5. Sit and stand straight. When you are reading or writing, let the light come from behind your left shoulder. Keep your working place clean and tidy. Have as much fresh air as you can. Have your meals regularly.

1. At home – 2

2. At school and at home – 5

3. At hikes – 3

4. In summer – 1

5. In winter – 4

The sixth task. Put in “much” or “many”.

  • There are ___ plates on the table.

  • I never eat ___ bread with soup.

  • There are ___ teachers in our school

  • Have you been to Astana? No, I haven’t been there for ___ years.

The seventh task. Put in “a few”, “a little”.

  • She isn’t very popular. She has ___ friends.

  • This is a very modern city. There are ___ old buildings.

  • We’ve had ___ rain.

  • She is lucky. She has ___ problems.

The eights task. Find ten words: arm, ear, toe, knee, finger, eye, foot, head, hair, tooth.

The ninth task. Read and translate the text. What do you think?

  • I have no problem with my health, though I am a smoker. I like smoking. It helps me to relax. I have been smoking since I was 13. All my friends are smokers. I know all the facts, but you live only once. As for dieting I think it is very dangerous. You are what you are. I like sweets, ice-cream. Of course, I have some problems with my skin and hair, but I don’t want to change.

Answer the questions.

  • Do you agree or disagree with that man?

  • Do you smoke?

  • Is it dangerous to smoke?

  • Is it good or bad for health?

Your marks for the lesson … .

Now our lesson is coming to the end. You worked very well. Thank you! The lesson is over, good-bye!

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