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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "English around us.Who is the best?" (6 класс)

Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "English around us.Who is the best?" (6 класс)

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Тақырыбы: English around us

«Who is the best?»

6 сыныптар

Мұғалім: Тлебаева Г.А.

2016-2017 оқу жылы

Intellectual game «Who is the best?»

Aims: 1. to develop pupils scope.

2. to arouse interest in learning English .

Visual aids: active board. (the right answer estimate for 5 score.)


GREETING:- GOOD AFTERNOON DEAR PUPILS AND TEACHERS. WELCOME TO OUR INTELLECTUAL SHOW. WE ARE GLAD TO SEE YOU. Today in our competition we will do many interesting things. And we have 3 teams, now let us introduce yourself and your teams to us

1 team: “ ABC”

2 team: “Non stop”

3 team: “United team”


I round

What do you know?(answer the questions)

II round

Riddles (find the right words)

III round

Proverbs(find the right answer)

IV round


V round

Who is the quickest? Name the words of the beginning letter, “A”.

Name the words of the beginning letter “B”

-I wish you good luck!

I round. Answer the question.

1.What is the capital of Great Britain? (London, Лондон)

2.Where is London situated? (of the Thames river)

3. What is the capital of Kazakhstan? (Astana)

4. The population of London? (about 8 million)

5. How many people live in Kazakhstan? (about )

6. How many regions in Kazakhstan? (14)

7. Name 5 school subjects?

8. Name 5 animals

9. Name 5 sorts of fruit

10.Name 5 professions

II round


  1. This is the season

When fruit is sweet,

This is the season

When school friends meet.


  1. This is the season

When children ski

And grandfather Father

Brings the “New Year Tree”


  1. This is the season

When snowdrops bloom,

When nobody likes

To stay in the room

When birds make their nests.


  1. This is the season

When vegetables grow.

I come to the garden

And make water flow.

(summer, жаз,лето)

  1. This is the season

When nights are short

Are children have plenty of fun,

When children swim

All the day on the sun.


  1. In autumn they are good,

Yellow, red and sweet,

And they are very good to eat,

Says my brother Pete.


  1. Days are cool, apples are ripe. What season is it?

Do you know?


  1. In summer it is grey, in winter it is white. We call it Brother…


  1. It’s red or rosy, in summer it grows. It’s a beautiful flower. What is it?


  1. Higher than a house, higher than a tree,

Oh, what can that be? (the sky,аспан,небо)

III round “Poliglot”

  1. East or West home is …жақсы (best,лучше)

  2. The books are our…достар(friends,друзья)

  3. Better late than…ешқашан(never,никогда)

  4. Time is…ақша(money,деньги)

  5. Everything is good in its…мезгіл(season,сезон)

  6. Everyone is a slave of his…махаббат(любовь,love)

  7. Habit is a second…табиғат(nature,природа)

  8. Don’t play with…от(fire,огонь)

  9. Money won’t make you…бақытты(happy,счастливый)

  10. Daughter is a guest of…үй(дом,house)

  11. Honestly is the best…саясат(policy,политика)

IV round Puzzles

2. Предмет + часть слова или часть слова + предмет: t + hat = that, o + pen = open, y + ear = year.

V round

Name the words of the beginning letter “A”

  1. The name of the fruit. (Apple,алма,яблоко)

  2. The name of the month. (April,сәуір,апрель)

  3. The capital of Kazakhstan. (Astana,Астана)

  4. The name of school subject. (Algebra,алгебра)

  5. The first letter of the alphabet. (A)

  6. What cannot we live without? (Air,ауа,воздух)

  7. One of the oceans. (Atlantic Ocean)

  8. The famous Kazakh writer. (Abai)

Name the words of the beginning letter “B”

  1. A little child. (baby,бала,ребенок)

  2. The name of the fruit (Banana,банан)

  3. The antonym to the word “good”(bad,жақсы,хорошо)

  4. An object in the classroom (Blackboard,тақта,доска)

  5. The capital of Germany (Berlin,Берлин)

  6. The name of school subject. (Biology,биология)

  7. A lake in Kazakhstan (Balhash,Балхаш)

  8. The room where we sleep (Bedroom, ұйықтайтын бөлме,спальня)

  9. An important day for all of us which happens once every year. (Birthday,туған күн,день рождения)

  10. A colour. (black)


-Thank very much for you attention.The most important thing is not to win but to take part. Good bye !

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