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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему “Kazakhstan is my Motherland”

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Date: 4.09.15

Form: 8

Theme:Kazakhstan is my Motherland

Objective:1.To enlarge students scope for the Kazakh history and to be able to speak about our Motherland.

To review grammar tenses Present Simple and Present Continuous

2. To develop pupils speech in speaking.

3. To bring them up to love our country, to be able to protect it and to be an individual citizen of

our country

Visual aids: computer, Interactive board, flashcards, the map of our Republic, cards, pictures.

Methods: answer – question, demonstration, diagram, in pairs.

Procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment:

- Good morning! Sit down!

- Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent?

- What date is it today? The 4th of September

- What season is it? It’s autumn

- What the weather like in autumn? It’s windy and cool. It is raining often.

II. Warm up

Today we’ll have an unusual lesson. We ‘re going to speak about Kazakhstan. The topic of our lesson is “Kazakhstan is my Motherland” So, the aim of our lesson is to get as much information about Kazakhstan, as possible. Let’s watch video

Video about Kazakhstan.

Checking up homework


a city


square km

an area



border on

to be situated

the head


the President


a falcon













ІІІ. Discussion. Speaking about Kazakhstan

I am sure, you know some more facts about Kazakhstan. Let’s answer the questions

What is the population of Kazakhstan?
What large cities of Kazakhstan do you know?
What countries does it border on?
What are the places which are polluted?
Where is the Republic of Kazakhstan situated?
What is the size of KZ.?
Who is the head of the state?
When did Kazakhstan become an independent state?
What are the symbols of the state?
What does the blue color of the flag symbolize?
What is represented on the state flag?
What kind of state is KZ?

Well, children. and what do you know about our new capital, about Astana?

T: now answer my questions. When was Astana founded?

P1: Astana was founded in 1830.

T: Right you are. When was Akmola region formed?

P2: Akmola region was formed in 1939.

T: Good. When did the development of virgin and unused lands begin?

P3: The development of virgin and unused lands began in 1954.

T: Right. When was Akmola renamed in Tselinograd?

P4: Akmola was renamed in Tselinograd in 1961.

T: Well, when was Tselinograd renamed in Akmola again?

P5: Tselinograd was renamed in Akmola again in 1994.

T: Right you are. When did Akmola become the capital of Kazakhstan?

P6: Akmola became the capital of Kazakhstan in 1997.

T: Good. And the last date. When was Akmola renamed in Astana?

P7: Akmola was renamed in Astana in 1998.

III. Practice

Very good. You have understood this text perfectly well. Now we shall play a little. You will give you a sheet of paper with a map of Kazakhstan. You must write the words associated with the word “Kazakjstan”.http://0.tqn.com/d/geography/1/0/f/J/kazakhstan.jpg


IV Grammar box


The Present Simple Tense

V1, Vs

time expressions: always, every day, often, usually, sometimes, seldom, rarely

- don't ,doesn't

? do ,does

The Present Continuous Tense

am/is/are +Ving time expressions: now, at the moment

- am is are + not

? - am is are +Ving

Grammar card

Put the verb into the correct form- Present Simple or Present Continuous

I ( to go ) to the cinema this evening. Excuse me. You ( to speak) English?

Why you ( to laugh) at me? How much it ( to cost) to send a letter to Canada? Paddy ( to listen ) to the tape-recorder right now. The doctor ( to exam) Oliver in the living room now. She ( to write) me very often. He

( not to go) there every morning. Her friend ( to study) English every morning? They( not to do) these work at home. He ( to learn) English or French at school?

Homework: To learn the vocabulary for lexical dictation

Your marks for today are…

The lesson is over. Good Bye!

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