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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "Marco Polo" (10 класс)

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The theme of the lesson: Marco Polo

The objectives of the lesson:

  1. Educational: to teach students’ knowledge about Marco Polo

  2. Educative: to make students’ be disciplined at English lesson

  3. Developing: to develop students’, reading, writing, thinking, speaking skills

  1. Organizing moment.(2 min)

  • Good morning! My name is Milana Sergeyevna.

  • What is the date today?

  • What's the day of the week today?

  • Today if you are active I'll give you encouragement cards

  1. Warm up.(2 min)

There is the rhyme on the board. I read, pupils repeat after me all together. I translate the rhyme with pupils. Then I wipe out one word and children should remember.

- Let's train pronunciation.

- First, I read you listen to me. Let's translate the rhyme. Who can translate?

- I read you repeat after me

- Who wants to read the rhyme?

September is a time
Of beginning for all,
Beginning of school
Beginning of fall.

  1. Presentation of new material

There is a picture of Marco Polo on the board.

- How do you think, who is this?(This is an Italian merchant traveler - Marco Polo)

New words

There are new words on the cards without translation.

- We will read and translate new words. First, I read, you repeat after me.

- Who can translate?

influence [ˈɪnflʊəns] влияние

a merchant [ˈmərCHənt] купец

adventures [ədˈvɛnʧəz] приключения

a prison [ˈprɪzn] тюрма

inspired [ɪnˈspaɪəd] вдохновлял

  1. Text

Children read and translate the text one by one.

- Now, I give you text and we will read, translate one by one and then we'll learn it

If there was one person who has a large influence on geographical studies because of his personal journeys, then that person would be Marco Polo. This Italian merchant traveled from Europe to Asia and back again, and his adventures were recorded in the book, "The Travels of Marco Polo."

After four years of traveling, he finally arrived in China. When he returned to Italy, Venice was at war with Genoa. Marco was taken prisoner for several months, and there he met an Italian romance writer. Marco narrated to him his tales about his Asian travels, which writer wrote in the book "The Travels of Marco Polo." When Marco got out of prison, he became celebrity because of the book.
He died in Venice in January 1324.

Marco Polo inspired other famous geographers and adventurers to set off into the world. One of these was Christopher Columbus, who set off across the Atlantic with a copy of Marco's book.

  1. Relax. moment

I show movements, children repeat after me.

- Stand up, please. Let's do exercises.

Arms up!
Arms down!
Arms on hips!
Arms down!
Clap your hands,
Clap, clap!
Tap your feet,
Tap, tap!

  1. Answer the questions

Pupils must answer questions to the text.

- Open your copybooks and write down the date. Today is the 25th of September.

- Let's answer questions to the text.

1. Who is that person who has a large influence on geographical studies?

2. Where did he travel?

3. What book were his adventures recorded in?

4. Where did he finally arrive after four years of travelling?

5. Where did M. Polo meet an Italian romance writer?

6. When did he die?

7. Who inspired Marco Polo?

True or False

  1. Marco Polo was Chinese merchant

  2. Marco's adventures were recorded in "Asian Travels"

  3. He died in Venice in January 1324.

  4. In China Marco Polo was taken prisoner.

  5. When Marco Polo returned to Italy he became celebrity

  6. Marco set off across the Atlantic ocean

Home task: (1 min)

- Open your diaries and write down the home task. Your home task is to make sentences with new words.

The lesson is over! Good bye!

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