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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "My house" (2 класс)

Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "My house" (2 класс)

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Unit 6. Lesson 1 


Theme: My house 

Form: 2

Aim of the lesson: to create conditions for acquaintances of pupils with new vocabulary on the topic "My house"

Educational: to explain new lexical theme of the lesson; learn to use new words and there is/there are in the speech.

Developing: to develop the knowledge of reading, writing and speaking; grammar, vocabulary; to make short sentences and be active at the lesson.

Cultural: To teach them to be in love to their house; to increase interest in studying foreign languages.

Expected Result: The pupils will know new words and use their in the speech. They will read the text about the house and understand it. The pupils will tell about their home.

Methods of teaching: group work, individual work, speaking, writing, reading, work by the active board, sing-song;

Visual aids: interactive board, book, copybook, exercise book, color pencils, CD

New vocabulary: one floor, two floors, house, big, small, new, old

Grammar: there is/there are

The procedure of the lesson.

I.Org. Moment.

Greeting with children!

T: Hello pupils!

P: Hello teacher!

T: How are you?

P: I'm fine. Well, we start our lesson.

Today we will learn the new theme. It is on the board. Can you tell me what we're going to talk? (Slide 1)

Of course we will talk today about the house. You learn new words. You will describe your house and sing a song about the house of mouse.

But first we will check homework.

Checking the home task

T: What was your home task? Who are ready?

P: Ex.3,4-p.47

Answer the questions. (Slide 2)

Do they play football?

Do we play leap-frog?

Do you like tag?

Do they play asyks?

Do we play hide-and-seek?

T: Did you learnt the words?

Checking the words. (Slide 3)

P: What is it? (Football, basketball, cycling, tennis, badminton, skating etc)

II. Warm-up

Phonetic exercise. Open your books on the page 48. You can see in the book too.

Look at the pictures. I want to teach you how to pronounce some sounds in English. Listen and repeat with me: Sound – «о house, count, mouse. (Slide 4)

III. New theme:

P: O.k. We tell with you about our house.

P: Let's learn the new words. Look at the board. (Slide 5)

What do you see? How do you think these words are translated? (Each pupil goes to the board and makes the correct translation)

P: And now. Say the word and name translation. (Slide 6) (Pupils answer from the place)

P: Now you see the pictures of the houses and must put to them the correct word. (Slide 7) (Pupil goes to the board and makes the correct action)

P: Now we will try to make sentences with new words. Who wants to do that? (Slide 8-9) Pupil reads the sentence, which he did, and translates it.


P: Good work! And now one more new word. How do you think it means? (Slide 10)

Of course it is the word - floor. Who can make sentences with these words?

Let`s remember when we use there is/there are.

(Pupil goes to the board and makes the correct action. Pupil reads the sentence, which he did, and translates it.)

P: And now is the most important task. Now we will try to describe the house (big house, small house, new house, old house) (Slide 11-14)

(Pupil goes to the board and makes the correct action. Pupil reads the sentence, which he did, and translates it.)

P: Thanks for the good work.

Listen and read. P. 48 Ex.1 (Track 38)

This is my house. My house is big and new. There are two floors in my house. There is a beautiful garden. I love my house.

Listen and repeat. P. 49 Ex.4 (Track 39) Let's read the rhyme.

IV. Summarizing the lesson:

T: Ex.3 -p.43/Complete the sentences. Put there is/there are

1. There are 2 floors in my house.

2. There is a small beautiful garden.

3. There are 2 trees in my garden.

4. There is an apple tree in the garden.

V. Reflection

You work today perfectly... Tell me please, what new words you have known at the lesson? Can you tell new words?

VI . Home task Track 38, 39

VI .Marks. The marks for the lesson are …

The end of the lesson. The lesson is over! Good-bye!

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