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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "How do you spend my free time?" (7 класс)

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Разработка урока для учащихся 7 класса на тему:

How do you spend your free time? Hobbies”

Цели урока:
- формирование коммуникативных компетенций по теме “How do you spend your free time? Hobbies”;
-развитие познавательных интересов учащихся, умения социального общения в совместной деятельности;
-формирование творческого мышления учащихся, умения обосновывать свою точку зрения.
Задачи урока:
-практические: формировать навыки и умения в чтении, устной речи (диалогическая, монологическая формы) по материалам темы “How do you spend your free time?”
образовательные: продолжить ознакомление учащихся с увлечениями в целом;
развивающие: развивать интерес к учебно-познавательной деятельности на иностранном языке, развивать логику, внимание, память, целостность высказывания;
воспитательные: формирование уважительного отношения к увлечениям других людей, к мнению другого человека.
Формы работы: индивидуальная, фронтальная, парная.
Методы: репродуктивный, продуктивный, творческий.


I. Организационный момент.

T: Good morning, boys and girls! Let’s start our lesson. Get ready for the lesson. How are you today? I am fine too. Thank you. Sit down, please. Answer the questions:
What date is it today?
What is the weather like today?
Do you like such weather?
What weather do you like?
What weather don’t you like?

What you like to do if the weather is nice?

The aim of our today’s lesson is to revise the topic “My Leisure Time”, to speak about your favorite ways of spending free time.
T: And now listen and give the definitions of these words:

  1. the activity of moving your feet and your body in a pattern of movements that follows the sound of music - Dancing,

  2. the process of recognizing written or printed words and understanding their meaning - reading,

  3. to look at someone or something for a period of time, especially because you want to get information - watching TV,

  4. to use a bicycle - cycling. Yes, you are right.

What is the general word for these ones?

The general word is “HOBBY”. Today we are going to speak about your hobbies and free time.
T: The theme of our lesson is “How do you spend your free time? Hobbies”.

Фонетическая зарядка.

T: Let’s practice our pronunciation and look at the screen. Remember free time activities.
Dancing, swimming, music, reading, watching TV, cycling, football, snooker, gymnastics, athletics, bowling, collecting, sport, gardening, going to the theatre, cooking, travelling.

T: And now let`s do an exercise “Unscrambling the word”. You have put the letters in the correct order and define the word:










III. Работа с учебником:

Tell me please, do you like swimming and spend their free time in a swimming pool?

Ok, and now we are reading the rules of conduct in the swimming pool. Open your books on p. 63, Ex. 4.

Do not forget about these rules because the summer is coming and I hope you`ll have a lot of free time and spend your free time with pleasure.

Речевая разминка.
T: Let`s speak about your hobbies:
1. What is a hobby?
2. Is it interesting to have a hobby?

3. What hobbies do you know?
4. What is your hobby?

5. What can people collect?
6. You are a collector, aren’t you?
7. What collection(s) do you have?
8. Are you proud of your collection(s)?
9. Is it fun to have a hobby?
10. What is your favourite kind of sport?

11. What famous sportsmen in our region do you know?

Lilya Podkopaeva – is a famous gymnast….

Sergey Rebrov - …

Sergey Bubka – is a famous athlete in pole vaulting

Vadim Pisarev – is a famous dancer

Yes, you are right.

And what is your favorite sportsmen?

. Аудирование и чтение с детальным пониманием текста.

  1. Listen to this text and guess which activity is it? And in what country this kind of activity is popular ?

But at first look at the blackboard and pronounce new words:

Kite-flying – запуск бумажного змея

to throw (threw) – бросать, кидать

to fix – укреплять

ribbon – лента

Kite-flying is an old hobby in England. Many years ago people in London liked kite-flying. In our days young men and old men, women and children take their kites to the parks and threw them up into the sky. The kites are of many colours. Some of them are square and others have three corners. Some kites are like boxes, some look like balls or flowers. Many people, and children too, make their kites themselves. They make kites of paper, and fix bright ribbons to them. Some people buy their kites in the shops.
In some countries kite-flying is a sport. People have competitions in kite-flying.

1. In what country do people like kite-flying very much?
2. What do kites look like?
3. What are kites made of?
4. Can you make a kite?
5. Have you ever seen a competition in kite-flying?

T: Say, what interesting facts have you learnt about kite – flying?

Pl: I know that….

VI. Рефлексия. And it`s time to have a rest. Stand up and do some exercises such as “Simon says…”

Let`s start:

Simon says - Hands up!

Hands down!

Simon says - Hands down!

Touch your head!

Simon says - Left hand up!

Left hand down!

Simon says - Left hand down!

Simon says - touch your left ear!

Touch your right eye!

Simon says - Shake your hands (встряхните)

Touch your nose!

Simon says - Clap your hands!

Ok, good job! Sit down!

VII. Проверка домашнего задания.

T: Lets check your homework. Your task was to make up a dialogue about your favorite activities in your free time. Please, act your dialogues.
T: And now, tell me please, what hobbies have been described at our lesson?

Which hobby do you like best of all? Would you like to do it?

VIII. Практика устной речи учащихся по теме “Как ты проводишь свое свободное время? Хобби».
T: Look at the following list of leisure activities. Let’s read and translate them.
doing a sport

going to the theatre
going shopping

going to a rock concert
going to an opera

reading a book
growing flowers

visiting an art gallery
visiting the museum

going to a disco club
playing the guitar

having a picnic
horse riding


Choose one of these that you have done. Put them in your order of preference.
Use the structure:

I am fond of …”

I am keen on…”

I am crazy about…”

I am interested in…”

. Актуализация и закрепление грамматического материала.

T: Every lesson we repeat irregular verbs and today's lesson is not an exception. You have 1 minute to repeat them.

Let’s start. Who wants to go to the blackboard. And now let’s check the irregular verbs.

T: Listen to the words – makers connected with the grammar tenses we are going to revise. Say which tense does the marker belong to:

While- P. C.

The day before yesterday – P. S.

Ago – P. S.

In 1993 – P. S.

Last week – P. S.

At 5 o`clock – P. C.

Put the following sentences into the correct tense: Past Simple and Past Continuous.

  1. She (to cook) yesterday. ( - ed)

  2. She (to cook) at three o'clock yesterday. ( was – ing )

  3. Не (not to open) the window before classes yesterday. (didn`t)

  4. My father (to write) a very interesting article last month. ( wrote )

  5. Pete (to water) flowers in the garden at five o'clock yesterday. ( was – ing )

X. Объяснение домашнего задания.

T: What have you done today?

Pl: Today we have spoken about our hobbies…We have written the grammar sentences and repeated irregular verbs… We have read and learnt about kite – flying…

T: Write down your homework: you should write 10 sentences about your activities in your free time.

Подведение итогов.

T: In conclusion, I’d like to say that it’s very interesting to have a hobby. Hobbies help us learn more about our planet, be more intelligent and well-educated. Thank you for your work. For today’s lesson you have got…

Our lesson is over. Good bye!

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