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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "Shops and shopping"



Магазины и покупки

Подтема: Тематическое оценивание. Ролевая игра

Цель: Провести контроль овладения учащимися языковой и речевой компетенции в пределах изучаемой лексики, воспитывать общекультурные умения общения с другими людьми, социокультурную компетенцию, навыки работы в парах, развивать творческие способности учеников.

Оборудование: материалы для ролевой игры, демонстрационный материал ‘At the market’ , ‘At the gift shop’, “At the boutique, карточки с ситуативными заданиями, запись для прослушивания, раздаточный материал.



T. I`m pleased to see you at our lesson. I hope you are fine and we`ll have wonderful minutes of communication.


T. Our lesson is devoted to the art of shopping. You have already learnt much on this topic, and today you`ll be able to demonstrate your skills in playing the roles of buyers and sellers, in bargaining and advertising goods.

You will listen to authentic materials to learn more about the lifestyle of English people.


T. There is an English proverb «A men without a smiling face must not open a shop». How do you understand it? (discussion). Another proverb says « Better short of pence than short of sense». Do you agree?

T. You will have to do shopping in different shops today, and now we will make sure that you know the names of the shops and you can buy there.


  1. At the fishmonger`s we…

  2. I have run out of sugar, so …

  3. At the hardware you…

  4. 4. I prefer ready- made clothes, that`s why…

  5. I haven’t got any mincing machine at home. Let’s…

  6. We can buy paper, pens, and other things…

  7. The newsagent’s is a place where…

  8. In Great Britain people use … and … doing shopping.

  9. I think the best present for young girl is… I can buy it at…


  1. Shoes you have just tried on fit you badly

  2. You are shown a dress that it isn’t in fashion

  3. You can’t buy the thing , because it’s too expensive

  4. You can’t buy a coat for ready money

  5. You want to reduce the price of the thing you would like to buy

  6. You want to persuade a buyer to buy your goods



1) Pre-listening activity. Этап подготовки для прослушивания текста


Before going shopping we will learn one more important thing – the art of bargaining. Bargaining is discussing the price of something in order to agree a lower price. There is an English proverb “A penny saved is a penny gained.” Listen to interview Helen Cooper and answer these questions :

  1. Which of the following do most British people bargain for ? a) house b) food c) car

  2. Where does Helen say you can`t bargain? A) supermarket b) shops c) markets

  3. Which things in the photos would Helen bargain for?


Hello, and welcome to the SHOPPING PROGRAMME! Today we are going to talk about bargains . In the studio we have Helen Cooper, a journalist and every enthusiastic shopper.

  • Hello. Most people in Britain don’t bargain the things , you know, argue aboit the price of something. We pay the full price in the shop. The only time we probably bargain is when we buy a house or maybe a car. And what about you, Helen? Which of the things here would you bargain for?

  • Well, it depends where you are. You can’t usually bargain at the supermarket, but sometimes you can buy in shops and markets. For example, if you pay cash or buy a lot of things you can often get a discount. Let me se. Well, I will definitely bargain for a new bike. Mmm.. jewelry. Lovely earrings. Yes , why not? Holidays. Yes sure. You can get a good offer if you bargain, especially for winter holidays. An old record? Yes, you will certainly bargain for this , but you need to know it is valuable.

2) LISTEN TO PART 2. Which of these strategies does Helen use when she bargains?

a) She is friendly but firm

b) She is confident but not aggressive

c) She only says bad things about the products

d) She says she has not got much money

e) If the person says “no”, she gets angry

  • So how do you bargain, Helen?

  • Well, it is very important to be friendly. Friendly, but firm at the same time. It is also important to have confidence to believe that you can get the thing you want. And don`t be aggressive.

  • What do you say, Helen?

  • Well, it is important to say some good things about the product before talking about the bad things.

  • How do you reduce price?

  • Well, the best thing is to say that you haven’t got much money, which might be true

  • What do you do if the person says ‘no’?

  • I say “It’s a pity” very politely and try to find something else.

3) POST-LISTENING activity with the focus on speaking.

Choose something you are carrying or wearing (e.g. your watch). Think of a price to sell it to your partner. Then, in pairs, bargain for the object.



Say Hello. Ask the price of something

Offer to help

Say the price Ask to look at

Give him/her the object Comment on the object. Make an offer

Reject the offer. Offer to pay in cash

Reduce price Make third offer

Give final price Accept


T. Now you are ready to go shopping. Make up dialogues according to the suggested situation.


P1. You want to buy something new and trendy for the informal party. Have a talk with a seller in a boutique.

P2. You are seller in a boutique. Give advice to the girl, help to choose the things she would like to buy.


P1. You have come to the market to buy some fruit or vegetables, but you don`t have much money. Try to bargain with the seller

P2. You sell fruit or vegetables at the market. Reduce the price of some products to please the customer.


P1. Imagine you want to buy a book for your younger brother and a good dictionary for yourself.

P2. You work in a bookstore. Help the customer to choose an interesting book for his/her brother. Give advice as for the new editions of English-Russian dictionaries.


P1.You are going to arrange party and want to buy some food for it. Your friend helps you to make the best choice at the food department.

P2.Discuss the prices and quality of the products you are going to buy for the party with your friend and shop assistants.


Questions for discussion

1. What’s the girl plan to become rich?

2. What word does money rhyme with?

3. Where is the girl planning to go?

4.Does she believe in her better future?


Encouraging pupils` creativity. Group Work.

T. One of the slogans that are used in marketing is «The best advertisement is a good product». None will doubt it suppose. Nevertheless, every product needs promotion to be sold quickly and at the best price. Imagine that you are applying for a position in the Advertising Agency. You`ll be given some things (e.g. a pocket calculator, a CD, a camera, headphones, СD player etc.), and your task is to make your customers aware of your product using one of the most effective ways of promotion- advertising. Try to do your best to get this position.

(Pupils present their advertisements. )


T. During the lesson you had a chance to show the level of your communicative competence progress. You can be sure now that you know what to say and what to do when doing the shopping. What should you remember going shopping? Where can you bargain? In what cases cen you get a discount?

I believe you will be able to apply your knowledge in the suitable situations.

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