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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "The geographical position of theUSA
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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "The geographical position of theUSA


Theme: The geograthical position of the USA.

Aims of the lesson:

1. To enrich the student’s knowledge about English speaking countries and encourage their interest in different aspects.

2. To develop the student’s abilities in oral speech, critical thinking and making projects.

3. To systematize the grammar material (Past Perfect) as a stage of the preparation to the U N T.

Equipment: interactive board, electronic textbook: «English in Mind »,a picture,a poster,cards with words,notebooks.


I. Organization moment.

Good morning children. I am glad to see you! Today we shall have an usual lesson, a demonstrative lesson. We have many guests there and I’d like to greet them. First of all I want to congratulate all our guests and girls with the first Holiday of spring the International Women’s Day. I wish all of you good luck, be always happy, wealthy, happy and beautiful and I wish our students successful and creative work at the lesson!

II. Aims of the lesson;today we will work in groups as usual .and the tasks will be different.I hope that fulfil all of them.

III. Checking up the home task.

You know according to our curriculum in this term and in the 4 th term, many lessons will be devoted to the USA. We’ll talk about its geographical position, its landscape, history, political systems and other aspects of the life in America. Today we’ll talk about geograthical position of the USA and we’ll summarize our general knowledge about this country.

Using the map and slides the students tell about the geographical position of the USA, then they watch a video: The united states of America Trailer.

IV. A «Quiz» .

And now we’ll have a «quiz» to find the best student expert about the USA. It’s very important to broaden your knowledge about English-speaking countries. UNT or may be you’ll go abroad some day and this knowledge will be very useful for you! So, let’s start.

1. How many states are there in the USA.

2. What is the residence of American Presidents.

3. Who discovred America?

4.What animal is the symbol of America?

5. What fast restaurant is the most well-known and popular in America?

6. Who was the first president of the USA?

7. What is the biggest state in America?

8.What is the name of this statue?

9.What flower is the national flower of the USA?

10. What two famous American drinks are rivals over the world?

11. What is the name given to the American flag?

12.What is the famous American symbol of America and what is his name?

13. What 2 presidents of the USA were father and son?

14. This sport is called America’s favourite Pas time. What is it?

15. Where is Hollywood situated?

16. What is Las Vegas famous for?

V. Grammar. Past Perfect.

1) Presentation with the help of the site

English secrets ru to remind the students the formation and the usage of Past Perfect video.

2. Practice;advanced group has the following task;they are suggested to write a short story upon the picture using Past Perfect,the second group should make 6 sentenses using the cards with words glue to the poster

3. Work with the computers;the advanced group should complete the text using the Past Perfect or Past Simple form of the verbs in the order they appear in the box,the second group has to read the sentences and click on the actions that happened first

VI Relaxation moment; As I have already mentioned we are looking forward to our holiday International Women’s Day and that’s I’d like to give you one more task.The members of the first group will make sentences about how they will congratulate their mothers and the students of the second group will tell us what they are going to do on this day.Use Future Simple and Future Cjntinuous.

VII.Conclusion.-Our lesson is over.We have done much work.We spoke a lot about America,we practiced Past Perfect and other verb tenses in our speech. I hope you have learned much from our lesson and this information will be useful ifyou want to pass English in UNT.Thanks for everybody!

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