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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "Television is One of the Main Means of Mass Media in the World" (8 класс)

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Date: 18.03.2010

The teacher: Olga Vasilievna Gavrik

Form: 8th

Theme: “Television is One of the Main Means of Mass Media in the World”

The place of the lesson in the educational process: The final lesson on theme “Mass Media: Good or Bad?УМК “Enjoy English-8”, авторы Биболетова М.З., Трубанева Н.Н., (Обнинск, Титул - 2007)

Goals: Воспитательная цель:

1. Воспитание патриотизма и толерантного отношения к культуре других стран средствами иностранного языка, а так же сосредоточение внимания учащихся на проблемах окружающей среды, спорта и социальных проблем

Образовательные цели:

1. Совершенствование навыков монологического и диалогического высказывания

2. Обучение работе с презентацией

Развивающие цели:

1. Развитие речевой культуры общения учащихся по темам: “Our Planet”, “The Environmental Problems”, “Mass Media: Good or Bad?”, “Sport”

2. Развитие познавательного интереса учащихся посредством телевидения

Distinctive feature of the lesson: применение компьютерных технологий

Equipment: ТСО (компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, музыкальный центр), вывеска The Klichka Broadcasting Corporation

Facilities: презентация новостей, музыкальное сопровождение

The expectations:

- формирование положительной мотивации к изучению английского языка

- умение кратко высказываться на английском языке по изученным темам

- умение использовать приобретенные знания в повседневной жизни

Урок предполагает предварительную подготовку учащихся, которая заключается в поиске новостей и переводе их на английский язык. Со стороны учителя – контроль.

The Course of the Lesson

Teacher: Good morning, everybody! Today we shall have an unusual lesson. It will be the last lesson on theme “Mass Media: Good or Bad?”(слайд 1)

But now, say me please: What are the main means of mass media do you know? (ответы учащихся)

Good! And as we know, newspapers, radio, television and the Internet are the most important or more common means of mass media. (слайд 2)

It is important to say, that every kind of mass media has its own advantages and disadvantages.

(слайд 3)

What are they? (ответы учащихся)

But, there is one important advantage. Mass media is a source of information. (слайд 4)

Can you name the kind of information we get from mass media? (ответы учащихся)

What is the one of the most important and the most impact (влиятельное) means of Mass Media? (слайд 5) (ответы учащихся)

Of course, Television is the one of the most important and the most impact (влиятельное) means of Mass Media? (слайд 6)

So, it is the theme of our lesson. And we shall try to prove our point of view, through the observation of News and reports on the KBC channel (слайд 6)

Ladies and gentlemen, Julia Venedictova and Vladimir Sitnov.

(На сцене появляются телеведущие новостей, которые ведут программу полностью на английском языке. Для присутствующей публики текст написан на слайдах, но на русском языке. Слайды сменяются по ходу смены репортажей).

1st Newsreader: Good morning.

2nd Newsreader: Good morning.

1st Newsreader: We are beginning the broadcasting of news from The Klichka Broadcasting Corporation

2nd Newsreader: And let’s begin from the last message about Russian Government

1st Newsreader: Our special correspondents in the Kremlin are in contact.

2nd Newsreader: Good morning, Julia and Victor.

The Report about Russian Government

Юля: Good morning! Тhе conference about creation national pay-system with a President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev took place on the tenth of March. Also, on the instruction of the President, medical professions and mobile hospital of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations were directed in Chilly on the twelfth of March.

Витя: The Head of the Government, Vladimir Putin was in India with the official visit and met with the President of India, Patil and held a summit with the prime-minister of India, Singh on the twelfth of March. Some documents were set after it. Also, the Head of the Government took part in the Internet conference with the chefs of public organizations of Russia

1st Newsreader: Thank you. Julia Lesnicova and Victor Kirpichnicov were in contact.

2nd Newsreader: And we are continuing. What’s happening on the international scene?

The International News

Надя: The tickets on performance “Demons”, by Dostoevsky, finished only for several hours. This performance will be shown in New-York in July of this year. The performance will be showing for 12 hours, on Italian, and it will take place in far warehouse-hangar. People can go there by fallow and by foot. But it doesn’t stop the audience.

Аня: The Great Britain is the worth place in the world for education of children. Such conclusion was appeared after opinion poll of people from the different countries. Russian people don’t agree with it, they prefer to give for their children Britain education.

1st Newsreader: Thank you. Nadia Baturina and Anna Kozmina, our special correspondents in the USA and Great Britain were in contact

2nd Newsreader: And now, let’s listen some information about the planet we live on.

1st Newsreader: Mikhail Koshechkin, Vladimir Kapitonenko and Vitally Firsov, the professors of Cambridge University will talk us about it.

The Information about the Earth

Миша: All of us know that we live on the Earth. But what do we know about it? The Earth is the fifth largest of the nine main planets in the solar system.

Владик: It’s the third planet from the Sun and it is found in the Solar system.

Виталий: The Earth looks blue from space because 70 per cents are covered with water. There are 4 oceans on the Earth: the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian and the Arctic. The oceans contain 97 per cents of all water on the Earth.

1st Newsreader: It’s a wonderful world we live in

2nd Newsreader: But sometimes we simply erase our home

1st Newsreader: Kristina Chagina, Kseniy Selivanova and Dariy Dyatlova will introduce us with the environmental problems of modern world

The environmental problems of modern world

Кристина: Many species of animals and birds have disappeared. Millions of animals die every year because man polluted their natural homes. Besides, every year people cut down more trees, build more roads, and use more land for farming.

Даша: People pollute the environment, but not only it. They pollute themselves with cigarettes, alcohol and fast food.

Ксюша: Pollution is very dangerous for people, wildlife and the environment.

1st Newsreader: Sport news

2nd Newsreader: Aleksey Sukhodolin, Slava Dorovsky and Alena Roslovtseva, our sport commentators will talk us about the last sport news in the world

Sport news

Алеша: Dmitry Medvedev, the president of Russia, handed state awards for medalists of Olympic Games in Vancouver on the fifteens of March,

Алена: Russia is leading in the Paralympics Games in Vancouver. Russians has already won three gold medals, three silver medals, and two bronze medals.

Слава: New season of Formula, the one, started in Bahrain on the last weekend. The arriving of legendary German, Michael Schumacher was the main event of race.

1st Newsreader: Say me what music do you like and I shall tell you what type of a man are you. The news from the world of music

2nd Newsreader: Paparazzi attacked young pop singer Lady Gaga

1st Newsreader: So, she wrote a song about it. Let’s listen.

Lady Gaga

(девушка поет песню на английском языке под фонограмму)

1st Newsreader: We are finishing our news-summary

2nd Newsreader: But we left you with the advertisement about our social problems, which prepared by Aleksey Kolokoltsev, Evgeniy Laperdin and Nicolay Ezov

1st Newsreader: The newsreader were Julia Venedictova

2nd Newsreader: And Vladimir Sitnov

1st Newsreader: Good bye!

2nd Newsreader: See you next time!


(здесь прилагается социальный ролик, звук которого отключается при репортаже ребят, а видео идет, сопровождаясь их речью)

Алеша: The most of people are sure, that alcoholism is not about them.

Женя: Ninety per cent of Russians are use alcohol. Two milliards of pure alcohol are used every year in Russia

Коля: Eighty per cent of people have the first stage of alcoholism

All together: Rescue yourselves!

(учащиеся занимают свои места, и далее идет опрос по услышанному)

Teacher: Very good! But, now, I want to hear our audience. Let’s check: Were you attentive, or not?

(слайд 29)

Where by the instruction of the President of Russia were medical professions and mobile hospital of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations sent?

(ответы учащихся)

(слайд 30)

In what country do Russian people prefer to send their children to get education?

(ответы учащихся)

(слайд 31)

How many oceans are there on the Earth?

(ответы учащихся)

(слайд 32)

How many gold medals did our team win in Paralympics Games?

(ответы учащихся)

(слайд 33)

And the last question: what do you think about mass media? Is it good or bad?

(ответы учащихся)

You were great! Thank you!

(выставление оценок)

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