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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "Взаимоотношения между подростками и родителями"

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Конспект урока

Учитель: Ащеулова Юлия Николаевна

9 Класс

Тема урока: Семья. Взаимоотношения в семье.

Средства, обеспечивающие учебный процесс на уроке: ТСО, учебная компьютерная программа, наглядность (карточки со словами, картинки), раздаточный материал.

  1. Организационный момент

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся


Hello, guys! Nice to meet you. Take your seats.

How are you today?

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important thing. Let me start with the small poem:

Mother, father,

Sister, brother

Hand in hand

With one another.

What do you think about the theme of our lesson?

You are absolutely right! Today we’ll talk about American Families and their relationships.

Hello, teacher!

1p – fine

2p – not bad

3p – so-so…

1 p- family,

2 p – relatives,

3p - relationships,

4p - …….

(the poem on the blackboard –

Picture 1 )

  1. Работа со словами

I’d like you to start with vocabulary work.

Firstly, we should read these words all together

Now I ask you to match the English words with their Russian ones.

Thank you, guys! You’ve done this task perfectly.

Continue our vocabulary work in check lists. There are the check lists on you desks. Task 1.

Let’s begin with the Russian translation of the definitions.

Your task is to match the English words with their definitions.

You can do the task as you like: by yourselves, in pairs, in small groups of 3 – 4pupils.

Good of you!

1.Traditional family

2. adoption

3. marriage

4. divorce

5. former marriage

6. foster family

7. current marriage

8. to drop

9. step family

10. to get married

1p -Traditional family –традиционная семья

2p – adoption - усыновление

3p - marriage - брак

4p - divorce - развод

5p- former marriage – предыдущий брак

6p - foster family – приемная семья

7p - current marriage – действующий брак

8p - to drop – падать, уменьшаться

9p - step family – семья с детьми от предыдущего брака

10p - to get married - пожениться












Pupils are suggested working with the interactive English program “ American Mosaic – American Families

( диск - vocabulary )

pupils repeat the words

from the slide.

The program corrects the pupils’ answers.

Children get check lists.

The corrections are not available in the check lists.

( см.приложение 1)

Pupils read the definitions and translate

The program corrects the pupils’ answers.

  1. Аудирование и работа с тестом

It’s time to listen to the text about American Families and to answer the questions. Write your answers in the check lists - Task 2.

Part 1

-What kind of families prevails among Americans?

-What has been recently found out?

-Are there many different kinds of families today in America?

-Are there many unmarried women who have babies in the USA?

1p – traditional

2p – the marriage rate is dropping.

3p – yes, there are.

4p – yes, there are.

Pupils are suggested listening the 1st part of the text with the interactive English program “ American Mosaic – American Families”

( см.приложение 1- listening part1)

Part 2

Look at the slide of the program and mark the statements in your lists True or False.

1 – T

2 - F

3 - F

4 - T

As if the pupils finish the work in the lists, we’ll check the answers.

  1. Опрос учащихся по заданному на дом материалу.

Each of you have the family and I am not mistaken if I say that relationships in families are different.

Am I right?

1 part – phrases:

In each family there are two sides: a side of children and a side of parents. Your homework was to divide the phrases into these two sides.

So you are welcome.

What wonderful pupils!

Thank you for your work.

1p – yes

2p – absolutely…

A side of parents:

1p – to study well; not to go to discos; to obey;

2p – to respect their views;

To go to universities;

3p- to grow up to be independent;

To do sports….

A side of children:

1p – to trust;

Not to control and nag;

Not to punish;

2p – to like friends;

To give money;

To understand;

3p—to pay attention;

Not to treat like a child;

Two pupils come to the blackboard. Pupils from the class tell them the phrases and they write them down. After 3 – 4 phrases, another pair of pupils are invited to the blackboard. And so on…

(picture 2)

2 part – grammar

Complex Object”

Well, guys! Please, read your home sentences.

How smart you are!!!

Everybody knows that there are some misunderstandings between children and parents.

What do you think they should do not to burn bridges?

You absolutely right!

1p – my parents want me to study well.

2p – I expect my parents to give me pocket money.

3p- I’d like my parents not to treat me like a child.


1p – to talk to each other

2p – to find the reason of misunderstanding

3p – to trust and respect each other


Pupils read their home sentences.

  1. Активизация письменной речи

So, children! You’ve done a very good job today. And the last task for today: take your check lists and using the blackboards or your home exercises, write a paragraph about the relationships with your parents.

Pupils write.

  1. Завершающий этап урока

I’m so grateful to you for this lesson. Especially I’d like to admit……..

We’ll discuss your check lists and your work next lesson.

Good bye, guys. See you on.....

Good bye, teacher.

Picture 3

PICTURE 1IMG_4158.jpg





Приложение 1

Your surname________________

Check list


The word

The definition


A traditional family


A family, consisting of a married couple and their own children




Legal union of a man and a woman




Lawful end of a marriage




A great number of something


Former marriage


To decrease in number


A foster family


To start a legal union of a man and a woman


Current marriage


A family, consisting of a married man and a woman and at least one child from the previous marriage


To drop


A previous marriage


A stepfamily


A marriage which is still in effect


To get married


A kind of family in which the child who doesn’t have parents is placed until he can be adopted


The legal process by which a child becomes a part of a family

Task 2

  1. Answer the questions 2. True or False

1. 1.

2. 2.

3. 3.

4. 4.

Task 3

Answer the questions and write your opinion.

  1. Do you think that family is the most important thing in your life?

  2. What are your relationships with your parents?

  3. Describe what you and your parents want/ expect/ would like/ make/ let…(use Complex Object)


Your mark______________

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