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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему"What will happen?"

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Lesson plan



Theme: What will happen?

Objectives: SWAT study names of important events, will questions and short answers, ask and answer questions about the future.

Materials: computer, screen, tapes, interactive board.



2.Warm-up: Important events.Ex.1.

Match the words with the pictures:

1.take exams hello_html_9af3c93.jpg

2.pass exams

3.fail exams

4.leave school

5.get a job

6.go abroad

7.go out with someone

8.fall in love

9.get married.

3.Presentation. What will happen? Ex.2a. Let’s look at the photo.


Now answer the question: Is Matt talking about the past, the present or the future?

S1:I think that Matt is talking about the future.

Ex.2b.Now,close your books and listen to Matt’s questions.

What does he ask about – how many things can you remember.

S1.Where will I live?

S2.Will we walk on Mars one day?

S3.Will I win the race next Saturday?

S4.Will my brother pass his exams?

S5.Will I get a job?

S6.Will Natalie go out with me?

Ex.2c.Now, let’s match Matt’s questions with these answers. Let’s listen and check:1.d.

2.b. 3.e. 4.a.5.f. 6.c.


Ex.3. Let’s work with key grammar. Let’s complete the table.hello_html_m319e67f4.jpg

Let’s do Ex,4a. Let’s put the words in the right order and make questions.hello_html_m6da4d5a9.jpg

Let’s do Ex.4b. Think of answers for the questions in 4a,then ask and answer:

S1: Will I be famous one day?-Yes, you will.

S2: Will Matt pass his maths exam?-Yes, he will.

S3: Will Real Madrid win next Sunday?- Perhaps it will.

S4: When will Tim and Sue get married?- I don’t know. Maybe next year.

S5:Will it rain tomorrow?- No it won’t.

S6: Will you leave school soon?- No, I won’t. I’ll leave school in 2018.

Let’s do Ex.4c. You will test a friend: be /tomorrow/cold/it/ will?

Will it be cold tomorrow?

Let’s do “ Try this! “.


Leave, abroad, pass, fail, exams, married.

5.Production. Let’s do Ex.5. Listen to the poem, then repeat it: hello_html_29bc7a12.jpg

Practise the “w” sounds.

Now, Let’s do Ex.6a. Listen to the song. Do we know what will happen to the man in the park?hello_html_m368417c6.jpg

Let’s do Ex.6b, complete the questions from the song: 1. Where … he … tonight?

2. Will he … warm tonight?

3. What … … bring?

Now, let’s listen to the song once more and check. Let’s do Ex.6c. Share your ideas about the old man and the other people in the park: 1. Where will he sleep tonight?

S1: He’ll probably sleep under a bridge.

2. Will other people be warm tonight?

S2: Yes, they will.

3.Will other people talk to him?

S3: No, they won’t.


6. Evaluation.

7. Home work: WB. Ex.1-5 p52-53.

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