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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока по английскому языку "Outstanding people of GB"
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Конспект урока по английскому языку "Outstanding people of GB"


hello_html_763b1707.png Б.Д. Утебалиева

Жанибекский район. ЗКО

СОШ им У.Сахипова

The theme of the lesson: Charles Dickens

The aim of the lesson : to get acquainted with the biography of the writer and some of his works.

The objectives of the lesson : SWABT use the lexics on the theme “Outstandig writers and poets in Kazakhstan and the UK, use the past forms of the verbs in their speech. SWABT make up 9-10 sentences on the topic.

The equipment of the lesson : slide presentation of the lesson, test papers, books of the writers and poets,portraits.

Plan of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment.

  2. Warm- up.

  3. Revision of the vocabulary

  4. Check- up the hometask.

  5. Presentation of the new theme.

  6. Grammar revision. Regular and irregular verbs.

  7. Practice.

  8. Consolidation of the theme.

  9. Conclusion.

  10. Hometask setting

Procedure of the lesson.

  1. Organisation moment.

  2. Warm – up.

What writers were these words said about ? Match the sayings with the names..

He was not for an Age but for All Time “ a/ Abai

He is beautiful and great in his eternal yearning for the truth “ b/ Shakespear

  1. Revision of the vocabulary.

Match the English words with their translations.

1.world a/ атақты

2. masterpiece b/ әлем

3. famous c/ дүниеге келу

4. died d/ қатал

5. popular e/ үздік шығарма

6. was born f/ дүниеден озды

7. strict g/ мейірімді

8. kind h/ тіл

9. marry i/ танымал

10.language j/ үйлену

4.Checking – up the hometask.

  1. Answer the questions about W.Shakespear from Ex.3. p.52-53.

  2. Talk to the class about W. Shakespear.

  3. Talk to the class about Abai.

  1. Presentation of the new theme.

Outstanding writers and poets in Kazakhstan and the UK.

Charles Dickens /1812 – 1870 /

Grammar revision: the use of the regular and irregular verbs in the Past Simple tense.

Regular verbs: V + ed Irregular verbs: the second II form of the verb.

e.g. move – moved begin – began

work – worked have – had

Reading / Speaking.

Read the text and use the correct form of the verb in brackets. Ex.1 p.53.

Answer the questions to the text at p.54.

Make up a diagram about the writer and talk to the class.

Writer 1837 “Pickwick Papers”

1812. Portsmouth. Charles Dickens 1836 Catherine Hogarth


9 children

1822. London

“Oliver Twist”,”David Cooperfild”


1834-1836 reporter

Consolidation of the theme.

1. Fill in the Crossword “Writers” with the words on the theme “Outstanding writers of the UK and Kazakhstan” Ex.4 p.54-55.

2. Making lexical- grammar test.

Conclusion stage.

1. What do you know about Abai Kunanbaev?

2. What do you know about W.Shakespear?

3. What have you learned about Charles Dickens?

Hometask: to retell the text.

School after the name of U. Sahipov

Charles Dickens

/a lesson, the 8 form/

Teacher: B. D. Utebaliyeva




hello_html_m11f4b129.jpgCharles Dickens (1812-1870) is one of the greatest English writers of the 19th century. He was born in a poor family. When he was a boy of ten, his father was put into a debtors’ prison. Charles could not go to school because he had to help the family. He began to work at a factory. Later he continued his studies, but at the age of fifteen he went to work again. He liked reading and read very much. When he was twenty one, he began to write himself: first short stories, then novels. Soon he became a well-known writer.

Dickens saw the evils of the bourgeois society of his time and attacked them in his works. He wrote about the workhouses of England and the tragedy of poor children who had to live in them (“Oliver Twist”), he wrote about the poor state of education for children of ordinary people (“Nicholas Nickleby”) , about money (“Dombey and Son”), about young children who had to work (“David Copperfield”) , about the debtors’ prisons (“Little Dorrit”).

Charles Dickens works are translated into many languages. In our country people of all ages read Dickens with great pleasure and interest.


I. Translate the following words: a deptors’ prison - [deptәz prizn]

workhouse - [wә:khaus] –

II. Answer the questions:

  • When and where was he born?

  • Where was his father put?

  • Where did he work?

  • What did he write?

  • Whom did he attack in his works?

  • What about did he write in his books?

III. Complete the meanings of the words:

the greatest …, a poor …, a deptors’ …, a well-known …, education for children of … , young children who … , read with great … .

IV. Give the summary of the text.



hello_html_m1c2d74d.jpgStratford-on-Avon is not a large English town, but the whole world knows it, because it is the birthplace of William Shakespeare, one of the greatest writers in the world.

When Shakespeare was a young man, there were no theatres in England. Groups of actors traveled from town to town and played in different places, usually outdoors. Sometimes actors came to Stratford. Young William went to see all their shows and liked them very much. He wanted to become an actor. Sometimes he wrote little plays himself and staged them with his friends.

Life in Stratford-on-Avon was hard, and when Shakespeare was twenty-one years old, he went to London. In London he joined a group of actors. At first he only helped the actors. By and by he began to play himself. Later he began to write play for the theatre. Soon he became the greatest writer of plays in his time.

It was a very long time ago, but everybody remembers Shakespeare’s name. His plays are translated into many languages, and many theatres in the world show them.

Shakespeare’s famous books are: “King Lear”, “Hamlet”, “Othello”, “Romeo and Juliet” and etc.


I. Pay attention to the pronunciation of the following words:

William Shakespeare [ wiljәm ‘∫eikspiә ] –Вильям Шекспир

Stratford-on-Avon [‘strætfα:αd αn ‘eivәn ] Эйвондағы Стратфорд

King Lear [ kiŋ liә] – Лир патша

Join a group of actors – актерлар тобына қосылу

II. Answer the questions:When and where was W.Shakespear born?

  • What his famous books do you like?

  • What influenced him to become an actor?

  • Where did he join a group of actors?

  • Then what did he begin to write for the theatre?

  • Were his plays published into?

III. Complete the sentences

  • The birthplace of William Shakespeare is … . He was … world. … traveled from town to town and played the shows. He went to London and joined to … . Later he began to write … for the theatre. He became … of plays.

  • IV. Give the summary to the text.

Test yourself

I.Choose the correct form of the vtrb.

1.Abai ----------born in 1845.

a/ are

b/ was

c/ were

d/ is

e/ had been

2. Abai ------------------to school at the age of 9.

a/ goes

b/ go

c/ went

d/ had gone

e/ was going

3. Abai-----------------real masterpieces of literfture.

a/ was writing

b/ wrote

c/ written

d/ write

e/ writes

4. They -------------little Abai a lot of tales and legends.

a/ tell

b/ told

c/ were telling


e/ was told

5. Abai----------------in 1904 at the age of 59.

a/was dead

b/ had died

c/ died

d/has died


Test yourself

Use the appropriate article.

  1. William Shakespear was----------- great playwright.

a/ a

b/ the

c/ an

d/ no article

2. He worked in ------London theatre called ------------- Globe

a/ a,a

b/ a ,the

c/ the,the

d/ -----,the

e/ the,a

3.He became well known as ---------- writer in 1893.

a/ a

b/ the

c/ an

d/ ------

Test yourself

Make up sentences putting the words in the right order

1.a/ Charles Dickens b/ famous c/ a d/ writer e/ is

2. a/ He b/ factory c/ at d/ a e/ worked

Fill in the prepositions where nessesary.

on into at for of

1.His works have been translated------------ many languages.

2.Shakespear is called the Bard ---------- Avon.

3.----------- the age ------ 18 he left Stratford ---------- London.

4.He was born ----- April 23,1564 and died also --------- this date,April 23, 1616.

5.Dickens was one --------- the most popular writers -------- his time..

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