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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока по английскому языку по теме "Мода" (8 класс)

Конспект урока по английскому языку по теме "Мода" (8 класс)

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8 Form “Fashion”

I am an individual

Использованные материалы :

  1. Учебник : В. П. Кузовлев Английский язык 8 кл.

  2. Раздаточный материал :

    • Образцы диалогов

    • Картинки

Цели :

  1. Развивающий аспект : применение комплекса творческих упражнений для развития воображения .

  2. Воспитательный аспект : Умение находить плохие и хорошие стороны в современной моде ж воспитание способности и потребности терпимо относиться к человеческим слабостям .

  3. Учебный аспект : Обобщение знаний и умений по теме ; формирование навыка использования сослагательного наклонения в речи .

Ход Урока

1. Make up sentences with the following expressions :

  • To follow fashion

  • To be in fashion

  • To be out of fashion

  • Classical in design

  • Tam-o’-shanter

  • To walk barefoot

  • Extravagant hairstyle

  • To show off the independence

2. Complete the sentences

  • If I were invited to my friend’s birthday party …

  • I would fall left out , if …

  • If I were in Scotland …

  • My sister would be glad , if …

  • I would look stylish , if …

  • If I had a lot of money …

  • If I wanted to make a present for my mum …

3. Situation

You were invited to the theatre . It was the first time in your life . Nobody advised you what to put on and you came there in your casual clothes . But when you got to the theatre , you were shocked : all people were dressed up and you felt really left out . What would you do ?

4. Agree or disagree

  • Fashion comes and goes

  • Wearing make-up allows me to express myself

  • You should pierce your nose , ears and some other parts of your body to show off your individuality

  • Home-knitted cardigans are coming back

5. Group work : Comment the pictures ( 4 groups )

6. Ask each other questions

  • If she prefers hand-made or designed clothes

  • If she enjoys wearing stylish clothes

  • Why many people dress alike ( buy clothes in chain shops )

  • If she cares what other people wear

  • What it means for her to have a good taste

7. Now you will ask questions to one of our teachers . She had a chance to visit London . Ask her some questions about clothes the British people wear .

8. Now you will read the dialogues and try to make your own ones .

9. Proverbs and sayings about clothes . Find the endings .

To be in one’s

birthday suit

He that has no head

needs no hat

Good clothes

open all doors

As welcome as

water in one’s shoes

A wolf in

sheep’s clothes


  1. Быть в чём мать родила

  2. На что и шапка коли головы нет

  3. По одёжке встречают

  4. Нужен как собаке пятая нога

  5. Волк в овечьей шкуре

10. What do some people do to express their individuality ?

  • Put on extravagant clothes

  • Wear make-up

  • Pierce different parts of the body

  • Wear national clothes

Приложение 1 к уроку 8 класс «Fashion


Jane and Mary are out shopping .

Mary : You know , Jane , we are going to the south and I am worried about what

to wear . My mother told me I should buy myself some nylon blouses .

Jane : Nylon blouses ? Horrible ! Nylon is out of fashion . More than that nylon

makes people hot .

Mary : What shall I buy then ?

Jane : Have a look at this blouse ! I think it will suit you .

Saleswoman : Can I help you ?

Mary : That blue blouse , please . What size is it ?

Saleswoman : It’s 42 .

Mary : I’d like to try it on .

Saleswoman : The fitting-room is this way .

Mary : Look , Jane !

Jane : Oh , Mary ! This is a very smart blouse . It matches your skirt . Besides , it

fits you and blue really suits you .

Mary : How much does it cost ?

Saleswoman : 300 rubles , please .

Mary : Thanks a lot .


Jack and Mike are out shopping .

Jack : I should like to try on one of these suits .

Saleswoman : Oh , this is quite the latest style .

Jack : I like the style , but it’s not my colour .

Saleswoman : We have this model in several colours , dark brown , black , pale

grey … .

Jack : Let me see the black one in my size .

Saleswoman : Here you are . The fitting room is over there .

Mike : Oh , Jack , it doesn’t fit you at all . It’s too tight . Would you try on a size

bigger .

Saleswoman : No problem . What about this one , please ?

Mike : It fits you all right . I advise you to buy it .

Jack : How much does this model cost ?

Saleswoman : It’s rather expensive : 2000 rubles .

Jack : Well , I don’t think I’ll take it just now . I’ll have to think it over . I’m sorry

for giving you all that trouble .

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57 вебинаров для учителей на разные темы
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