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Конспект урока по английскому языку "Работа"

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Lesson 3 Work .job, professions ( Skills ,qualities, abilities.)

Aims: to fix knowledge on the theme “work”, to practice using of Participle I and P II, to be able to express own opinion, to speak about qualities, skills and abilities of the jobs . To develop communicative skills, memory, imagination, thinking. To support an interest to choosing of professions.

Equipment: multimedia board, sheets of paper, mark sheets.

Plan: 1) Org.moment- greeting I’m glad to see you. Let’s do compliments to each other. I respect you. I like you. What do you like to do? – I like to work in the garden, I like to draw. Etc.

2) Revision What profession and jobs are important in Kazakhstan? What jobs are there in our place? (a mechanic, a vet, a farmer, a teacher, a nurse, a doctor …)

Name 3 most important factors in choosing a job. What do you associate with the word “work”? (travelling,business, etc…).

3) Checking the home work : essay “money”.

4) aims and tasks of the lesson: we are going to speak about abilities, skills and qualities which are need for a job.

Work in groups 1 task- what qualities, skills, abilities are need for a teacher, a doctor, a guide.(make a cluster). Use dictionaries.

2 task- make a “ sinkwein” with the words “teacher, doctor, guide”.

3 task- work in pairs . Ask the questions on the questionnaire and tell us about your friend.For example: He is energetic. He has a good memory. He is good at organizing. He can drive a car….the most important factor for him to have a good salary. I advised him to be a driver.

5) Grammar: Participle I and Participle II what difference between them? Do ex., which is on the slide. 6) Conclusion: what qualities do people need when they work?(responsibility, knowledge, creativity…) Put marks on the mark sheets. Write your opinion of the lesson. How did you like the lesson? 7) Homework ex. 11 p. 163 Thank for your work.

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