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Конспект урока по английскому языку "Страны и национальности"

  • Иностранные языки

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Lesson plan

Topic: Talking about countries and nationalities


  • To identify countries and nationalities vocabulary

  • To develop students’ listening skills

  • To develop students’ communication skills

Time 45-60 min

Level: Beginners, low pre-intermediate

Age: Teenagers / adults


Stick flashcards (App 1) onto the whiteboard or put them on the round table in case students sit in circle and ask them what they can see in the cards. Ask students to predict the topic of the lesson.


Lead in

Introduce the vocabulary with the help of flashcards. Show each cards individually and ask student to predict the country and nationality, explain their idea. Correct pronunciation and write key words on board with country on the left side and nationality on the right marking different suffixes.

Ex. 1: Listening and vocabulary task.

Listen and choose the correct answer. Then write the name of the country

  • Hand out Worksheet 1. Ask students to look through the worksheet and discuss in pairs any unfamiliar flag or country.

  • Play the recording once and ask students to circle the correct answer.

  • Students discuss their answers in pairs.

  • Play the recording again, student now have to write countries in their worksheets.

  • Ask students to write on board the countries and nationalities that were not mention on flashcards and continue the list.

Ex. 2: Word formation (suffixes of nationalities)

  • Ask the students to elicit the suffixes of nationalities and divide them in groups - an, - er, - ian, - ish, - ese, others on board or in their notebooks.

  • Play the ball game in teams. Students from one group throw a ball and call out the country, the other team has to call the nationality. Then vice versa. The team that has a right answer gets 1 point.

Ex. 3: Listening task

Watch the video and answer questions.


If it is possible students do this task individually online on their computers or laptops or together using the IWB. If there is no special equipment, a teacher can print out the questions from the website.

Ex. 4: Speaking task

  • Prepare a set of flashcards according to the amount of students and ask each student to choose one and not to show cards to the partner.

  • Students practice short dialogues in pairs using phrases Are you (nationality)….? Yes, I am/ No, I’m not. Where are you from? I’m from (country)… They have to guess their partners’ nationality and country. If necessary a teacher may introduce an example dialogue in front of the class with one of the students. At the end of the task a teacher or students themselves may ask each other to tell about their partners. For example: Is Ali from Spain? Yes, he is./ No, he isn’t.

Optional activity

Bingo game

  • http://www.toolsforeducators.com/bingo/countries.php


  1. What was the funniest activity? Which exersise did you like most of all? Why?

  2. How to form nationalities from countries? Which suffixes do you remember?

  3. How to ask about nationality and country?

  4. Try to guess what homework you will get.

SS answers.

Choose from the students’ answers or give the following tasks:

  • Continue the list of countries and nationalities in your notebooks or papersheets and add 3-5 words under each suffix group.

  • Prepare a worldmap and colour the countries where you have been to or going or dreaming to visit in the future. Stick or draw the picture of their nationalities. (World map worksheet is attached)


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