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Конспект урока по английскому языку "The British Traditions" (10 класс)

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Учитель английского языка

Урок в 10 классе по теме “British Traditions

Тренировка учащихся в устной речи по теме «Британские традиции»


  1. Практическая: совершенствование навыков монологической и диалогической речи по данной теме.

  2. Воспитательная: воспитание уважения к чужой культуре, традициям.

  3. Развивающая: развитие внимания, воображения, умения слушать собеседника, сравнивать, прийти к определённому выводу, высказывать своё мнение, аргументируя свой ответ.

  4. Образовательная: познакомить с некоторыми традициями Великобритании.

Ход урока:

1. Teacher: (далее –T:) Well, to begin with, I’d like you to pay attention to the saying written on the blackboard. Here it is: “So many men, so many minds”. How can you comment on the following opinion?

P1. I think that people live in different countries and on different continents, they speak different languages and have different ideas, opinions and culture.

P2: And I want to add that besides they are of different nationalities who wear different clothes, have their own manners.

P3: More over they have different holidays, habits and traditions.

T: Well, I absolutely agree with you and today we are to speak about some traditions of Great Britain and compare them with those of Russia and the USA.

2. Paбота на интерактивной доске:

T: Have a look on the board and sort the traditions according the season they are celebrated:

G.B. Traditions

St.David’s Day summer

Guy Fawkes Day autumn

Swan Upping winter

May Day

The Trooping of the Colour spring

Carol Singing

Highland Games


The State Opening of Parliament

3. Работа на интерактивной доске.

T: Now you are to fill in the chart suggested. But before beginning working on the board listen to short stories of your classmates about some traditions popular in G.B.

Sort the statements:

( на интерактивной доске)

  1. Young girls washed their faces with dew.

  2. The queen travels in a gold carriage.

  3. Soldiers carry the national flag.

  4. People throw the hammer.

  5. Beautiful swans swim along the river.

  6. People burn a guy on the bonfire.

  7. People build a model of a Viking ship.

  8. People sing carols.



Highland Games

May Day

The State Opening of Parliament

Swan Upping

Carol Singing

Guy Fawkes Day

The Trooping of the Colour


Pupil 1: Spring

My story deals with spring traditions. To begun with I want to say just a few words about St. David’s day. English people celebrate this important day on the first of March. As far as I know St David is the national saint of Wales. On this day the Welsh people wear daffodils in the buttonholes of their coats and jackets.

What is more the British people celebrate May Day as the beginning of summer. On May Day people decorate houses and streets with branches of trees and flowers. As a rule many years ago young girls went to the fields and washed their faces with dew to become beautiful. And young men won prizes with bows and arrows. Besides, people danced round the maypole.

Pupil 2: Summer

It was a surprise for me to know that the English Queen has 2 birthdays: her real birthday is in April and her official birthday is in June. They say that on the Queen’s official birthday you can see a big parade with brass bands and hundreds of soldiers who carry the national flag of the country. It is the ceremony of the Trooping of the Colour. I want to add that millions of people watch this interesting ceremony on T.V.

Now I suggest you listening a short story about one more wonderful tradition - Swan Upping. It is an old royal tradition when hundreds of beautiful swans swim on the Thames- river and the swan keeper chooses and marks the best swans and these swans become royal ones.

Besides, Scottish people organize Highland games. As a matter of the fact they are sports competitions. Thousands of visitors see how sportsmen toss the caber and throw the hammer.

Pupil 3: Autumn

I want to tell you about the State Opening of Parliament. The English Queen opens the Parliament every autumn. She travels from Buckingham Palace to the Houses of Parliament in a gold carriage, sits on the throne and reads the Queen’s Speech. I want to add that on this day she wears a crown and royal jewels.

Besides in November 5th the British people celebrate Guy Fawkes Day when they build bonfires, put a guy on top of the fire and burn it. They say that Guy Fawkes was a conspirator. He wanted to kill the king. But he was caught and after that executed. Little children go from house to house and ask for money. After that they spend money on fireworks.

Pupil 4: Winter

My story has to do with winter traditions. As far as I heard, in the 19th century the Vikings came to Britain in ships and took away gold, animals and even people. The British people remember this historical period and organize the festival “Up-Helly-Aa”. On this day people build a model of a Viking ship with a head of a dragon and after that they carry the ship to the sea and burn it.

Another tradition is the singing of carols – the so called X-mas hymns when people celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Now, will you fill in the chart on the board – decide when do they do this.

4. Now what ceremony would you see if you went to G.B?

P1. If I were in the country, I’d rather see the ceremony of Guy Fawkes Day as in my opinion it is original, exciting and more over, I could see the ceremony of burning of a guy.

P2: If I had a chance, I would choose …

5. T; O’K than. Can you imagine that you are English. What ceremony would you advise me to see in G.B?

Possible variants:

Dialogue 1.

    1. What ceremony would you advise me to see?

    2. I would advise you to see ….because I think it is original and impressive on the one hand and on the other hand on this day people …

  1. Thank you. I’d rather follow your advice.

  2. Not at all.

Dialogue 2.

  1. What ceremony would you recommend me to see?

  2. I would recommend you to see ….

    1. Why?

    2. Because in my opinion it is really wonderful and unforgettable and more over you can see how people …

  1. Thank you very much.

  2. My pleasure.

Dialogue 3.

  1. What would you advise me to see?

  2. If I had a chance I would see …because to my mind it is really interesting on the one hand and on the other hand on this day people …

  1. Thanks. I’d rather do it.

  2. Don’t mention it.

5. T: Работа на интерактивной доске:

Указать номера тех праздников или традиций, которые отмечаются только в указанных странах или во всех трёх:

Where do they celebrate these festivals and have these traditions?

  1. People celebrate Christmas.

  2. People cook pancakes and eat them with honey, butter and caviar.

  3. People colour eggs and present as a symbol of endless life.

  4. People celebrate birthdays and sing “Happy Birthday to You”.

  5. People send cards when they get a new house,

  6. People organize wedding parties.

  7. People organize military parades when they celebrate Victory day.

  8. People say “Good day” when they meet.

  9. Men usually give flowers to women.

10.People say “Happy New Year” when they see the New Year in.

11.Children put their stockings near the bed and find presents in the morning.

12.People decorate the X-mas tree (New Year Tree).

13.People celebrate Mother’s Day.

14.People eat turkey and a pumpkin pie when they celebrate Thanksgiving day.

Decide where they have these traditions:

( use numbers only)

  1. In Russia:

  2. In G.B:

  3. In the USA:

  4. In all the mentioned countries:

  5. T: And what traditions do you like and are you indifferent to?

  6. 7. Now we are to listen to short stories of a boy and a girl who are going to tell us about their attitude to some holidays. Listen to their stories twice and choose the right variant:

List № 2

Listen to the texts and decide:

1. Speaker 1.

  1. likes Christmas

  2. doesn’t like Christmas.

2. His parents think that X-mas is:

  1. an old tradition

  2. not very important

3. On X-mas the boy prefers:

  1. discussing family problems

  2. playing sports

4. Speaker 2

  1. loves holidays

  2. is indifferent to holidays

5. She loves celebrating

  1. Guy Fawkes Day most of all

  2. her birthday most of all.

7: Исполняют песню “It’s a Small World”

  1. In the end let’s I want to say that though we live in different countries and continents, we should respect each other.

So, let’s read the statemants all together and let it be the main principle of our life: ( дети читают хором)

People should respect different nationalities, cultures, languages, traditions, ideas, opinions, habits, manners, national costumes.

9. The conclusion – home task: write a short letter to your imaginary pen pal (10-13 lines), describe 2-3 Russian traditions and ask your friend 3 questions about his favourite holidays or traditions. Stick to the rules of letter writing.

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