Инфоурок Иностранные языки КонспектыКонспект урока по английскому языку в 10 классе: "At a hotel"

Конспект урока по английскому языку в 10 классе: "At a hotel"

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Тема: “At a hotel”

Курс: Business English

Класс: 10

Цели: 1. Развитие коммуникативных умений.

2. Закрепление лексических единиц в диалогической речи.

3. Контроль самостоятельной работы учащихся (проектные работы).

4. Обучение разрешению речевых ситуаций различной сложности.

5. Расширение лингвострановедческих знаний.

Оборудование: Компьютер, интерактивная доска, карточки.

Ход урока

I.                   Организационный момент.

II.                Целеполагание.

III.           1. Hotels of the World.

Hotels in England are of some categories. Luxe Hotels are the most expensive. Only Arabian sheikhs & millioners can afford themselves staying in such hotels. The following category is Charming Town House, which combine an excellent service and low price.

The next category are cheap hotels located near big railway stations. The forth are Boarding Houses and Bed and Breakfast and countryside inns.

The cheapest variant are Youth Hostels & Youth Holiday Centres. Staying at a hotel is much more expensive in the USA and Canada. Big hotels are located in the centres of cities or towns. There are some companions which own a net of hotels & restaurants for example “Hilton” & “ Sheraton”. If you have a vehicle it’s better and cheaper for you to stay at motels.

2. Answer the following questions.

1) Where do people stay when the arrive at a town in which they don’t live?

2) Have you ever put up at a hotel?

3) What hotel of your own town would you recommend to your friend?

4) Why is it good to reserve rooms in advance?

5) What are visitors required to do first when they arrive at a hotel?

6) What information is required from those who are signing in at a hotel?

7)  What services does a guest get at a modern hotel?

3. Arriving at a hotel a visitor should register. A guest speaks to the reception clerk first.

“I’d like a Single Room”

Guest: Good afternoon. I’d like a single room with bath for a week or so.

Reception Clerk: Very well, mam. Have you made reservations

G: Yes, I rang up my friend & she said he had booked accommodation with you.

R.C.: Let me see. What’s your name, please?

G.: My name is Novikova.

R.C.: Thank you. Will you register, please? Here is an arrival card.

G.: Here you are.

R.C.: May I have your passport, please? Thank you. We can give you very good single room with bath overlooking the street. Will it suit you, mam?

G.: I think it will. What’s the rate per night?

R.C.: Bed & Board is 3 and a half pounds. May I ask you, how many days are you planning to stay with us?

G.: I expect to stay at least for a week.

R.C.: Very good, mam. Would you mind letting is know the day before you leave the hotel? We can have your bill ready for you.

G.: I’ll let you know, be sure.

4. What we keep in mind when choosing a hotel?

Task: Read the text fill in the gaps in the table – work groups.

1.     We booked an en suite room, so bathroom was joined to the bedroom.

2.     We needed a double room for my husband and me and a single for my mother but they didn’t have any so we had to look a triple for the three of us.

3.     This is a bed-and-breakfast hotel, so we won’t need to worry about our morning meals.

4.     You’ll have to pay 30 dollars more of you want full board, but then you’ll have to come the hotel for every meal.

5.     We can’t book any doubles, only singles are available for this date.

6.     We stayed at a five star hotel with all possible facilities: bathroom, TV, mini-bar, telephone and other things.

Type of room

1)    Single; 2) double; 3) triple; 4) en suite


1)    Bed-&-Breakfast; 2) full board;


1)    Bathroom; 2) TV; 3) central heating; 4) Mini-bar; 5) Internet; 6) telephone.


1)    Available; 2) unavailable.

 5. You hometask for this lesson  was to make hotel booklets. Let’s listen to make hotel booklets. Lets listen to your presentations.

Учащиеся представляют проекты «Отели мира».

6.     Now let’s discuss hotel personnel. Who do guests meet when staying at a hotel.

Manager – the main person at a hotel. He is responsible for everyday activity.

Reception clerk – a hotel worker who receives new guests and gives them accommodation doing all the formalities.

Porter – a hotel worker whose duty is to help the visitors with their luggage.

Chambermaid – a hotel worker who keeps bedrooms in order and does some laundry for the guests.

Bell-boy – a hotel worker who shows the guests his or her room and fulfill other duties.

7.     Let’s listen to the dialogue between the guest and chambermaid.

G.: What time is breakfast served here?

Ch.: Do you want it to be survives in your room, mam?

G.: Oh, no! I just wanted you to make me up tomorrow morning.

Ch.: Breakfast is served from 7.30 to 9.30.

G.: I see. So wake me up at 7.30, please.

Ch.: Very well, mam.

G.: Then I have some laundry here. Will you please take it?

Ch.: Certainly, mam.

G.: When can I have it back?

Ch.: I think we can manage by tomorrow morning.

G.: It’s all right. Tomorrow suits me.

8. Make up the statements using these situations.

1. You are a guest at a hotel. You want to be awaked at 8 a.m. you ring up the reception clerk and say___________________

2. You want some of your shirts to be washed. When the chambermaid comes, you say__________

3. Leaving the hotel you ask the reception clerk to make your bill ready for you. When you see the bill, you are surprised. It isn’t what you expected. You say__________

4. You arrive at a hotel with which you have reserved a room in advanced. The reception clerk says your name tells his nothing. You say__________

5. You are leaving the hotel and you want your luggage to be taken down. You ring for the reception clerk and say______

6. You arrive at a small town where you have to stay for a night. You find a hotel and speak to the reception clerk.

9. Study these problem situations and try to solve them.

A: Late at night you arrive at a hotel with which you have reserved a room. The sleepy reception clerk says he can’t find your reservation and the hotel is packed full. He says you had better wait till the morning. Some guest is supposed to sign out at 10 p.m.

B: You have been staying at the Still Water Hotel for 5 days and you found out that it isn’t a very happy place to live in. Everything there is getting on your nerves – the chambermaids should loudly early in the morning, they don’t change bedclothes in time, the steward is careless, the reception clerk never does what you ask him. You want to sing out but you have paid in advanced for 10 days.

10. Подведение итогов урока. Оценки.

11. Домашнее задание. Текст “The Power of Imagination”.

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