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Конспект урока по английскому языку "Выбор профессии

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Lesson Plan

Theme: “Choosing a profession” (Урок - обобщения)


Обучающая: повторить и активизировать лексический материал по теме «Выбор профессии»;

систематизировать грамматическую тему «Вопросы в косвенной речи».

Развивающая: развивать умения и навыки диалогической и монологической речи;

развивать умения и навыки аудирования.

Воспитательная: воспитывать внимание и быстроту реакции, чувство уважения к различным профессиям;

способствовать серьезному выбору профессии.

Оборудование: Картинки с изображениями представителей различных профессий, грамматическая таблица, карточки

Organizational moment.

T.: Hello boys and girls! I am glad to see you. I see that you are ready. You are so pleasant, brainy and look great. Be very attentive and active please. I’m sure that today you can show your knowledge on the theme “Choosing a profession” and systematize grammar theme “Reported questions”. Let’s begin our lesson from phonetic drill. Repeat after me, please.

Phonetic drill:

[t] - teacher, typist, actor

[d] – doctor, designer, model

[r]- writer, driver, librarian

[w] – worker, waiter, waitress

Well done! And now try to define please what these professions are.

Warm up.

T.: A person who teaches children at school.

P1.: A teacher.

T.: A person who treats our teeth.

P2.: A dentist.

T.: A person who helps the doctor.

P3.: A nurse.

T.: A person who plays football professionally.

P4.: A footballer (a football player)

T.: A person who works at a plant or a factory, but has no higher education.

P5.: A worker.

T.: A person who works at a shop and sells things.

P6. : A shop – assistant.

T.: A person who shows new clothes.

P7. : A model.

T.: A person who works at a café or a restaurant to serve the people.

P8. : A waiter, waitress.

T.: A person who looks after the child.

P9. : A baby- sitting.

T.: A person who interviews.

P10. : A journalist.


Pre-listening work.

Look at the list of words, please. Are there any unknown words for you?

(Car park attendant, assembly line worker, shepherd, market researcher, grave digger, prison warder) Let’s practice correct pronunciation.

Work with worksheets, please. What job do you see on these pictures?


Excellent! And now listen to the text very attentively and check your answers, please.

1) Prison warder

2) A baby-sitter

3) Doctor

4) Waiter

5) Window cleaner

6) Shepherd

7) Car park attendant

8) Dentist

9) Miner

10) Farmer

Oral practice. Dialogue.

T.: To get any job you have to talk to the boss or the stuff manager.

Role play. Make up dialogues and act out, please.

P1 Stuff manager:

P2 An applicant:

Grammar practice.

T.: Thank you. When you will come back home your parents may ask you “What questions did the stuff manager ask?” How should you answer them? Of course, you will change questions into reported speech. Lets revise theory of this grammar theme. Answer my question, please. How do we form reporting questions?

P.: When we are reporting questions, the subject comes before the verb.

T. : Report the next questions, please. “Are you good at Maths?”

P. : Our teacher wants to know if/whether I was good at Maths.

T. : “ What do you want to be?”

P. : Our teacher asks what I wanted to be.

T. : Brilliant! Take the worksheets, please and report questions. (Answers will be checked with the class)


T. : You know that projects become more popular and good way to express your creative aptitude. Some pupils did projects and they are going to present their projects on themes:

A job which I like”

A job which I don’t like”

(Pupils present their projects)

T. : Thank you. Well done!


Your homework is to prepare projects on theme “My future profession”.



Did you like our lesson?

Was it interesting?

How do you feel?

(Pupil’s answers)

Let’s finish our lesson by singing a wonderful song about job.

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