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Конспект урока по теме "Eating out"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


1.Warm up.

1.1 What did we speak about yesterday? (food, drinks)

Let’s play Associations Game. I say «food» and throw a ball. SS says what he/she thinks of when hears «food». And so on (the word cloud on the slide can help SS). Slide 1.

1.2. We’ve revise the food, but you know that food have different taste. Let’s do the crossword. Look at the pictures and guess the adjectives and make sentences. (Chili is bitter). Slide 2.

2.Eliciting the topic of the lesson

To identify the topic of our lesson try to answer my questions:

  • Where can we eat? (we can eat at home (in), out – at the restaurant, café)

  • When we eat out, what do we read to choose the meal? (menu)

  • What kind of categories of dish can find on the menu? (starters, main courses, desserts, drinks).

  • What do you think we are going to speak about today? (eating out/ visiting restaurant….).


3.1. Skimming. Open your books – p. 88 ex. 3b – T elicits understanding of all the words.

  • What do you see at the picture?

  • What should you do?

SS read the menu and put the headings in the right place.

3.2. Extensive reading. Now we continue to develop our reading skills. Open your SB p. 88 ex. 4 and read the task – point a)

  • What should you do?

  • Let’s do this point.

Read the task of point b)

  • What should we do?

  • Answer the question of this point.

Work with the text of the exercise.

  • Do you know all the words?

  • Find out the names of the meal, read them and translate.

  • Look at the slide and name the meal. Slide 3.

  • Find out the following expressions in the dialogue. Slide 4.

  • Take roles and read the dialogue. (two – three groups read the dialogue)


4.1. Eliciting grammar

  • Look through the dialogue once again and say which tense are used in it?

  • What is the difference between the Present Simple and the Present Continuous?

4.2. Doing grammar exercise – p. 89 ex. 6.


5.1. How can we order food and drinks? Let’s try doing ex. 5, p. 89.

5.2. Working in groups

In groups of three try to make a mini-menu using the same categories as on the menu in ex. 3. You have some paper, stickers, colour pencils and 3 minutes to make it.

(Check menus of two-three groups)

5.3. In groups of three act out the dialogues using your menus.


  • Was our lesson informative?

  • Will this knowledge useful for you?

7.Marks for the lesson.

  • Who has got the most stickers?

7.Homework – SB p. 89 ex. 7, 11. Slide 5.

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