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Конспект урока по теме Inventors and their inventions

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Урок по теме:

«Inventors and their inventions. Rudolf Diesel».

Подготовила: Шарипова К.М.

Theme: “Inventors and their Inventions. Rudolf Diesel”

Grammar: The Past Indefinite Active. The Past Indefinite Passive.

Aims: 1. To read and to translate text 1 (2 paragraphs)

2. To be able to read numbers and proper names.

3. To know and to use Past Indefinite Active and Passive.

Equipment: charts, blackboard, ball.


1. Greeting

2. Warm-up

3. Reading.

a)правила чтения g

Найти в тексте “Inventors and their inventions. Rudolf Diesel “ примеры чтения g. Записать в два столбика и прочитать.

b ) Прочтите данные имена собственные (Using a chart with proper names)

James Watt Rudolf Diesel Silver Ghost

Charles Rolls

Henry Royce


Gotlif Daimler

Charles Benz

Wright Brothers

4. Grammar. The Past Indefinite Active.

a) Work with the chart.



Present (V)

Past (V)

I live in a house.

I lived in a house.

I study at professional school.

I studied at professional school.

b) Form the Past Indefinite, practice the words with the ball (The teacher names the word and throws the ball to a student who must form the Past Indefinite): advance, design, fire, invent, patent, produce, succeed, change.

c) Work with the chart.


Present (V)


I am a student.

I was a student.

They dream of a car.

They dreamt of a car.

d) Read irregular





To build




To make




To run




To know




5. Read 2 paragraphs of Text 1. Translate 2 paragraphs Text 1, using new words.


Over the centuries man’s way of life was changed by a relatively small number of discoveries and inventions. But changed have come more often since the steam engine was invented in 1765 by James Watt. In just 2 hundred years man advanced from horse power and candle light to aero planes and neon lamps. Our ideas about travel have changed completely since Gotlif Daimler and Charles Benz built their first petrol engine in 1885 and Wright Brothers made the first flight in 1903.

In 1897 Rudolf Diesel invented a new internal combustion engine. It is known as a diesel and it began a transport revolution in cars, lorries, trains and ships. The main advantage of diesel is that they run in rather cheap fuel.

6. Answer my questions and write the information in your ex-book:

* What happened in 1765?

* What happened in 1885?

* What happened in 1903?

* What happened in 1897?

7. Reading Comprehension:

a) complete sentences:

1. A steam engine

2. A new internal combustion engine

3. The main advantage of diesels is

4. A German engineer Rudolf Diesel

  1. was invented by Rudolf Diesel.

  1. made his famous invention in 1897.

  2. was invented by James Watt.

  3. they run in rather cheap fuel.

b) find the right continuation of the sentences:

1. Changes in the man’s way of life have become evident since

* the discovery of a pistol with 6 bullets.

* 1765

* the birth of Edison, one of the greatest inventors.

* the first patented inventions was registered.

2. An invention is

* the case of finding something which existed before but was not known to people. It is often a place or a scientific fact;

* a difficulty that needs attention and thought in order to solve it.

* something that is finished or gained through skill or hard work;

* a useful thing or idea which is produced by scientists for the first time.

8. Writing. Individual work.

Read the following passage about the inventiоn of a steam engine. Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the box.

Watt, interesting, is, was, the, nothing, kettle, engine, do, true, steam

The popular notion of the development of the steam engine includes ________ story of how James Watt _______ in his mother’s kitchen, the ______ boiled, steam came out, and _______ realized the tremendous power of _______ and later invented the steam _______. The story has nothing to _______ with reality, and Watt had ______ to do with kettles. The ____ origin of the steam engine _____ very different and much more ______.

9. Checking up. Marks.

10. Home task: a) to learn new words

b) to retell the text.

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