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Конспект урока по теме "Путешествие по Соединенному Королевству Великобритании и Северной Ирландии"

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Okrugina Larisa Anatolievna - teacher of English language of high school № 2 of the city of Yaroslavl

Summary of the lesson of the English language on the topic 'Travelling' (grade 9)

M.Z.Biboletova «Enjoy English»


The purpose of this lesson:

to generalize the material on the subject “Journey”
Educational objectives:

to repeat the lexical material on the topic of the lesson and to enhance its use in speech; to expand linguistic and philological outlook of students; forming sociocultural competence of students;

to develop the ability to read and understand information, develop monological and dialogical speech of students, to develop the ability to analyze, to guess; to develop language, intellectual and cognitive abilities, value orientation, emotions and feelings of students;

to increase interest and respect for the culture of other people; to foster tolerance; to generate interest in the subject, a positive attitude to learning, to work independently.

Training tools and equipment:

textbook (M.Z.Biboletova - 9 grade)

multimedia projector
Power Point presentation

sheets with tasks in A4 format
Preliminary preparation:

photographs of London
posters about London


I. Organizational moment

Hello, students. I am glad to see you. How are you? I hope you are fine. Today we are going to speak about travelling.

II. Speech warm-up

1. We talked a lot about travelling, about visiting different countries at our lessons. What is your opinion about travelling?

Do you like travelling?

Whom do you like travelling with?

Is it your hobby?

Is travelling expensive?

Where did you go last year?

How did you get there?

Did you like your journey?

2. Here are some proverbs about travelling. Explain the meaning of these proverbs:

There is no place like home.

An Englishman's house is his castle.

East or West home is best.

The wider we roam, the welcomer home.

Every bird likes its own nest.

3. Here are the texts about the great people of Great Britain. Read the texts and match them with their names.

Margaret Thatcher

James Cook

Queen Victoria

William Shakespeare

Agatha Christie 

Winston Churchill

(Students do the work.)

III. Revitalization of the vocabulary for the lesson

Let’s revise all words and expressions we have learnt on the topic “Travelling”.

Now you will receive a sheet of paper with a keyword.

Your task is to make a wordweb.

Work in groups.

Keywords: Plane, Car, Train, Ship, Bus

(Students make a wordweb.)

IV. Development of skills of oral speech

My friends. Now I want you to see the presentation “Let us go to London”.

Do you like it?

Would you like to go to London?

How must we be ready for our trip?

Where can we get all the information for our trip to London?

(Students make presentations to their travel agents.)

V. The development of communicative skills in listening

And now I want you to listen to the humor story about a tourist in London.

Do you like it?

Now I would like you to do the task on the basis of this story.

Work in pairs.

(Students work in pairs. They are given tasks.)

VI. Improving reading skills understanding the main content of the text, the formation of contextual guesses

And now you are going to read the text. Then I would like you to answer the questions.

Places of interest in London

There are a lot of places of interest in London. Among them there are: Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge, the Tower of London.

London stands on the river Thames. Crossing the river by the Tower Bridge you can see the Tower of London. It is one of the oldest buildings of the city. Many centuries ago it was a fortress, a royal palace and then a prison. Now it is a museum of arms.

On the bank of the Thames, not far from the Tower of London, you can see Westminster Palace, or the Houses of Parliament. It is the seat of the British government and it is one of the most beautiful buildings in London. In one of its towers there is famous Big Ben, the largest clock of England. It strikes every quarter of an hour.

Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence. Tourists always go to see the ceremony of changing the Guard there.

London has many fine squares. Some of them are quiet, others are busy like Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square is the central square of the city. To the right of the square there is the National Gallery which has a fine collection of European paintings.

St Paul’s Cathedral is the biggest English church. Another famous church is Westminster Abbey where kings, queens, and many famous people are buried.

London is also famous for its beautiful parks. Hyde Park is the most democratic park in the world, as anyone can say anything he likes there. Regent’s Park is the home of London Zoo.

What is the Tower of London famous for?

Where is Big Ben situated?

What ceremony do tourists always go to see near the Buckingham Palace?

What is the heart of London?

What can we find in the National Gallery?

Where are many famous people of London buried?

Where is the official residence of the Queen?

What is the name of the most democratic park in the world?

What is the home of London Zoo?

VII. Improving oral communication skills

And now I want you to answer my question:

What place of interest would you like to visit in London and why?

(Students answer the teacher's question.)

VIII. Summing up the lesson

Students, our lesson is over.

Your homework is to write a composition about your future visit to London.

Thank you for your work. Good bye.

Annex: Presentation on "London"

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