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Конспект урока по теме "Суеверия"

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British Superstitions


Конспект урока Назаренко Е.А., учителя английского языка

МБОУ «СОШ №34» г. Симферополя

British Superstitions

Objectives: to practice the use of active vocabulary discussing the truth behind superstitions, to develop reading, speaking and listening skills, to encourage pupils to work in pairs, to get students acquainted with the examples of the British culture.

Materials: vocabulary handouts, multimedia screen, British and Russian symbols flashcards, songsheets.


  1. Introduction

T. Good morning! Look at the board and try to put the words in order to get proverbs

1. Many so customs So countries many.

2. Rome in you Romans as do When are the.

Find the Russian equivalents. You know every country has its own customs and traditions. You've already learnt some of them.

  1. Warming up

T. Let’s remember the symbols of Great Britain and Russia. Make up sentences about these countries.

P1 It’s a daffodil. It’s a symbol of Wales

P2 It’s a kilt. It’s a skirt with tartan pattern worn by the Scottish men.

P3 It’s a dear.Bear is a symbol of power.

III. Main part of the lesson

Today we’ll come to know new facts about British customs. Superstitions are beliefs that some objects or actions are lucky or unlucky.

Pre-reading activity

Introducing new vocabulary:

A good sign, superstitious, to spill, a soul, a leap year, spirits, a ladder, a leap year

Look at the pictures. Which of these do you think means good/bad luck for the British? Let’s check up you predictions while watching a presentation.

Post-reading activity

1) hello_html_m2502d472.jpg 2) hello_html_125c3b51.jpg 3) hello_html_2bc21965.jpg 4) hello_html_359e7bf0.jpg

5) hello_html_m5698aa0a.jpg 6)hello_html_m546e28b0.jpg 7)hello_html_375c9ba3.jpg 8)hello_html_m23ded476.jpg

Complete the table

Good luck

Bad luck

Four leaf clover

Spilled salt

Vocabulary practice

Match the words in the two columns. Use them to talk about British superstitions

  1. carry

  2. break

  3. spill

  4. catch

  5. hang

  6. walk

  7. knock

  8. open

  9. cross

a a mirror

b your fingers

c an umbrella indoors

d salt

e under a ladder

f falling leaf

g horseshoe

h on wood

i a rabbit’s foot

Pair work

Listen to the song and fill in the past forms of the verbs to hang, to see, to catch, to find, to fell

Lucky or not?

When I was walking yesterday

A leaf 1)____ from a tree

I 2)_____it in my hand and smiled

That means good luck to me


Every day’s my lucky day

Good luck comes easily

I wake up every day and I know

I’m lucky to be me

My day was going very well

But my good luck wasn’t over

As I was walking through the park

I 3)____ a four leaf clover


While I was walking home I 4)______

A hoseshoe on the ground

I 5)_____ it up above my door

For good luck all year round


T. Do you think there is truth behind British superstitions? Which superstitions are the same in Russia? Which superstitions do you believe in?

IV. Summarising

I’d like to thank you for your work at the lesson. Let’s sum up. I see that some of you are really superstitious. You may observe many of these superstitious beliefs, but do not let them govern your life.

Home assignment

Collect information. Then write a short article on Russian superstitions for an international school magazine.





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