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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока по теме "Выбор профессии"
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Конспект урока по теме "Выбор профессии"




  1. Развивать у учащихся умение общаться на английском языке.

  2. Продолжить знакомство с деловым английским.

  3. Продолжить формирование базы для развития письменной речи.


  1. Развивать интеллектуальные способности учащихся.

  2. Формировать умение выделять главное, сравнивать и анализировать.


  1. Развивать у учащихся самостоятельность мышления.

  2. Содействовать профориентации учащихся.

Дидактический материал:

  1. К.И. Кауфман, М.Ю. Кауфман Рабочая тетрадь №3 к учебнику Т.Б. Клементьевой Happy English 3.

  2. Карточки с заданиями.

  3. Резюме учащихся.


1. Introduction page.

T: Hello everybody! I hope that our guests will be interested in the subject of our today’s discussion, which is “ Applying for a Job. Some Tips for the Applicants.”

At our previous lesson we spoke about the ways of writing a good CV, that is a curriculum vitae (or a resume), we read some adverts from the newspapers and magazines given in our exercise-books and discussed some texts about different jobs and personal qualities each job requires. Today I suggest we should try to make a summary of the material on the problem. I am sure it will help you in your future career.

2. Listening.

T: To begin with I’ve invited the psychologists who will give you some tips. Let’s try to have a look on getting a job from the point of view of an employer who wants to hire a good specialist. Well, psychologists! You are welcome.

Два ученика выступают с подготовленными сообщениями по материалам стр.76-77.

P.1- If your employer likes your CV you will get an interview. An interview is a final step when your employer meets you in person asks you questions and sometimes tests your abilities. But there are situations when you don’t even realize you are being tested.

P.2- A very successful South West Airlines, one of America’s most attractive employers says: “We are not interested in qualifications or experience. We can train that kind of stuff. We look for people with a nice personality and a sense of humor.”

P.1- Another successful employer once told me that, for him, the best indicator of potential management ability is an applicants driving style. The first interview usually takes place in a car, and the applicant has to answer questions while driving through city traffic.

P.2- Another interviewer invited applicants to lunch to a cafй. And if they made a mistake of salting their food before tasting it, he didn’t hire them.

T: Our psychologists told you about the ways of organizing job interviews in the situations when you don’t even realize you are being tested. Now will you answer my question!

Where do job interviews sometimes take place?

PP: (предполагаемые ответы- in a cafй, in a car).

T: That’s right! But remember that you should write a good CV first and only then you will get an interview (in case your employer likes your CV).

3. Interaction.

T: Some specialists from employment service will tell you how to write a good CV. Please follow their tips given on p.72-73.Ученики по очереди читают подготовленный дома текст.

T: Thank you. And now answer my question!

What part of a CV would be the most interesting for you if you were the manager of the company and wanted to hire an expert? Please begin your answer with –

If I were the manager of the company and wanted to hire an expert…

PP: (предполагаемые ответы- I would pay attention to …(references) of an applicant.

4. Project.

T: Please open your exercise books on p.68-69. Here we can find the texts about Jane Webster, Alex Warren, Ivan Nikolaev and Sofia Brown. I want you to devide into 4 groups and to make a good CV using facts from the biographies of these people or some other facts.

But now I have a surprise for you. Jane, Alex, Ivan and Sofia have also been invited. They want to tell you about themselves. Let them have the floor. Jane, you are the first. (подготовленный рассказ от имени Jane).

P1: Hi! I am Jane Webster. I’ve just graduated. I studied Management at the University and graduated with honours. I represented the undergrads in the student’s Council for two semesters. I was also the captain of the University volleyball team. I am the author of several publications on Management and Marketing. I speak English only but I am ready to study another language if my new position requires it. I have no work experience but I will only have a well-paid, pleasant and skilled job. My hobby is history and gothic architecture.

T: Thank you. And now please, meet Alex.

P2: Hi! I’m Alex Warren. I spend all my life in the Internet. I tried to work for a small company and was responsible for support of all system users within the company. However too much responsibility made the job really stressful for me. In my new job I am looking for regular hours, a lot of supervision and advice from my future colleagues.

T: Thank you. Meet Ivan.

P3: Morning! My name is Ivan Nikolaev. I have graduated from the University of Moscow. I specialize in Human Rights and have 7 years of advice work. That job was very skilled and creative but unfortunately badly-paid. I have moved from Russia to England and I am looking for a new job.

T: Thank you, Ivan. I hope your problems will soon be over. Well, Sofia, will you speak.

P4: Hi! I am Sofia Brown. I have no special education but I love working with people. I speak fluent French and some Spanish and German. I worked as a secretary 4 years but found the job boring and unskilled. However I have perfect recommendations. Afterwards I travelled the world for 3 years and now I am ready to start my career. I need something challenging and creative. I am ready to work overtime.

T: Thank you, Sofia, Jane, Ivan, Alex. I hope you will help your groups to write good CVs.

5. Reading.

T: And now, pupils, pay attention to the examples of CVs in your exercise books on page 75. Read these examples of CVs and try to answer the questions on page 76. Ex. C, D, E p. 75-76.

6. Homework. p.76

1. Rewrite Jane’s CV to make it more competitive or you may write about Alex, Ivan or Sofia.
2. Write your own CV.

Work experience
Extracurricular activities

3. Please, try to answer the questions:

  1. What kind of job would you like to do?

  2. What skills do you need for the job you have chosen?

  3. Do you think you possess the qualities required for the job you would like to do? What are they?

  4. Are you ready to work hard to make a career?

  5. What are your parents’ attitudes towards your choice?

  6. Would you like to be rich or famous?

  7. Would you like to work abroad?

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