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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока по теме Why is sleep important
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Конспект урока по теме Why is sleep important


The theme of the lesson: Why is sleep important?”

The aims of the lesson:

To teach students to get some information about the role of sleep in our life;

To develop hearing, speaking, reading and writing skill, to motivate self-study and group work;

To bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other and to keep the rules of good of sleep.

The type of the lesson: a new lesson

The methods of the lesson: questions-answer work, working in groups

Visual aids of the lesson: cards, active board, pictures

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment:

  1. greeting;

  2. checking attendance;

  3. asking the date and the day.

2. Introductory

Presentation of the rules of the lesson

  1. Be active.

  2. Do your best.

  3. Respect each other.

Teacher: Look at the picture. How do you think what today’s lesson will be about?

(students’ answer)

The theme of the lesson is “Why is sleep important?”

3. Reading

Sleep like eating, drinking and breathing is a basic human need!

Three things you might (or might not ) know about sleep

1. Every night we experience four or five sleep cycles, which are made up of four different stages.

Each stage is quiet different and shows our well-being and health.

2. When a child or a teenager is in deep sleep, their body produces growth hormones, so maybe there is

some truth in the old saying: “Early to bed and you will grow tall”.

3. If you live an average lifetime, you will spend about twenty years asleep.

4. Questions – Answer work

(discussing the questions in small groups)

How do you sleep?

How much does it take you to fall asleep?

Do you ever wake up during the night?

Do you have difficulty falling asleep or getting back to asleep if you wake up?

Are you an insomniac? Insomniac - a person who has difficulty with sleep

5. Jigsaw reading

(divide the class into three groups)

Group A reads the text: “Why is sleep important?”

Group B reads the text: “How much sleep is enough?”

Group C reads the text: “What causes sleeplessness?”

(Firsts students read their texts, and then find the students who read the other texts and tell them about what they read. Explain the words from the text to other group. Together answer the questions)

6. Answer the questions

How many hours of sleep do we need?

How does sleep help you?

What causes insomnia?

What is the solution of the sleeping problem?

In what way does insomnia make our life difficult?

Do all people need certain hours of sleep?

7. Write the words

[ mainə] –

[´kɔnsentreit] –

[ iriteiςən] –

[ prə´dktiv] –

[´inʤəri] –

[´estimit] –

[´meʒə] –

[ mə´nɔtnəs] –

[´ævəri ʤ] –

8. Divide the words into nouns, verbs and adjectives

Relationship Estimate Continuous

Productive Survey Concentrate

Measure Miner Marriage

Indicate Physician Difficulty

Monotonous Irritation Common

Strained Decline Average

9. Match the words with their definitions

  1. Minor – to find size, amount

  2. Measure – stop or keep a person from doing something

  3. Strained – damage to the body caused by an accident

  4. Concentrate – become lower

  5. Injury – less important

  6. Decline – nervous and tired

  7. Prevent – keep one’s attention on something

10. Sleep quiz True or False?

1. Dolphins do not sleep. False

2. Cows sleep. True

3. It is impossible to sleep with your eyes open. False. People who sleep walk and babies often have their eyes open or partially open when asleep.

4. Fish close their eyes to sleep. False. Fish have no eyelids!

5. Elephants can sleep while standing. True

11. Project work

(in small groups students should speak about)

  • The importance of sleeping

  • The advantages and disadvantages of insomnia

  • The causes of sleeplessness and how to prevent them

T: Now, tell me, what are your impressions? Do you like your project? Was it interesting or difficult?

Say a few words and then go to your places.

12. Writing Running dictation

T: Do you want to have a healthy sleep? How many rules of good sleep can you write in 2 minutes?

  1. Try to go to sleep at the same time every night and to get up at the same time every morning.

  2. Your room should be clean, quiet, warm and your bed should be comfortable.

  3. Don’t eat a heavy meal late in the day.

  4. Prepare your body for a good night’s sleep. You may take a bath and drink warm milk.

Teacher: As you see, sleep is a good thing and we can’t live without it. In spite of the fact that a man spends the third part of his life on sleep, it plays an important role in our life. It gives us strength, positive emotions and health.

13. Reflection

T: What new information did you get in this lesson?

Which activities did you enjoy most?

Which activities did you have problems with?

What do you need to practice more?

14. Homework:

Write an essay on the topic “Sleeping is one of the basic human need”

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