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Конспект урока "Политические системы США, Британии и России"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Political systems in Great Britain, in the USA and in Russia.

На доске план:

  1. State system.

  2. Head of state.

  3. Legislative branch of power.

  4. Executive branch of power.

  5. Judicial branch of power.

Good Morning! At our lesson today we are going to compare political systems of three countries GB, the USA, Russia. The topic is rather compleceted, but I think many of you go in for politics and who knows mayby some of you will rule the country and become good politicians. Before speaking about political systems I would like you to revice some words and expression connected with this topic. Some words are rather difficult to pronounce. Repeat after me.










To revise

To approve

The Supreme Court


A branch of power

To rule the country

The Federal Assembly

The legislative branch of power

The executive branch of power

The judicial branch of power

Lets translate from Russian into English (k.3)

Own of you will translate all these words

The idea of democacy plays a great role in politics. What do you think “democracy” means? (ex.1, p. 40)

Now I want you to speak about political system of GB. You may use the plan on the blackboard. Lets begin.

And what about the political system of the USA? What do you know about it?

We live in Russia. And we must know in details our political system.

Now I would like you to compare three political systems. Lets do the test

Imagine please, that you are politicians.What do you think about the ideal society?What society would you create?

I would creat a society without hunger, tyranny and exploitation. People must not be divided into separate social classes. All people enjoy eguel rank and rights. There is no private property in my ideal society, because private property lead to envy, hate, selfish ambition and strife. There are no idle or leisured classes. Everyone has to work. Nobody is allowed to force his opinions or riligious belifs on anyone. Members of the government are chose from ordinary people, who are wise and experrienced.

Some people think the politics much depends on the personality of a politician.Do you agree? What do you think which traits are positive and which are negative for a politician in your opinion? (AB, p. 20, ex. 6 )

Chouse the words from the box and write them in the columns.

Our lesson is over. Your marks for the lesson. Good by.

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