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Конспект урока "The American system of government"

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The theme of the lesson: The American system of government

The aims of the lesson:

1.Educational: to enrich the vocabulary by learning new words 
.Developing: to develop the pronunciation by discussing, reading 
.Bringing-up: to interest to learn English 

The type of the lesson: consolidation lesson 
Methods of teaching: training, explanation, demonstration, interaction
The equipment of the lesson: diagrams on the tasks, pictures, posters, computers

I. Organization moment.

1. – Good morning, boys and girls!

- I’m very glad to see you!

- Sit down, please.

- Let’s start our lesson.

II. Speech charge.

Now, let’s a little talk.

1. – What date is it today?

2. – What day is it today?

3. – How are you today?

And what about you?

Is everything good?

III. Inform the purpose of the lesson

Today we are going to summarize the information about the USA. You will have a chance to demonstrate your deep knowledge about this country. Once again we are going to speak about its political structure, the political branches and about famous American presidents and about the history of the country.

So, the theme of our today’s lesson is “The Political System of the USA”.

IV. New lesson.

- As you know, Americans are not afraid to show how they feel, and when the feeling is patriotism, they get up and shout about it. They want to be proud of their President as well as their country and they want to be confident about the future.

- Well, and now, let’s get acquainted with the Political System of the USA.

- Who can tell me the name of the first US President?

- How many Presidents were in the USA?

- And, who can tell me the name of the forty- fourth and current President of the United States?

- Let’s look at the screen and read the information about of some US Presidents. They have always been the most important people in the USA.

Well, and now, please, name the current President of the United States?

Yes, you are right, the forty-fourth and current President of the United States is Barack Obama.

- Well, and now, let’s get acquainted with the United States Government. Look at the screen and answer the questions:

1. How many branches of power have the US Government?

2. Which institutions represent the legislative branches of power in the USA?

3. Who enter into the composition of the executive branches of power?

4. In what parts divides the judicial branches of power?

V. Practice.

Well, I think that you have read this material at home and I’d like to suggest you to do the exercises.

I think that you are tired a little, so let’s have a break and play a Quiz game. Attention to the blackboard, choose the right answer. Be attentive and good luck!

1. – The first task is to do the test.

2. – The second task is to match the building and their names.

3. – The third task is to do the crossword puzzle.

4. – And the fourth task is fill in the sentences with the words in the table.

5. – And your last task is express your opinion on the Russian and American government. What are the general and various in them? For your answers use the language supports.

VI. Hometask.

- Please, open your diaries and write down your home-task.

Imagine that you are a visiting Professor from Harvard University. Get ready to tell Russian students about the US government.

VII. Conclusion, marking.

- Our lesson is coming to the end. Thank you for your work. It was such a pleasure to work with you.

- The lesson is over! Good-bye!

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