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Конспект урока The life of youth

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T: What do you think about the phrase written on the


"Man is a social creature, that is he is used to living in

families, groups, communities, societies, organised on the

basis of some relationship."

Ps: I think that living of people in the society depends

on their behaviour, discipline, culture, following some

rules etc.

T: So what do you think we are going to speak about


Ps: We are going to speak about us i.e. young people.

T: Yes, the theme of our lesson is: "The Life of Youth:

A Problem or a Question to Decide".

T: We have three projects to be presented and discussed

in our today's lesson. As our life starts in the family, we

will start our work with the project "Parents and children".

And our first group takes the floor.

My family


My school


Project 1. The group of four students suggests their ideas about families.


P1: As it has been said we are going to speak about the life of Ukrainian youth.

Family relations

Parents and children

Ideal family

lf kids do wrong, should

parents be punished?

kids be punished?

Family relations:

All children do their first steps in their families. That’s

why their life is influenced by their parents very much. And

first problems of young people appear in their families as

well. So, we are going to speak about the relations between

children and their parents.

When a child is born, for his parents, especially for his

mother, it means sleepless nights, restless days, children’s

illnesses, sacrifying her friends, interests and even career.

When children grow up, they don’t want their parents

interfere in their beliefs, hobbies and leisure. They don’t

want to obey the rules they were taught by their parents.

They want to go on their own way and find it difficult to

be responsible. They expess their self-indentity in clothes,

hair style and slang. They smoke, drink alcohol ‘and take

drugs believing that it is the road to independence. They

conflict with their parents and teachers, considering that

only equals in age can understand them. But nevertheless

they dream about an ideal family, about a good mother,

about a good father.

What is “a good mother”, “a good father” for you?

Ps: A good mother is patient and caring; she under-

stands the needs of her child, helps her child to meet his/her

emotional challenges.

Ps: A good father is a man who spends all his time

with his children.

An ideal family:

P2: Read the quotations of some famous people:

For some people family is a shelter from vital prob-

lems, for others it is the theatre of the war Operations.”


Family will always be the base of society.” (Balzac)

An ideal family is an oasis of love and kindness in the

desert life evil.” (Shewelev)

Family is the roof of life.” (Shewelev)

Family is not a cell of the state. Family is the state.”


P3: Before this lesson we asked our classmates two

questions: “What do you think about, when you hear the

word ‘family’? What is an ideal family for you?”

We got 15 answers and everybody answered these ques-

tions in his or her way.

P4: Making our survey we distinguished 2 main prob-

lems in creating an ideal family. On the one hand, now

parents are not so strict as they used to be and most young

peOple have considerable amount of freedom.

Pl: On the other hand, all parents want to protect

their children from difficulties. A parents’ desire to shield

the child from life’s dangers and disappointments prob-

ably indicates very understandable concem. If your child

is overprotected, s/he may grow up feeling loved but may

also be too passive. This is not a good thing. Excessively

dependent children are at the mercy of others whether

they may be parents, teachers, or other children - their

self-esteem can be shattered easily.


P2: But there are thousands of homeless children. They

escape from their homes trying to cope with their difficul-

ties, they think that it is a proper way to solve all their

problems and they often do the wrong things. They don’t

understand that responsibility begins at home. So, if kids

do wrong should parents or kids be punished? We’d like

to show you a typical situation which can happen in any

family. And we’d like to listen to your opinions.


One day Ann came home and started shouting at her


A: Mom! Give me 500$ immediately!

M: Ann, calm down! What has happened?

A: It doesn’t matter! I need money! I need 500$!

M: But I can’t give you such sum!

A: Ifl don’t give it back tomorrow, you won’t see me

anymore! I will run away!

It turned out that Ann was gambling and lost 500$ playing

cards with her fiiends.

Who is right in this situation? Who should be punished?

Ann is family is rich and she always gets what she wants.

T: I am sure this problem can be solved. I’d like to

divide you into two groups. The first one will represent

Ann’s parents and the second one will represent Ann. (Each

group gives their answers.)

Project 2

T: Our second group would like to take the floor. So

you are welcome!


(The group of five students suggests their ideas about schooling.)

Hard work

Respect self-education

Satisfaction self-confidence

Job subjects



students behavior

relations with teachers building

relations with code of conduct


cheating in exams uniform the freedom of speech

Project 3 “I and my leisure time”

P1: Our project is connected with me, with what I

do at my leisure time - when I am not at school and

with my parents.

(Three students tell what they do when they have free

time: go to the theatre, cinema, museums, discos and

explain why they like doing it.)

Pl: But some students don’t devote their leisure

time to music, literature or art. They have their ways

of getting as much entertainment as they can. Unfor-

tunately, it can lead to having problems with alcohol,

smoking, drugs. We would like you to listen to other

three stories and try to help to decide the problems of

these students.

(Three other students tell the class what led them to

problems with alcohol, smoking, drugs.)

T: We want to help these people that’s why we have

invited a doctor from a rehabilitation centre “Hope”.

Doctor: Good morning! My name is Lilia, I am a

doctor from a rehabilitation centre “Hope”. I came

here to listen to you and to give you some advice. As

we don’t have much time, we’ll speak only about smok-

ing, about other things we will speak with you at our

Centre. I guess you should know the functions of the

parts of our body and the effects of smoking on them.Look at this chart.


Body part


Effects of smoking



Mouth and throat





Sample answers:

Body part


Effects of smoking


The brain makes thinking


Nicotine affects a smoker’s brain. Tobacco smoke is a major cause of stroke.


Eyes enable people to see.

Smokers have a two to three times greater chance of developing cataracts, a leading cause of blindness.

Mouth and throat

The mouth and throat are the body’s entry points for getting in food and air.

Smokers are more likely to get periodontitis.


Lungs move air in and out of the body.

Smokers have more respiratory illnesses, including pheumonia, bronchitis, and colds than nonsmokers.


Heart pumps blood throughout the body.

Smoking causes atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. Most cases of stroke, coronary heart disease, and artery disease are caused by atherosclerosis.


Inside the stomach, acids and other gastric juices liquefy food before it goes into the small intestine.

Smokers are more likely to get peptic ulcers than nonsmokers. Smoking causes stomach cancer.


The pancreas is gland that regulates digestion by releasing enzymes into the small intestine.

Smoking causes pancreatic cancer

Doctor: So, you have got some useful information

about the harm made to your body by smoking. If you

don’t want to degrade, if you want to live a meaning-

ful life, we advise you to come to our centre where you

can get any help you need - this is the main step. The

next step is the following: you should care for your own

health and not to be lazy. You should do your morning

exercises with the windows wide open because they warm,

invigorate and purify your body; you should have a good

rest; you should be moderate in eating - eat the right

food and a lot of vitamins because healthful habits make A

healthy bodies; you should have positive thinking.


T: As we see the teenagers try to find their place in

the world. Psychologists say that the majority of young

people experience conflicts during this period of their

lives. They are changing rapidly both physically and

emotionally and they are searching for self-identity. As

their values are different from the ones of their parents,

they have difficulties in building their relationships with

them or they have problems at school which may lead

to taking alcohol or drugs, to skipping school or even to

running away from home. In the most extreme cases it

may lead to crime. Why is it so?

Ps: When children are brought up in the family, they

are taught certain rules and laws, which they have to

know to obey. In this way children come to understand

that there is no absolute freedom because their freedom

depends on the laws and rules of the society in which they

live. Thus, they are aware they will be punished if they

do wrong things: misbehave, tell a lie, skip school, steal

etc. The earlier children accept the rules of behaviour,

the easier and safer their life is.

T: The advice is encoded on the blackboard.

To than better mistakes them it’s avoid correct


Answer: “It’s better to avoid mistakes than to correct


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