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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока в 11 классе "Ecological problems"
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Конспект урока в 11 классе "Ecological problems"


School named after M. Siranov

Demonstrative lesson

Theme: Ecological problems

Form: 11 ”a”

Teacher: Utesheva G. N

2015-2016 school year

Form: 11

Theme: Ecological problems


-pupils will learn of new lexis;

-will work in groups;

-will translate the sentences;


- pupils will teach of the lexis;

-will understand the text;

-will conclude of grammar ” Conditional sentences ” ;

-will say on theme “Ecological problems”.

Earth ourselves and future generation.

Visual aids: the interactive board, slides, papers with tasks, sticks ,smiles, song

The methods: question-answer ,critical thinking ,game ,test ,problem solving

Lesson parts

Teacher’ s actions

Pupil’s actions

I. Organization moment

Motivation part (10 min).

-Good morning, students!

-I’m glad to see you too!

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent?

-What date is today?

-Thank you!

-Good morning, dear teacher!

-We are glad to see you!

-I’m on duty today.

-… is absent./All are present.

-Today is the ........ .

II. Brainstorming.

Critical thinking

-Good day, our dear guests and pupils. Sit down, please. You’re welcome to our open lesson. Our lesson is devoted to the ecological problems. And the slogan of the lesson is “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for you country”. (slide 1) -What does this slogan mean to you personally? -How can you explain these words?

P1: I think that everybody should try his best to keep our planet clean ,because it’s not a problem of our government but it is a problem of everyone.

III. Phonetic exercise.

IV. Realization of meaning. Operation part (15 min)

Giving criteria of assessment.

1. Speaking. Pupils' opinion

2. Revision previous vocabulary

3. Work with text

4. Grouping work ''Talk about your poster''

5. Physical pause:

V. Revision of Conditional sentences 1.The strategy ''Question-answer''

2. Playing game ''Find your pair''

-Let’s listen to the poem very attentively and try to understand what does it mean-“change to green ” Rub your eyes and look around, Litter lying on the ground, Bottles, cans and polythene- Take the tip and change to green! Forests going up in smoke , Cities, fit to make you choke Nowhere left to be that’s clean

-Take a breath and change to green! Animals and plants have died, People starve to feed our pride, For the life that might have been Take a stand and change to green! There is so much that isn’t right, It could get you well uptight, So make a start and change the scene -

The lights are flashing - change to green! (slide 2)

T: -Our planet is nice and beautiful. But there are some ecological problems. What are they?

Ok, now I want to divide you into three groups by matching these fragments of the pictures. (slide 3)

- You are right. All these problems are serious and important. I gave you some ecological problems for discussing. Your task is to find the information. Now it’s high time to tell us about the given topics problems . One by one. Please, start.

Make up words from these scattered letters and translate them into Kazakh.

Group I: 1.The gradual warming up of the Earth called ………… warming. ( alogbl)

2. Acid …… destroys trees and kills fish in lakes. (ianr)

3.The hole in the ……… layer may cause increase in skin cancer (oonze )

4. The waste from this kind of 4 stations remains dangerous of year (neauclr)

Group II: 5. The exhaust fumes from cars and lorries cause serious …………. in many cities around the word . ( llutionpo)

6. A good example of the problem of desertification is the …………… Desert.


7.Huge areas of tropical rain …………….

are disappearing every year. (orestf)

8. Some gases trap the heart from the Sun in the Earth’s atmosphere making the Earth warmer. This is called the …….. Effect. (grehoenuse) (slide 4)

Text ''Environmental protection'' (slide 5)

1. About Air Pollution-for the 1st group

2. About Water Pollution -for the 2nd group

-I think you are exhausted. Stand up please and look at the board. Listen to the song “The Earth Song “ (слайд 6)

-Conditional sentences ( I, II, III )

(слайд 7)

-Someone, can you say about First , Second, Third Conditional, please.

P1. I think the word “ Change to green” means to love nature.

P2. I think it means to solve all the environmental problems.

P3. People must protect animals and plants.

P1.The water is polluted.

P2. The air is polluted .

P3. Birds and animals are frightened.

P4.Trees are cut down.

P5. Litter is left.

P6. Fires are started

Оқушылар жаңа сөздерді тыңдап,қайталап, мәтінді тыңдап,оқуға кіріседі.

Мәтінді оқып болған соң постер жасауға кіріседі.

Дайындаған постерлерін топтардың алдына ұсынып,қорғайды.

Құрылымын тақтаға жазып береді

Оқушылар тапсырманы дәптерлеріне орындап бір-бірімен ауыстырып,тексеріп алады. Бағалау парақшаларына бағаларын қояды.

VI. Conclusion of the lesson

1.Деңгейлік тапсырма


VII. Reflection

VIII. Marking

IX. Home task

Please do the tasks on your cards.

Әр оқушыға деңгейлік тапсырмалары бар карточкалар таратылады (қосымша 1)

Let’s do the test (қосымша 2)

-Сабақтың ұнаған сәті

-Сабақтың қиын сәті

-Сабақтан алған әсері

Оқушыларға бағалау парақтарына сәйкес баға қояды

- Ex.10 p.53

-Read and translate

-Our lesson is over. All of you did a good job .Thank you and good bye!

Орындалып,бағалары қойылады.

Оқушылар ойларын жазады.

- Good bye , teacher!

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