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Конспект урока в 9 классе на тему: At the post office


Date: ____________

Time: 45 min.

Form: 9th

Teacher: Semyonova M. V.

District: Fergana valley

Town: Kokand

Lesson: 5

Unit: 1

The theme of the unit: Communications

The theme: “At the post office”

Purpose: Educational: to teach each pupil to develop the habit of error-free execution

of the task.

Educative: formation and development of aesthetic, human personal qualities.

Progressive: to develop pupils’ interest to the theme. Development of thinking.

The demand of the state educational standard: understand information of different degree

and difficulty. Know how to translate from

foreign language into native one and from

native into foreign.

Additional literature: Information from Internet.

Type of the lesson: combined. Lesson of complex using knowledge, possibilities and skills.

Method: interactive teaching method.

The expected result: -acquirement of the new words

-ability to express words by using Present and Future Indefinite Tenses

-ability to communicate on this topic.

Materials: colored pictures, handouts

Technical aid: computer, slide projector

Vocabulary: to cash, postal order, an express telegram, weigh/weight, a registered letter,

sign/signature, per kilo, air mail.

I. Motivation: to make pupils feel themselves comfortable and interested at the lesson.

Length and place in the lesson: short, at the beginning.

At the beginning of the lesson the teacher greets the students asks them about what day and day of week it is. Teacher asks about absent pupils and suggests join pupils hands asking what they feel during holding hands. After pupils’ answers teacher begins his lesson with introducing the theme of the lesson.

II. Checking up the home task: ex.1 p.16

Length and place in the lesson: short, at the beginning.

Teacher asks pupils what their home task is. Pupils tell the task. Teacher checks it.

John invited Jane to his Birthday party at 6 p.m. on Sunday.

III. Presentation.

Length and place in the lesson: 15 min., at the beginning.

Teacher presents new words by telling the meaning of the words, showing the pictures and using gestures. Ex.3a p.9

Phello_html_m3be3d4a9.jpgost office –

a building where you can post letters, parcels, etc

Lhello_html_3ad9a634.jpgocal- relating to or occurring in a particular aria, city, or town

Chello_html_27c19f7.jpgash postal order – simple way to get money by post office

Ehello_html_77f7d0d7.jpgxpress telegram – it’s a telegram that is delivered very quickly


to find how heavy (someone or something) is


a measure of the heaviness of an object.

Ahello_html_m1d56acb2.jpg registered letter- when you send a letter via registered mail

Shello_html_6207ff2d.jpgign- the act of signing something


a person’s name written in that person’s handing

Bhello_html_3ceda908.jpgy air mile- send a mile in air travel


to cause (a letter, an e-mail, a package, etc.) to go or be carried from one place or person to another

Ahello_html_mc5368e1.pngddress- the place where you live, expressed exactly so that people can find you; determine who the letter or parcel should be delivered to, esp. by writing address on it


a person that a letter is supported to delivered to


a paper cover for a letter


a box or large envelop that is usually given, sent, or delivered to a person



to send something by using post office



a money paid for a postal service


a box with a hole for letters


a card with a picture on one side that you send to your friends and relatives by mail


a person who delivers letters etc


a mark stamped on a letter, etc, it includes the place where it is and the date


person who a letter or parcel is addressed to


a small piece of paper that you buy and stick on the envelope of a letter or a postcard when you want to send it by post office

Zhello_html_m9abee8.jpgip code –

a code made up of numbers and/or letters that identifies the place where the letter is sent

After identifying the meaning of the words pupils watch the video “At the post office” and answer what this video about, what for the woman has come to the post office, what she has done.

IV. Practice.

Length and place in the lesson: 10 min., after presentation.

Pupils begin group work by doing exercise 1b page 9.

They answer three questions:

1. How far is the local post office from your place?

2. When did you last go to the local post office? What did you do there?

3. What can you do there?

The answer may be the following:

My local post office is not so far from my place. Last time I went there 2 weeks ago. I sent letter to my granny. We can send and get letters, parcels telegrams and postal orders.

Then pupils read the dialogue. Exercise 1b page 9. After reading they answer the question what the dialogue is about. Pupils’ answers are the dialogue is about the person who is looking for the main post office because he/she is for the first time in Tashkent.

Pupils answer teacher’s question what they can do in a post office according to the task of

ex.2 p.9.

Teacher asks what pupils can do with a letter? Pupils answer that they can write, read post, send and get a letter.

V. Production.

Length and place in the lesson: 10 min., after presentation.

Teacher gives individual work under the name “Unscrambled words” Pupils should find the picture to the each word. Then teacher checks pupils’ answers.

Thello_html_119321de.pnghen teacher divides pupils into several groups and gives them the sheet of paper where is drawn the post card. Pupils’ task is to draw the picture and write the congratulation to someone. They have 5 minutes for doing this task.


After that pupils present their works.

VI. Home task: solve a crossword puzzle.



VII. The result of the lesson: at the end of the lesson teacher marks all participated pupils.

Director of studies: ______________

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