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Конспект урока в 10 классе на тему "Путешествие"

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Урок по теме “Travelling” в10 классе


Образовательные: 1. способствовать развитию практического владения языком. умению вести беседу;

2. создавать условия для формирования лексических навыков говорения для подготовки учащихся к ЕГЭ;

3. расширить кругозор по теме;

Познавательные: 1. развитие лингво-культурной компетенции;

2. активизация лексики и лексико-грамматических конструкций по теме.

Воспитательные: 1. создавать условия для формирования способности к критическому мышлению;

2. воспитывать умение внимательно слушать и слышать. уважать другое мнение;

3. формировать потребности и способности к сотрудничеству и взаимопомощи при работе в группе.

Ход урока

  1. Начало урока

Good morning pupils. I hope you are fine today. Your spring holidays are over and I think they were great. Take your seats. Today we are going to talk about travelling. We’ll listen to the tape, read texts, do many lexical and grammar exercises. I think we can start. so let’s get down to work.

  1. Warming up

Will you repeat after me?

Every day, in every way, my English is getting better and better.”

The quotation of our lesson is “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.”

A lot of people all over the world are fond of travelling. They travel to see other countries, to enjoy picturesque places, to discover different ways of life or just for a change of scene. People travel on business and for pleasure having at their disposal various means of transport. So it is impossible to imagine our life without traveling.

-By the way, do you like travelling, why, why not? Answer the question using our active


  1. Vocabulary”

Our first stop is “Vocabulary”. First of all, I want to make sure you remember the words on the topic “Travelling”.

  1. Look at the word box on your desks and put the words under the following headings

Two minutes are for you.

1) types of holiday;

2) places where people stay on holiday;

3) places people visit on holiday;

4) things people do on holiday;

5) problems people can have on holiday.

Camping. resort. museum. bed and breakfast. to relax. crowds. delays. sunbathing. caravan. sightseeing. beach. tent. cruise. lost luggage. youth hostel. excursion. sunburn. tent. safari. gallery. food poisoning. wind- surfing. round- the word trip. scuba-diving. bungalow.to go shopping

  1. Find the words about train travel.







traffic jam









  1. Choose the correct answers.

  1. We were in our car for an hour in the (track/traffic jam).

  2. I carried all my clothes on my back in a (rucksack/suitcase).

  3. We pushed all our bags on a (cab/trolley) through the airport.

  4. They searched our bags at (customs/ passport control) when we arrived at the airport.

  5. The plane (landed/ changed) at the airport at 3 o’clock; two hours late.

  6. On the train we ate something from the (buffet/ luggage) service.

  7. What a lot of (luggage/ traffic jam)! You’ve got five suitcases!

  8. We haven’t got time for the bus. Let’s take a (cab/ trolley).

  1. Развитие речевых навыков

  1. What do you think about travelling? What association do you have?

Write down 3 adjectives and 3 verbs. Who will be the first? Don’t repeat the words, read only new ones.

  1. Answer the question. Why do people travel? Give your reasons. Now look at the blackboard. Have we mentioned all the points?

  1. Listening”

The second stop is “Listening”. Do the task, please.

1-C 2-E 3-F 4-A 5-G 6-B

  1. Reading”

The following stop is “Reading”.

  1. Open your books, page 83ex1. Read this text quickly and do the task

A-Edinburgh Zoo B- Edinburgh Castle

C-Dynamic Earth D- Museum of Childhood

  1. Ex. 2 p83 . Are the sentences true or false?

1-T 2-T 3-F 4-F 5-T

  1. Speaking”

Ex.3,p.83. It’s high time to role –play a dialogue between Marek and a travel agent at the tourist information office in Edinburgh. Marek wants to know :

  • What the most popular attraction is in Edinburgh

  • How far the Zoo is from the city centre

  • How much it costs to get into the Museum of Childhood

  • What you can see at Dynamic Earth

  1. Listening”

Listen. Ex.4, p.83(Sb). What unusual coincidence happens to Marek during his trip to Edinburgh?

(He meets the girl from the train again).


1F 2B 3D 4C

  1. Grammar”

The next stop is “Grammar”. Don’t forget to use capital letters.









B12-OPTIONS(OPT-a verb выбирать)


B14-PACKAGE(PACK-V, N. Package holiday-орган.турист. поездка)

B15-OUTDOOR(adj-на открытом воздухе)

B16-SURVIVAL(N-выживание от survive-V выживать)

A22-4 A23-2 A24-1 A25-3 A26-4 A27-2 A28-3

  1. Some new words for you.

Summit-вершина brakes-тормоза

Resemble-походить promote-продвигать

Genes-гены object to-возражать

Absurd-абсурдный remote-отдалённый

Frontiers-границы encourage-ободрять

Trek-путешествовать accelerate-ускорять

Jet-самолёт homogenization-однородность

Freefall -спускаться на параш. unwise-неблагоразумный

Disastrous-катастрофический hurtle-нестись

Take off-взлетать enable-давать возможность

Ultimately-в конце концов ignorance-невежество, неведение

Read the text and choose the best answers. Prove it.

A15-2 A16-3 A17-1 A18-3 A19-4 A20-2 A21-4

10. Do you like to do crosswords or chainwords? As for me, I adore. Crossword puzzles are the most popular and widespread word game in the world. Try this one. It is called “Are you an experienced traveller?” I think it won’t be very difficult for you

11. Our time is up. We’ve got to stop. I am happy to say you’ve done a good bit of work during this lesson.


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