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Конспект урока-соревнование по английскому языку"В мире продуктов"

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Урок- соревнование « В мире продуктов»

Задачи и цели урока: Обобщить знания учащихся по теме « Употребление глаголов в Past Indefinite» и лексики по теме « Еда»; совершенствовать навыки чтения, аудирования, развивать способность обобщать, делать выводы, работать в группе; воспитывать у учащихся познавательный интерес, расширять кругозор.


1. Организационный момент в виде беседы с учащимися о дне, дате, отсутствующих и задачах урока.
T. Hello, group! How are you? Who is on duty today? Who is absent today? What date is it today? P. It’s December, the 10-th.
Today we’ll play different games and see who the best is. We shall sing songs, read, talk a lot about food and do some grammar tasks.
Let’s start our lesson and divide into two teams. Everybody come up to me and take any stripe you like.
So, pupils with orange stripes are the first team, another team has yellow stripes. All of you have letters on your stripes. Guess the name of your team. The colour of the stripes will help you.
Your team is "Oranges” Another team is "Bananas”
Let’s start playing games. You’ll get fruit instead of points. Be ready to get as much fruit as you can. The team "Oranges” will get small paper oranges, the team” Bananas”- bananas. At the end of the lesson we’ll count them and see who has got more fruit. You’ll also get small prizes.

Game 1 "Sounds”
Repeat the words after me and guess the sound. Each right answer will give you one fruit. Let’s do it in turn.
1. drink, milk, fish, chicken, pizza, different.
2. eat, sweet, tea, cheese, meat, ice-cream.
3. apples, salad, drank, hamburger, jam, carrot.
4. eggs, bread, ate, lemon, spaghetti, vegetables.
5. food, cookies, pudding, sugar, took, put.
6. cup, hungry, butter, onion, plum, mushroom.
7. glass, banana, tomatoes, raspberries, garlic, mango.
8. coffee, porridge, chocolate, orange, chopsticks.
9. juice, soup, fruit, grew, spoon, cucumber, knew.
10. buy, ice, rice, knife, fries, try.
11 potatoes, tasty, make, made, cake, grapes.
12. bought, thought, water, strawberries, fork, corn.
13. know, grow, toast, bowl, cola.
14. thirsty, burger, were, surname, sir.

Game 2 "Questions”
Let’s know your likes and dislikes. Ask each other questions and answer them. You’ll get a fruit for each right question and answer.

What fruit do you like?
What vegetable do you like?
What drink do you like? I like……
What food do you like? I don’t like……..
What fruit don’t you like?
What vegetable don’t you like?
What drink don’t you like?
What food don’t you like?

Game 3 "Grouping”
Let’s check how well you know the words on the theme "Food”. Take the sheets of paper. Look at them. There are food products there. Your task is to divide them into 4 groups: Vegetables, Fruit, Drinks, Sweets. Each group has 7 words. Be quick. You’ll get one fruit for each right group.

A carrot, a banana, a tomato, a cucumber, a cake, coffee, an apple, a potato, cookies, milk, chocolate, a lemon, juice, tea, an orange, mineral water, jam, an onion, lemonade, a garlic, a grapefruit, ice-cream, a cabbage, a mango, sugar, cola, a pear, a sweet.

Vegetables: a carrot, a potato, a tomato, a cucumber, an onion, a garlic, a cabbage.
Fruit: a banana, an apple, a lemon, an orange, a grapefruit, a mango, a pear.
Drinks: coffee, tea, juice, mineral water, lemonade, cola, milk.
Sweets: a cake, cookies, chocolate, jam, ice-cream, sugar, a sweet.

Game 4 "Without”
People can make different dishes. Now, finish my sentences and say without what we can’t make it. Let’s do it in turn.
I can’t make tea without…….
I can’t make meat soup without……
I can’t make fish soup without…..
I can’t make fruit salad without…..
I can’t make vegetable salad without…..
I can’t make cheese without….
I can’t make orange juice without….
I can’t make ice-cream without….
I can’t make meat-balls without….
I can’t make coffee without….
I can’t make jam without…..
I can’t make porridge without….
I can’t make pizza without….
I can’t make apple juice without…

Game 5 "Dramatizing”
At our lesson we dramatized small dialogues. Remember them and be ready to dramatize them in one minute.
Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2
Nancy: You look terrible! What’s the matter? Liz: You look terrible! What’s the matter?
Kitty: I drank too much juice this morning. Polly: I ate too many cookies last night.
Nancy: How much juice did you drink? Liz: How many cookies did you eat?
Kitty: I drank so much juice that I’m never Polly: I ate so many cookies that I’m never
going to drink juice again. going to eat a cookie again.

Game 6 "Computer”
This game is for captains. Let’s see whose captain knows words best of all. The computer will give you points itself. You may use any computer game on the theme "Food”

Game 7 "Verbs”
Let’s remember the forms of the verbs. You’ll see the cards with 2 forms of the verbs. They are written in jumbled order. Your task is to guess and read them. Each right answer will give you one fruit. Let’s do it in turn.

Kinrd- dnark (drink-drank), tae-eta (eat-ate), yub-oubght (buy-bought), rgow-ewgr (grow-grew), eavh-dah (have-had), ese-was (see-saw), kmae-dame (make-made), vegi-gvea (give-gave), kate-ktoo (take-took), yas-dias (say-said), know-ewkn (know-knew), wsim-mswa (swim-swam), inkth-ughtot (think-thought), cemo-emac (come-came)

Game 8 "Song”
Sing a song about food. Sing loudly, mind your pronunciation.

He likes chicken. Part 1 He likes chicken. Part 2

He likes chicken, They like hamburgers,
Chicken, chicken Hamburgers, hamburgers
And salad too, And pizza too,
Salad too. Pizza too.

She likes spaghetti, I like chocolate,
Spaghetti, spaghetti Chocolate, chocolate
And pudding too, And orange too,
Pudding too. Orange too.

We all like jam,
Jam, jam
And water too,
Water too.
Game 9 "Feeling”
I need one pupil from each team who knows fruit and vegetables very well. The task is to feel the food with closed eyes and name it. You’ll get one fruit for right answer.

A tomato, a carrot, a potato, a cucumber, a lemon, a banana, an orange, an apple, a pear, an onion.

Game 10 "Correct the mistake”
I’ll give you sheets of paper with sentences. Your task is to correct the mistakes. Each correct answer will give you one fruit.

1. Mary were eight last month.
2. Kate ‘s father not was in Africa.
3. Who were at school yesterday?
4. The children was good at running.
5. Ann was happy yesterday?
6. When he was in Sochi?

Game 10 "Memory”
All pupils must take part in it. There is a small text on the sheet of paper There are 7 sentences in the text. Each pupil must remember one sentence in turn. The 1-st pupil- the first sentence and so on. Be very attentive and learn the text by heart. You can get 7 fruit for this game.

About Ann.
Ann goes shopping every day. She usually buys fruit and vegetables. Ann likes oranges and bananas. She doesn’t like sweets. She drank tea yesterday morning. She had soup for dinner. She ate salad for supper.

Game 11 "Poems”
We learnt a lot of poems about food at our lessons. Remember them and recite them, please.

Who likes what? What do I like? Jonathan Beam.

Some of us like brown bread, I like ice-cream. Jonathan Beam
Some of us like white, She likes sweets. Likes ice-cream
Some of us eat a lot of meat, I like cookies. And he is in bed today.
Some don’t think it’s right. He likes cheese. He doesn’t eat,
He doesn’t drink,
Some of us like apples, I like coffee. He doesn’t want to play.
Some drink juice at night, She likes tea.
Some of us eat many sweets, I love you.
Some don’t think it’s right. Do you love me?

Game 12 "Drawing”
Take pencils and draw what Robin ate. There must be 9 food products.
Listen to the poem.

Robin, Robin, what a man!
He ate as much as no one can
He ate much fish.
He ate a lot of meat.
He ate a lot of ice-cream.
He ate many sweets.
He ate many eggs.
He ate a lot of cookies.
He ate a cake.
He ate a lot of potatoes.
He ate many pizzas and then said:
"I have a stomach-ache.

Game 13 " Reading”

Read the words one by one in turn. You’ll get one fruit for each right word.

Words: eat, bread, sweet, make, apple, cup, different, tea, made, milk, juice, drink, glass, coffee, grow, drank, ate, ice-cream, egg, porridge, grew, soup, meat, fish, potato, fruit, vegetable, carrot, tasty, buy, orange, jam, water, salad, hamburger, cheese, I’m hungry, I’m thirsty.

So, the games are over. Let’s count your fruit. Who has more fruit? Oranges or Bananas?

Your prizes now. Bananas, take bananas, you- Oranges take oranges. I want you eat the right food. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, they’ve got a lot of vitamins.

You’ve worked very well at the lesson, all pupils were active, but some of you have made grammar mistakes. Now your marks

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