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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект внеурочного мероприятия к празднику "День Святого Валентина"
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Конспект внеурочного мероприятия к празднику "День Святого Валентина"


Праздник «День Святого Валентина»

Сценарий праздника

Звучит музыка. Ребята встречают гостей и проводят их по залу, соблюдая при этом нормы этикета и правила хорошего тона. Учителя английского языка выходят на сцену и произносят вступительное слово под звуки записи песни на английском языке.

Teacher: Love! Happiness! Beauty! There’re not so many days in a year when we pronounce these pleasant words. Today, you have an excellent chance to plunge into the atmosphere of love and camaraderie, to take part in party-games, to practice the use of some pleasant words and expressions on this special occasion. Happy St. Valentine’s Day!
  По сцене навстречу друг другу медленно идут юноша и девушка (ведущие праздника). При этом юноша читает стихотворение и дарит розу девушке.
Here’s a special valentine
  With lots of love for you
  And since you’re very special
  Here are hugs and kisses, too!

Затем ведущие поворачиваются к публике и здороваются с ней.

Ведущий 1 (В1): Ladies and gentlemen! Good evening!

Ведущий 2 (В2): It’s lovely to meet you here, at St. Valentine’s party!

В1: Love, love me do,
  You know I love you,
  I’ll always be true,
  So please, love me do,
  Wo-ho, love me do.

 В2: Someone to love,
  Somebody new,
  Someone to love,
  Someone like you.

В1: I hope that St. Valentine’s Day 
  Will brings you lots of fun!
  He thinks you’re extra-specially nice,
  And so does everyone!

В2: You’re just the nicest kind of boy/girl
  So very grown-up, too.
  No wonder that this Valentine
  Brings lots of love for you. 

В1: It’s here again, the day when boys and girls, sweethearts and lovers, husbands and wives, friends and neighbours, and even the office staff will exchange greetings of affection, undying love or satirical comment.

 В2: St. Valentine’s Day, February 14, has been a customary day for choosing sweethearts and exchanging love-tokens from time immemorial. The method of choosing sweethearts on St. Valentine’s Day varied in different times and places. It could be a serious matter leading to marriage, or it could be a kind of a game. Countless generations of young people have acknowledged St. Valentine’s as the friend and patron of lovers.

 В1: What kind of holiday is St. Valentine’s Day?

В2: St. Valentine’s Day is a religious holiday, which is celebrated in Great Britain, in many European countries and in the USA. St. Valentine’s Day has roots in several legends.

 В1: One of the early symbols of love is Cupid, the Roman God of Love, who is represented as a young boy with a bow and arrows.

Звучит музыка, выключается свет, зажигается прожектор, в лучах которого появляется священник. Он идет медленно. В это время звучит голос из-за кулис:

Valentine was a Christian priest in the Roman Empire 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ’. 

 В1: My sweetheart, look! I can’t believe it. Is it St. Valentine himself?!

В2: You’re welcome, patron of lovers.
  Священник: My children! I’ve come from the distant past, to remind you of kindness and love, friendship and patience in your wicked world. 
Not only when it’s St. Valentine’s Day
  But always, all year through
  You’re thought about with words of love
  And wished much gladness, too!

В1: Do please take us back to the 1st century when the Roman Emperor Claudius II ruled our country.

Священник: All right! I see you love other and may your dreams come true!

Свет выключается, из-за кулис слышится голос: ‘This is the legend of how St. Valentine’s Day began. When the Roman Emperor Claudius II needed soldiers, he made a law against marrying because he felt that marriage made men want to stay at home instead of fighting wars. But at that time there was a kindly priest named Valentine. He couldn’t agree with the emperor’s decision. When he saw that young couples were truly in love, he married them secretly’.
  Далее следует инсценировка легенды.
  Выходят юноша и девушка. Они падают на колени и жестами умоляют священника совершить обряд бракосочетания. Священник выполняет их просьбу.
  Священник: My daughter! My son! I declare you husband and wife!
  Звучит марш Мендельсона. Врывается стража.
  Стражник 1: Priest, you have been discovered and condemned to death!
  Стражник 2: To prison! To the Tower!

Следующая сцена: священник в тюрьме. Исполняется танец привидений. Входит тюремщик с дочерью.
  Священник: What a beautiful girl!

 Тюремщик: This is my daughter. She is blind! She will probably never see the light, the trees! (Рыдает.)

Священник: Ill help her by working a miracle!
  Через некоторое время дочь тюремщика показывает, что к ней вернулось зрение.

 Девушка: I’m so grateful to you. Even in prison you, Valentine, showed your love for everyone and restored my sight!

Священник: Unfortunately, tomorrow, on February 14, I am to die. But I’m not scared and I want to tell everybody on earth, ‘I love you. I’m your Valentine’.

 Голос из-за кулис: Just before his death, on February 14, he sent her a farewell message signed ‘From your Valentine’.

На сцену выходят ведущие.

 В2: We’ve just been back into the ancient legend. February 14 was right in the middle of a Roman festival called the Lupercalia. When Christianity became the religion of Rome, this joyous day was renamed into St. Valentine’s Day, in honour of the saint who had given his life to help lovers.

 В1: There are many other legends about how St. Valentine’s Day started, and no one knows for sure whether any of them are true. Also, there is a lot of traditions of celebrating St. Valentine’s Day in different countries.
  Учащиеся подготовили сообщения на эту тему. Заканчиваются сообщения словами: ‘In Germany girls tried a different way of finding out who they would marry. They planted onions on St. Valentine’s Day. Each girl tagged onions in a corner near the fireplace. She thought she would marry the man whose onion sprouted first’.

В1: Now you have a chance to see the fairy tale ‘Cinderella.’
  Пока готовится сцена, учащиеся хором исполняют песню ‘Let Me Call You Sweetheart’.
1. Let me call you sweetheart,
  I’m in love with you.
  Let me hear your whisper
  That you love me too.
2. Keep the lovelight glowing
  In your eyes so true.
  Let me call you sweetheart,
  I’m in love with you.
  Далее ребята показывают зрителям подготовленную ими инсценировку ‘Cinderella’.
  Выходят почтальоны.

Почтальон (П1): Dear friends! Let’s introduce ourselves. We are postmasters.

Почтальон (П2): Greetings on St. Valentine’s Day.

П1: Although I know that friendship reaches
  Far across the miles
  I’d still be glad to see one of
  Your warm and friendly smiles.
  And though I know
  The times we’ve shared
  Will last within the heart.
  I can’t help wishing
  We weren’t so far apart!

П2: Today we have brought some valentines!
  I have a little valentine
  That someone sent to me.
  It’s pink and white
  And red and blue
  And pretty as can be.
  Are round the edge
  And tiny roses, too; and
  Such a lovely piece of lace
  The very palest blue.
  And in the centre
  There’s a heart
  As red as red can be!
  And on it’s written
  All in gold ‘To you
  With love from me’.  

 П1: Do you know that the 14th of February is a day of fun and greetings? There is a valentine box at the valentine party. Usually it’s just a hat box or a big shoe box decorated with paper. Each boy or girl takes a turn reaching into the box. Or a ‘postmaster’ passes the valentines round.

П2: Do you know that the valentine box is even older than valentine cards? We are observing a custom that began more than 2000 years ago. It’s wonderful to think how many people have said ‘Be My Valentine!’

В заключение учителя английского языка проводят игры и конкурсы на английском языке.












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