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Конспект занятия на тему: "Мебель"

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Funny English.

The theme of the week: Furniture.

1. We say hello!

Hello, boys and girls! I am your English teacher. My name is Sasha. Let’s say hello to each other! Let’s sing our song!

Sing, sing, sing hello! Sing hello to….

Sing, sing, sing hello! Sing hello to you!

2. Physical activity.

Alright! We are all cool! Now we will repeat our exercise! Hands up, hands down, hands on hips, sit down, turn around.


3. Education.

Furniture. We show children pictures which represent different pieces of furniture.








Ask children to show a sofa, a desk and so on.

4. Physical activity.

Good! Now we are going to dance with the band. Let’s stretch it! In the middle. Good.

5. Physical activity.

Balls. Where are balls in the room? Let’s find them! Here they are! Nice! Now we will put them out of the basket! We can roll a ball! Show me! GOOD. Also balls can jump! Show me! OKaaay! Play for a little bit and after it we put balls back in the basket.

6. Musical pause.

If you are happy and you know it clap your hands.

7. Musical pause.

We are doing very great today! Let’s dance! What do I have here? Shakers! (or smth else ) Shake them!!! GOOD! Now we will go in a circle and shake them up and down! Don’t forget to switch the music on.

8. Art time.

Decorate a table. Stick on it different figures (squares, triangles, circles). Make a kind of a tablecloth.

9. ABC.

Song ABC. We sing. Then repeat the letters. Cubes. Letter A. Let’s find the letter A on different cubes.

10. Art time.

Letter A. Drawing, decorating the letter with pencils.

11. Play time.

Excellent! Now we will play the game “Freeze”. What you do is when I say “go!” we are walking! And when I say “freeze!” we stop and don’t make a move or a sound. Got it? Let’s play then!

12. We say good bye!

Unfortunately, our lesson is over! Let’s sing bye-bye to each other!

Sing, sing , sing good bye! Sing good bye to ….

See you next time!

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