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Конспект занятия "Прием на работу.Подготовка к собеседованию?"


Applying for a job

(Supplying with the Requested Data)


  1. Looking for a Job.

When applying for a job you have to present yourself, the most common way how to do it is to send your--


The parts of the CV:

personal details


professional experience


additional skills


Examples of CV:



Name: John Green photo

Date of Birth: 15 January

Nationality: British

Marital Status: Married, no children

Address: 84 King Street

Manchester MH4 2LM


1990 - 1991 London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Diploma in Finance

1985 - 1990 University of London


1978 - 1985 Barton

College, Manchester


1995 - present Silver Office Supplies Ltd, London


1991 - 1995 Finlays Bank plc

Junior bank clerk


Sports hiking, skiing


Driving Licence

Fluent German and Italian

MS office skills


James Stephens

Silver Office Supplies Ltd

Managing Director

Bill Thompson

Finlays Bank plc

Experienced Bank Clerk






Date and Place of Birth:

Marital Status:

Availability for Employment:







2. Job Advertisements


Customer Service Manger

£8.500 per annum plus luncheon vouchers

We are seeking a young reliable and ambitious person with sense of humour. Applicants should send full CV to Mrs Jennifer Clive, Personel Officer, TECHPRODUCTS plc. Driving licence necessary. Full training will be given.

Call 03 451 860 for further details.


Administrative Assistant

We require PC knowledge, excellent spoken and written English, flexibility and reliability. We can offer work with a young team in a pleasant non-smoking environment. Salary negotiable depending upon experience and qualification.

Position available immediately.

Responses including C.V. should be sent to the following address within 14 days from the date of this advertisement: .....

Call 04 587 954 for further details.

Exceptional Rewards for Exceptional People!!!

building our future together

J&G Technology is Europe's leading wholesale chain. The Company's headquarters are in the UK where the network extends to more than 1000 shops. J&G Technology is expanding into selected continental countries.

Sales Manager

Will be responsible for the business performance of the chain throughout Germany. This position demands a creative mind, enthusiasm and real ambition to achieve results. Relevant experience in the wholesale sector would be an advantage.

Marketing Manager

Will be responsible for promoting the corporate image of J&G Technology, developing awareness of the J&G Technology brand in Germany, sales campaigns, sales and customer care training and liaison with suppliers of technology products.

The Top Team positions will have salary and benefits packages that reflect the importance of these roles to J&G Technology in Germany and the potential for substantial personal rewards for the selected candidates. The package will include excellent, progressive salary and bonus, company car, health insurance and other company benefits. To apply, please send your CV with short covering letter in English to:.....

KPL RESEARCH is a global leader in marketing research and has plans to expand across Europe.

Trainee Research Executive

We require up to two years of market research experience, excellent English speaking and writing skills.

Research Executive

two to four years of market research experience is required, excellent English speaking and writing skills, and client contacts are expected.

Office Assistant

Fluent in English, this position requires the successful candidate to perform the receptionist function and the office's administrative/secretarial needs.

If you want to join a world class company, please send your CV and cover letter to:.....

3. Letter of Application

The LETTER OF APPLICATION (called also the COVERING LETTER) is an important part of your application for a job as well as the CV. The letter of application should be enclosed with the CV and sent to the future employer.

This letter should contain your confirmation that you wish to apply for the position. Write also where you learnt about the job, why you are interested in the position. Show what you could contribute to the job.

Example of the letter of application:

John Green

84 King Street

Manchester MH4 2LM

Mrs Jennifer Clive

Personnel Officer


79 Thorpe Way

Manchester MN2 5GT

26 April 204

Dear Mrs Clive,

I am writing to apply for the position of Customer Service Manager which was advertised last week in the Financial Times.

Though I am employed at present, I would particularly welcome the chance to work for your company because I am very interested in the field in which TECHPRODUCTS plc works. As you will notice on my enclosed curriculum vitae, the job you are offering matches my personal and professional interests.

I am sure that my understanding of customers' needs and expectations would be relevant to the position as well as my sense of humour and reliability.

I would be pleased to discuss my curriculum vitae with you at an interview. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

John Green


4. Positions

accountant -one skilled or employed in accounts; one whose profession is to examine accounts

bank clerk -one who works in a bank, keeps accounts, writes letters etc.

composer -a (musical) author

cook-one who prepares victuals for the table

doctor-one who attends to people when they are ill

hairdresser-one who cuts and curls hair

insurance trainee-a person who works for an insurance company

manager-one who manages; a person at the head of a business

musician-one skilled in music

nurse- a person trained to take care of sick persons

secretary/personal assistant/administrative assistant-helper who writes letters and does duties for the employer

shopkeeper- one who keeps a shop; a person who sells goods by retail

singer-one who sings

tailor-one who makes men's clothes

teacher-one who teaches; a schoolmaster; an instructor

waiter-a person who brings food to the table

used to (+ V): an action that was true in the past but is not true now.

"Jane used to live in Austin, Texas. She lives in San Francisco now."

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