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Конспект к презентации бабочки


Butterflies (конспект к презентации) (film about butterflies)

Слайд 2. I have been studying butterflies since September. I have read a lot of books about them. There were a lot of new things about them, their life and habits for me.

I watched films and cartoons about these beautiful and unusual insects. They are fantastic and mysterious. I like to watch the butterflies. I always wanted to have a pet butterfly at home. Last summer my dream came true. My mum bought me a beautiful butterfly. I had 2 weeks of fun and happiness.

Butterflies are the most beautiful insects for me. I began to study them because they look like flowers. They are fragile and nice. They are big and small. They are bright and wonderful. They are so different. They surprise me and make happy. They remember us how short the life is.

Слайд 3. The science about butterflies is lepidoterology.

Butterflies are a big group of insects. I read that it is the biggest group between insects. It is known 12 families of butterflies.

You can see them almost in all countries of the world: in Asia, Europe, America, Australia, Africa and even in Antarctica. They live almost everywhere. ( Picture 1)

They make us happy when the weather is sunny and hot. But we cannot see them when it is rainy, windy, foggy and wet. They feel the climate changes. And they have a rest when the weather is bad.

I like to look at the butterflies when they fly from one flower to another one. They do it so lightly and beautifully. They do not only fly. They work. They pollinate the flowers.

And I think the flowers are their best and real friends. They give nectar to them. They help each other. I know one English proverb “ Friend in need is a friend indeed”. It is about flowers and butterflies.

Слайд 4. Lets have a look at these beautiful insects. How are they?

Butterflies have a long mouth and two pairs of wings. Their wings are covered with hairs. They have not got lungs. They do not sleep at night. The caterpillars smell day and night time.

Butterflies can see three colours. They are red, green and yellow.

Слайд 5. They can fly 1000 km without resting, for example, the butterfly Monarch. Some of butterflies fly more than 5 thousand kilometers, for example, the butterfly Monarch flies from Mexico to the North America every year. (Picture 2)

Butterflies can fly if their body temperature is above 86 degrees.

The butterflies are always threaten with someone or something. These are beasts, illnesses or just the weather.

Слайд 6. Butterflies are different from another insects. They have 4 life stages. They are:

  • an egg; ( a butterfly starts its life as an egg, often laid on a leaf.)

  • larva ( is known as caterpillar); It hatches from an egg and eats leaves of flowers. It loses its old skin many times as it grows. )

  • pupa; ( this is a resting stage ) film

  • a grown butterfly or imago. (Picture 3) film

Слайд 7. Butterflies can live from a week till a year. Their eggs have an oval form. The butterflies lay the eggs on the leaves with help of special glue. You can see the eggs on different plants. I read that every butterfly has its own plant- house. The eggs wake up in spring after a long sleeping. The caterpillars always eat leaves. The butterflies drink water from puddles and eat the flowers nectar. I know that they like different fruits like apples, pears, bananas, melons, water melons. But they must be not fresh. They also like to drink red and white wine and another alcohol drinks.

Слайд 8 My pet butterfly

I like to watch the butterflies. I always wanted to have a pet butterfly at home. Last summer my dream came true. My mum bought me a beautiful butterfly. We went to a pet shop to choose one of them. All butterflies were very wonderful. As the English say:” One doesn't know where to look first. But I liked one butterfly best of all. It was very pretty. It sat in the little box. I thought that it was unhappy and sad. It is not funny to sit without friends. It was a tropical insect. Its name was hypolimnas bolina. These butterflies live in Asia, India, Pakistan and Australia. It was a day butterfly. Its wings were black and purple with bright blue spots. It was so beautiful that I could not go away without it. We asked a shop assistant some questions about this butterfly and bought it. It was the happiest day in my life.

I had 2 weeks of fun and happiness because butterflies are the most beautiful insects for me. (Picture 4)

Слайд 9. If you would like to have a pet butterfly, you should follow these rules:

  • Water the room with sprayer during the day because it likes humidity.

  • Put a humid wadding into the box.

  • Close the box at night. The day butterflies fly during the day and sleep at night. But the night butterflies the other way round.

  • If it is cold in your room the butterfly will sit calmly all the time.

  • You have to feed it once a day.

  • Cook a nectar. Take 2 teaspoons of water and add half of spoon of sugar or honey.

  • Take the butterfly and place it near this plate.

  • Most butterflies like bananas, apples, watermelons, oranges and melons.

  • These insects like to sit on the bright curtains and next to the lamps.

  • So, if you follow these rules, your pet will live 2 - 3 weeks. ( Picture 5)

Слайд 10. Do you know?

  • The butterflies are the best plants pollinators. Some flowers are pollinated only by butterflies.

  • You can visit the butterfly parks and watch different butterflies there. When the weather is sunny and warm these insects fly from flower to flower. And when it is rainy and cloudy they just sit on the flowers. In these parks you can enjoy butterflies from different countries - Africa, South America, Phillippine Islands, Malaysia, Thailand.

  • I think they look like “flying flowers”.

Слайд 11. Some facts about butterflies:

  • Some butterflies have the names of Greek Gods because Carl Linney, the scientist, thought that butterflies were so bright as heroes and gods: Appolon, Ahill, Geba, Morfey.

  • The biggest butterfly in the world is Attacus Altas. It looks like a bird because its wingspan is 30 centimeters.

  • During its life the butterfly can lay 1000 eggs.

  • Most butterflies live some days but the butterfly Monarch lives 6 months.

  • Besides tropical butterflies I know arctic butterflies. They are not nice and colourful. They look like glass. They live on the Ireland of the Queen Elizabeth.

Слайд 12. A lot of famous people collected butterflies:

  • Vladimir Nabokov

  • Mikhail Bulgakov

  • Ivan Pavlov

  • Andrey Makarevich

  • Mavrody

Nabokov discovered 20 kinds of butterflies and gave his collection of 4000 butterflies to the University in Losanna.

Слайд 13.

In Europe we only enjoy the butterflies but in China, South America and India people cook them.

In Stockholm there are hospitals in which sick people treat themselves watching butterflies and flowers. I think it is a good idea. Because butterflies bring joy and positive emotions. What a pity, we have not got such hospitals in Russia.

Слайд 14. Would you like to see 10 the most beautiful butterflies?

  • On the first place is Tiger Swallowtail (Тигровый парусник). It is an American butterfly. Its caterpillars have a bad character. They look like real snakes.

  • Common Nawab takes the second place. They live in Asia and fly very fast.

    • Evening Brown (Вечерняя красавица) is on the third place. It lives in Australia.

    • Malachite Butterfly( Малахитовая) is the next. It has the name of the stone.

    • Great Purple Hairstreak(Большой фиолетовый зефир). Look at it! It is not so purple.

    • Eastern Black Swallowtail(Восточный чёрный парусник). It likes to eat green grass.

    • Morpho Nestira. It is very bright.

    • Magellan's Iridescent Birdwing. It changes the colour of wings.

  • Orange - barred Sulphur. It is very beautiful.

    • Monarch. ( монарх) Every autumn they fly to the South.

Слайд 15. Legends about butterflies.

If you go to another countries, you will know different butterfly traditions. Many centuries ago people thought that butterflies meant love, life and death, soul and happiness.

Слайд 16.

In Japan people dance the butterfly dance and think that these insects bring luck. In China the bridegroom gives a butterfly to his groom, the symbol of love.

Слайд 17.

We can see butterflies in different cultures, even in Egyptian hieroglyphics ( 3 thousand years ago)

-What a miracle! From a green ugly caterpillar appears a beautiful butterfly. The ancient mummies from Egypt looked like pupas.

Слайд 18 If you look at wings of butterflies, you will see all the letters of English alphabet. One photographer, Sandwid by name, studied the wings of million butterflies. Look at the photos with letters. (Picture 6)

Слайд 19 Art and butterflies.

Butterflies are very beautiful that is why many painters drew and painted them with great pleasure. Look at the pictures of Berthe Morrisot, John Woodhouse, Venetsianov, Fyodor Tolstoy and Yuriy Dubinin. They are so picturesque.

Слайд 20 The young painters like the butterflies too. Their drawings are nice and real. Look at them. I like to paint too. And this is my picture of butterfly.

(Picture 7)

Слайд 21 But the best way - to paint on the face and body. It is known as body art. When I had a birthday, the artist painted a butterfly on my face. It was funny!

Слайд 22 Masks and butterflies.

Some decorators make masks. They are mysterious and very beautiful. People put them at holidays.

Слайд 23

We can see the butterflies in films and cartoons. Some weeks ago I watched the cartoons “ A white butterfly” and “ The Butterfly and the Bee”. They were very interesting and kind. There are another films for grown up: “The kiss of butterfly”, “The butterfly effect”.

Слайд 24 Butterflies in poems and tales.

A lot of writers and poets wrote about butterflies, for example, Josephine Wall wrote a book “ Butterfly Amide cannot fly”. I would like to recite a short poem too.

Fly fly butterfly,

Fly fly butterfly,

Fly fly butterfly,

Fly up in the sky so high. (Picture 8-9)

Слайд 25 The tale “Three butterflies near the fire”

Some months ago I read a tale about 3 butterflies and fire. Once 3 butterflies were talking about the fire. The first butterfly looked at it and said: “It is very light ”. The second one flew next to the fire and burnt the wings. It said: “ It is very dangerous and hot”. And the third butterfly came to the fire and burnt. English people say:

-Better untaught than ill-taught. – Полузнание хуже незнания.

-All covet, all lose - Все желать, все потерять

-Neck or nothing - Либо шею себе сверну, либо сделаю, что хочу.

Слайд 26 Music and butterflies.

When I have free time I like to listen to music. I listen to different music: pop music, folk music and classical one. We can hear butterflies in the musical works too: the opera “Madam Butterfly”, “ The Butterfly and the Bee” by Nikitsky and the popular group “Butterflies”.

Слайд 27 Sport and butterflies.

I go in for sports. I think I am active. In winter I ski, skate, toboggan, play snowballs and make a snowman. In summer I swim and dive, play badminton and table tennis. I know that there is a style in swimming called “Butterfly”. I think it is not easy to swim so. But I would like to do it.

Слайд 28 Food and butterflies.

I am a pupil of the 5 th form. And I have a lot of homework every day. Sometimes I help my mum in the kitchen. I like to cook salads, sandwiches and biscuits. Last week we made a butterfly cake. It was fantastic and tasty. (Picture 10)

Слайд 29 You can make butterfly yourself.

Lets watch a short film about it. (film) You see it is not difficult. And I made this butterfly myself. (Picture 11)

Слайд 30 Butterflies decorate our life.

I have a friend. Her name is Dasha. Her granny can embroider very well. When I visited my friend, I saw beautiful butterflies on her pillows. It was great. I went with my mum to the shop and bought everything we needed. This is my first embroidery of butterfly. It is not so beautiful but I am proud of it. (Picture 12)

Слайд 31 You can decorate your homes and gardens with butterflies.

Слайд 32 You can decorate clothes and shoes with these wonderful insects.

Слайд 33 You can wear butterfly decorations: rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings. And you will look unusually.

Слайд 34 Babies like to play with butterfly toys. These are umbrellas, musical boxes and bags.

Слайд 35 Butterflies and NANO technologies.

Many modern technologies are the gift from butterflies. The scientists understood their wings secrets. The wings of these insects are covered with scales. It helped the scientists to make new airplanes which fly very fast. And they are not so noisy as another models. And what about parachutes? They are so mobile thanks to the butterflies.

Do you know that the scales on the butterflies wings are better than diodes in new TV sets and computers. Besides the butterflies are the best plant pollinators. Silk and chesuca are the gift from silkworm and the butterfly from China. We wear warm and comfortable clothes thank to these insects.

Слайд 36 So, we should respect them. Butterflies embody our dreams. Everybody would like to be nice, free and happy. They remind us how short the life is. Have a lot of fun every day and make happy your friends, parents and relatives.

Краткое описание документа:

I  have  been  studying  butterflies  since  September.  I  have  read  a  lot  of  books  about  them. There  were  a  lot  of  new  things  about  them,  their  life  and  habits  for  me. 

 I  watched  films and  cartoons  about  these  beautiful  and  unusual  insects.  They  are  fantastic  and  mysterious.  I like  to  watch  the  butterflies. I  always  wanted  to  have  a  pet  butterfly  at  home.   Last  summer  my  dream  came  true.  My  mum  bought  me  a  beautiful  butterfly.  I  had  2  weeks  of fun  and  happiness.

 Butterflies  are  the  most  beautiful insects  for  me.  I  began  to  study  them  because  they  look  like   flowers. They  are  fragile  and  nice. They  are  big  and  small. They  are  bright  and  wonderful.  They  are  so  different. They  surprise  me  and  make  happy.  They  remember  us  how  short  the  life  is.

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