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Конспект мероприятия по английскому языку "Literary Contest"

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Literature contest.

(учитель: Свечкарева Л, В. МБОУ Туриловская СОШ Ростовская область)

Цель урока: Развивать у школьников способность использовать иностранный язык как инструмент общения в диалоге социокультур и цивилизаций современного мира.

Тип урока: Урок – обобщение полученных знаний; урок – конкурс с элементами драматизации.

Задачи урока:

Социокультурный аспект – овладение ИК как средством приобретения знаний о культуре страны ИЯ: литературе, поэзии.

Развивающий аспект – развитие способности к догадке (по словообразовательным элементам, по аналогии с родным языком), способности к формулированию выводов.

Воспитательный аспект – воспитание толерантности и уважения к другой культуре, приобщение к общечеловеческим ценностям, формирование потребности в поиске истины.

Учебный аспект – совершенствование речевых навыков.

Сопутствующая задача – развитие умения читать и аудировать с целью извлечения конкретной информации, с полным пониманием текста, совершенствование произносительных навыков, грамматических навыков говорения.

Речевой материал: Лексический – материал, усвоенный на предыдущих уроках.

Грамматический – материал предыдущих уроков.

Оборудование урока: выставка книг, портреты писателей, иллюстрации к произведениям, карта литературных мест, цитаты, карточки, фишки для подсчета баллов, компьютер.

Цитаты: “Choose an author as you choose a friend”

Treat books with care as good friends”

There is an art of reading as well as an art of thinking and an art of writing.” (Isaak D’Israell)

There is no frigate like a book

To take us lands away.

Nor any coursers like a page

Of prancing poetry.” (Emily Dickinson)

Учащиеся делятся на две команды. Каждый правильный ответ оценивается в один балл. На конкурс каждая команда готовит сценку из книги.hello_html_m6ea28d73.jpghello_html_39f135d5.jpg

1. Задание: Literature experts. (фронтальные ответы)

1. Who wrote 154 sonnets, over 30 plays, two poems.

2. She is known all over the world as the Queen of Crime.

3. What book was based on the story of Alexander Selkirk, a sailor who spent years on the island?

4. He had a true friend, a doctor, who helped him in his investigations.hello_html_79882d37.jpg

5. Where was R. L. Stevenson born?

6. Who had a servant named Man Friday?

7. What British writer wrote the novels “Oliver Twist” and “David Copperfield”?

8. Who is the most popular hero of English ballads?

9. Name the poet whose birthday is a national holiday in Scotland.

10. Who wrote the novel about Mary Poppins?

2. Задание. Who wrote these books? (Отвечают устно. Работа в группах)

D. Defoe

Robinson Crusoe

J. Swift

Gulliver’s Travels

Lewis Carroll

Winnie- the- Pooh

Alan Milne


Alice in Wonderland

Rudyard Kipling


Charles Dickens


William Shakespeare

Oliver Twist

3. Задание. What are these books? (В группах чтение текстов).

1. The character of the story was a sailor. He liked travelling. The book tells about his voyages to the country of giants, liliputs and to the wonderful country of Guingnamov.

2. The book is full of adventures. A little girl gets into different interesting situations. She becomes too tall and too short. She becomes a friend with different animals and people, drinks tea and plays with cards.

3. One boy had a friend. It was an unusual friend. He liked honey, jam and sweets. He liked to go to guests. He lived in a forest with his friends.

4.Задание. Listen to some characteristics and guess who these characters are. Write the numbers opposite the name of the character.hello_html_m7b87427.jpg

(фронтальная работа)

Mary Poppins


Winnie the







1. One morning before school she passed by the teacher’s desk and saw a key in the lock. There was nobody in the classroom. She opened the desk, took out the book and began to turn the pages. She saw a very beautiful picture in the book. But suddenly she shut the book so quickly that she tore the picture.

2. He lived in the city of York. When he was a small boy, he wanted to go to sea. But he could do it only when he was 18. He became a sailor and liked his work very much. One day, when the ship was at sea, a great storm came on them. The ship broke and the people went into a small boat.

3. She fell down into the hole very slowly, so she had time to look around. It was very dark there, but she saw many cupboards and bookshelves by the walls, which had pictures on them.

4. Funny, kind, likes honey, has many friends, lives in the forest, full of ideas, friendly.

5. Nice, likes children, children like he, full of imagination, tells wonderful stories, clever, likes to travel to imaginary lands, famous for magic, the best nurse in the world.

6. Brave and strong, clever, fond of nature, lives among animals, a true friend of animals.

5. Задание. These are extracts from very famous books. Match them with the names of the books. Say if you have read them.hello_html_m4537af8c.jpg

(Работа в группах)

King Arthur and the Knights of the round Table.”

L. Carroll “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

J. Swift “Gulliver’s Travels”

M. Twain “The Prince and the Pauper”

R. Kipling “The Jungle Book”

1.” The prince began to take off his clothes, and Tom took off his old clothes and put on the clothes of the prince. Tom looks at the prince as he stood there in Tom’s clothes. He had seen very like him before. “Come and look at us in the glass.” cried the prince. They were just like each other.

2. “I had slept for many hours. When I awoke it was just daylight. I tried to get up from the ground, but I couldn’t move. My arms and feet were held down to the ground with strings. I heard some noise around me, But I could see nothing. Turning my eyes down as much as I could, I saw a man. He was less than 15 centimetres high.”

3. “Alice and her big sister were sitting on the grass. Her sister was reading a book, but Alice had nothing to read…She was too sleepy…Just then, a white rabbit ran by, very near to her. She wondered when the rabbit took a watch out of its pocket and looked at it.”

4. At 7 o’clock on a hot evening in the Seeonee hills, Father Wolf woke up. There was a little animal at the mouth of the cave. It was Tabaqui, the jackal. The wolves of India don’t like Tabaqui.”

5. “There were 150 places at the table. Each knight had his name written in his place. There were 128 knights at the table. As time went on other brave and good knights came, and King Arthur gave them places. One place was not filled for a long time.

6. Задание. Listen to some extracts and tell who these words belong to.

(На листочках учащиеся пишут ответы. Фронтальная работа)

I decided to have some food and drink near me. First I put water in a big bottle and put it on my table near my bed. Then I had some meat. I eat only very little of it. Then I went for a short walk. I looked at the sea. The sea was very peaceful.”

It was a very sunny day. I could not say if it was Spanish land or Indian country. If so I was glad to be on the island with no people on it because I knew that the Indians were all man – eaters.”

No school. But I must work. How hard life is. Oh, to be free – to play with the boys. The will come along soon. They will laugh when they see me working…”

My balloon? My birthday balloon? Is this it? My present? Thank you, Piglet, but what colour was this balloon when it was a balloon?”

7. Задание. The paragraphs in this story are mixed up. Decide in what order they should follow and say who in your opinion ate the fruit.

(работа в группах)

  1. First I thought of the children who lived in the building and played in the garden below. I often talked with them, when I met them in the halls and on the stairs. Could they be playing a trick on me? Maybe.

  2. Still the bananas were gone. And why bananas and nothing else? Who or what had been in my apartment? I could not guess.

  3. Nothing told me that something strange was about to begin that morning. I just walked into my kitchen and there it was. The bananas in my fruit basket were gone, or at least all but the skins were gone. AND I HADN’T EATEN THEM.

4. But then I thought there was no way for the children to reach my kitchen without my knowing it. The kitchen window was too high, and I knew that the children had not come through the door. I couldn’t understand how it happened. I lived alone and had no pets. None of my friends had been in to see me. There were no mice in the building, at least none I knew of them.

8. Задание. We invite you in our theatre. You’ll watch some scenes and guess who are the characters of the plays, what books are they from, who is the author.

9. Задание. You can see different things. They are unusual. They belong to different characters. Name the thing and the book where we meet it.

(На подносе находятся: воздушный шарик (Винни Пух), кинжал (Маугли), глиняный горшочек (Винни Пух), шарик (Том Сойер), яблоко (Том Сойер), часы (Алиса в стране чудес), зонтик (Мери Поппинс).

10. Задание. Учащиеся в группах сочиняют стихи о литературных героях.

Подведение итогов.

Приложение1: Стихи учащихся.

Poems by children.

  1. I met a character in the book.

His name was Winnie – the – Pooh

He was funny, kind and good.

And lived in a magic wood.

We all love him since childhood.

  1. Winnie – the Pooh lives in a wood

He is very good.

He is kind and funny.

He very much likes honey.

He is a yellow and soft bear

He has many friends there.

  1. Cinderella.

She is cooking all the day.

She is cleaning everything.

But she found her prince

At the ball today.

  1. Backs Bunny.

Backs Bunny is very funny.

He has big eyes,

He is very nice,

He has not bad habit,

He is a rabbit.

  1. What is Winnie?

He is not a bunny.

He likes honey,

And is very funny.

He is a soft bear.

  1. Dyuimovochka is very small,

And she is industrious .

Small girl likes to sing a song,

And to her friends is so generous.

I admire this fairy – tale My mother read it for me. Swallow, mole, mouse and frogs

Magic characters of the book.

A little charming girl Overcame the sorrow and grief. Open it, and I’m sure

You’ll meet faithful friends.

Выберите курс повышения квалификации со скидкой 50%:

Краткое описание документа:

Развитие интереса к литературе и формирование желания узнать ближе и лучше английских писателей и поэтов, проявлять любознательность и стремление выражать себя в различных видах творческой деятельности, приобщение к общечеловеческим ценностям - задачи данного мероприятия.

Учащиеся учатся работать в группе, прислушиваться к мнению собеседника и отстаивать, обосновывать свою точку зрения. Через конкурсные задания рождается стремление расширить свой кругозор и проявлять интерес к познавательной деятельности. 

Конкурс включает в себя задания по чтению, аудированию, творческие задания.

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