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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыКонспект мультимедийного урока "7 чудес света" (11 класс)

Конспект мультимедийного урока "7 чудес света" (11 класс)

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Topic: “Mysteries. Exploring the world.”


  1. Обучающая. Активизировать ЛМ по теме «Мистерии. Познание мира», развить навыки монологической речи. Учить учащихся пользоваться Интернетом для выполнения поставленных задач , пользоваться электронным словарем. Учить умению вести дискуссию, высказывать свою точку зрения, воспринимать речь на слух, максимально активизировать пройденный языковой материал в связных высказываниях, с личной оценкой.

  2. Образовательная. Знакомство с памятниками архитектуры и искусства, использовать возможности Интернета.

  3. Воспитательная. Воспитание бережного отношения к памятникам архитектуры и искусства.

  4. Технические средства. Компьютеры, мультимедийный проектор.

Ход урока.

  1. Орг. момент.

Hello, girls! We`ve got a lot of things to show and discuss. Today we have the last lesson on our topic “Mysteries. Exploring the world” and we`ll call it “7 wonders of the world”. We`re going to describe buildings and statues, discoveries and achievements of mankind in ancient, medieval and modern times, their characteristic and story, legends and personalities connected with them. What can be done to extend their existence? You`re our future, soon this world will belong to you and you have to decide what to do. You`ll also work in Wikipedia and Wiki dictionary.

  1. Warm-up.

Girls, let`s remember the wonders of the ancient world that are known all over the world and their location.


Very good. Look at this presentation. Only one of these presentations can be seen today. What wonder is it?


T – Why can`t other ancient wonders be seen today? Why didn`t people manage to extend there existence?

P – They were destroyed by …(time, wars, fire, vandalism, earthquakes…)

T- Who has ever seen the pyramids?

-P4… I was shocked by their height.

P – I`ve heard that there are no tombs in Giza. They are in one of the museums of Egypt.

T – Yes, you are right.

P5… It`s a wonder how people could build them. It`s a mystery still now.

P6… As I know there `re different versions ( enumerate )

P7… I quite agree with you. It`s difficult to imagine how people could carry or move such giant stones without special techniques, machines.

T- When I was on an excursion to Egypt I saw them too. Unfortunately from a long distance. I was pleased very much.

P8- And for example the Coloss of Rhodes. It was higher than the Statue of Liberty.

T- Which of these wonders do you like most and why?

P9- The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. There was a very complicated and up-to-date technology of watering plants that grew so high over the sea level.

T- You`re quite right. All these things were fantastic. And we speak only about wonders of the ancient world. Mankind created a lot of buildings and monuments later. People are worth of admiration and our next point is you h/t ( your presentations)

  1. Основной этап урока. Учащиеся представляют свои домашние презентации в парах.( Демонстрация и развитие монологической речи). Каждый слайд сопровождается комментариями учащихся. Всего 7 выступлений.

Пирамиды – Ксения и Люба, Храм Артемиды Эфесcкой – Юля и Ульяна, Статуя Зевса в Олимпии – Аня и Олеся, Висячие сады Вавилона – Женя и Вика, Колосс Родосский – Света и Наташа, Галикарнасский мавзолей – Ира и Ксения, Александрийский маяк – Алина и Кристина.

T- Let`s begin listening to your presentations. Girls, I give you evaluating cards where you have to evaluate the quality of your presentations, speech, mistakes and the lesson itself. At the end of the lesson you`ll give them to me. I`ll analyze them and I`ll give you your analysis of our today`s work at the next lesson.

Учащиеся представляют свои презентации.


Let`s rest a little.

Close your eyes, please for 1 minute. Eyes up, down. Turn them left, right. Do it 5 times, please.

Now we are going to watch on line video about 7 ancient wonders. After it you`ll have to answer some questions.Watch attentively, please.

On- line video


T- You have 3 - 4 minutes. Look through this list. Do you have questions? So, begin.

Your time is up.

Exchange your lists, and check your work

Presentations. Answers.

T- No mistakes? You have “5”, 1 - 2 mistakes – raise your hands, please – you have “4”, more than 2 mistakes-you have “3”.

T – Very good and fascinating. Do you agree? But we speak about ancient constructions. What about the modern world?

T-I know that from 2004 -2008 people from all over the world could vote in the internet on-line choosing 7 modern wonders of the world.

P2 - As for me, I`ve heard that there were 77 pretenders. It`s a pity, but only one of them was in Russia and it did not manage to be among these cherished 7 wonders.

T- What do you think this architectural structure is?

( opinions)

P3 – I think , it`s St Basil`s Cathedral in Moscow.

T – Yes, you`re right. I`ve heard about this on-line voting. In 2008 we were give the list of these wonders. Look at them.

Presentation of new 7 wonders.

P4 – I`m quite sure that in Russia there are so many beautiful buildings and masterpieces of architecture, that are worth of admiration and visiting.

T – I`m very glad that you think so. Let`s try to create our list of wonders of Russia. I`ll help you with the beginning. Look here, please.


T – Do you share my opinion about these architectural buildings?

Your task is to complete this list. In addition to it you should answer these three questions, using Wikipedia( a universal encyclopedia) and Wiki dictionary in the Internet.

Look at these questions. Presentation.

T – Please, take your seats at monitors in groups of 2, switch computers on and type the Internet address ( доска).

http//: wwwgoogle.ru and inside this search you engine Wikipedia, and you can find any information you need there. If you want you may use wiki dictionaries. I give you 10 minutes. One is trying to find and the other is taking notes.

T – So, what do we have? Who wants to try?

1 group. We`ve chosen…, because…

One more pair, please. We`ve included in this list…, because…

T – Thank you. Good work .But what should we do to save all these masterpieces?

P1 – People create, people destroy. We must take care of old constructions.

P2 – In my opinion, tourists do a lot of harm to architectural sites.

P3 – The government must take special measures to protect all old and not only old buildings.

P4 – I can add that they are very important in our life, for our history, architecture, art.

P5 – I`m sure that we must save them for future generations side by side with modern achievements.

T- I`m proud of you.

  1. Conclusion.

T - I liked your work very much. We`ve spoken ancient and modern wonders. You`ve worked in the Internet in pairs. We`ve discussed a lot. We`ve watched your presentations and video and this helped you to do your test well enough. What did you like in our lesson?


T- I`ll look through your evaluating cards. All of you get “5” for your home presentations.

  1. At home in the same pairs you`ll make group presentations of 7 wonders of Russia ( 7 slides) using Wikipedia and Wiki dictionary.

Краткое описание документа:

Данный мультимедийный урок является заключительным  уроком в профильном  филологическом классе  по теме « Непознанное» (учебник Millennium 11, автор О.Л.Гроза).  Урок  посвящен 7 чудесам света и решает следующие задачи: учит использовать возможности Интернета (универсальная энциклопедия Википедия) для поиска необходимого материала, пользоваться электронным словарем, формирует навыки ведения дискуссии, формулирования собственной точки зрения, максимально активизируя изученный языковой материал в связных высказываниях с личной оценкой, знакомство с памятниками архитектуры.  

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