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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему " Who are you proud of?"( 7 класс)

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«Who are you proud of?»

(7 класс)

Тема урока" Who are you proud of?"

Цели урока.

1 .Поддерживать интерес учащихся к английскому языку

2.Воспитывать уважение и любовь к членам своей семьи, к знаменитым людям своей страны и страны изучаемого языка

3.Способствовать развитию у детей инициативы, внимания и памяти.

Задачи урока.

Практиковать учащихся в аудировании, чтении и устной речи. Обобщить грамматический материал.

Дидактический материал.

Аудиокассета с записью текста песни" Yesterday" и текстом для аудирования, грамматическая таблица"Present Progressive", портреты известных людей страны изучаемого языка и России.

План урока.

1 .Организационный момент.

2. Фонетическая зарядка.

3. Аудирование учащимися текста о группе "Битлз" и выполнение теста по

прослушанному тексту.

4. Учебный разговор по рисункам учебника на странице 132.

5. Чтение учащимися текстов упражнения 1 на странице 133 и выполнение заданий по текстам.

6.Высказывания учащихся о людях, которыми они гордятся;

а)вступителыюе слово учителя

б)самостоятельные высказывания учащихся

7.Повторение грамматического материала.

8.Итоги урока.

Ход урока.

Good morning children. Sit down please. Who is on duty today? Who is absent? Why? What date is it today? What day of the week is it today?

Well. Today at the lesson we are going to speak about famous people such as writers, singers, sportsmen and about people we are proud of. We'll try to explain why we are proud of them. And we'll review our grammar material Present Progressive Tense.

Let's start working. We'll begin from the song about brother James. Let's sing all

together. please. OK. Now let's divide into two groups and sing again. Good boys and


Well. Now listen to the song and guess who is singing this song. Of course you know this

famous song and the group which sings it. It’s the beautiful song "Yesterday"' by "the

Beatles",the popular music pop group from Great Britain. Now I want you to listen to the

text about this group and then answer the questions on it. But before hearing look at the

blackboard. Here you see the words which will help you to understand the text better. Here

they are. Let's pronounce them all together. Good job! Now listen to the text.

I'll give you the cards. There you will see the questions on the text about "'The Beatles"'. Your

task is to choose the right answer. You have 4 minutes. Do, please.

Your time is up. Give me your cards please.

As I said at the beginning of the lesson today we are going to speak about famous people. There are many famous people in Great Britain. Children and grown-ups know them well. They love and respect them because they did or do a lot for their country. Open your books at page 132. Here you see 5 great British people. Do you know these people? For example, who is this woman in the centre? Yes. That's right. She is the Queen of England. Who knows her name? Yes that’s right. Who is this man? He is the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. He was the leader of the country during the war against fascists. And who is this man sitting in an armchair? This is the famous singer, the leader of the group» Queen" Freddy Murcury. Who is this man? Of course it's the greatest English writer William Shakespeare .And this is admiral Nelson. Let's read about him at page 133 in ex.1. Ksenya, please.Now, Valya. OK. Answer the questions, please. Well you have read the text about famous British admiral. I think at your history lessons you spoke or maybe will speak about Russian famous admirals. Do you know any of them? Look at the picture. This is the greatest Russian admiral Kutuzov.

Have you ever heard about Florence Nightingale? She is the national British heroine. What is she famous for? You'll know it from the text of ex. 1. Let's read it. Artyom. Please. OK. Answer the questions on the text now.

Florence Nightingale was a British nurse who did much for the British army.In Russia there was a very famous doctor who did much for the Russian army during the war in the battle for Sevastopl..Do you know him? This is the doctor Pyrogov.

Now let's read the text about famous British ice-dancers at page 134.Ilona, please. Now Anya, please. Answer the questions. Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean are the famous British ice-dancers. When I was young I liked very much our Russian ice-dancers Ekaterina Gordeeva and Alexandr Grmkov.They won many gold medals.

Well. Look at ex.2 at pagel34.Here you see the names of some great British people like Charlie Chaplin. William Shakespeare. Rudyard Kipling. But there is too little information about them. I want you to find more information about them. Tanya. Marina and Katya you'll find information about Charlie Chaplin. Artyom. Dinar and Samat will find the material about William Shakespeare. Ksenya, Valya and llona will find information about Rudyard Kipling. You can find this material in books, magazines and libraries. You have a week to do this job.

Well. Today we are talking about famous people and the people we are proud of. But we can be proud not only by great people such as writers, actors or sportsmen. We can be proud of people who live around us; our parents, relatives, friends. For example I'm very proud of my father. Why? I'll try to explain. My father learned much. He finished the technical secondary school and the institute. He worked and continues to work hard for his country. And last year he was given the medal "Merited Chemist of Bashkortostan''. President Rakhimov presented him this medal.

What about you? Who are you proud of? It maybe your friend, your grandfather. Think a little

and make a short report. I give you 2 minutes. You may use the questions on the blackboard as a

plan of your report.

Who is ready? Please.

Now let's do some exercises to review the grammar material; Present Progressive. As you

remember we use this tense form when we describe actions happening now. Open your

Activity Books at page 46 and let's do ex.1. Read the task of the exercise. Let's do it.

Now look at the blackboard. Here you see some sentences. But they are written with

mistakes. Find and correct them.

Very good. Now I'll give you the cards. There you’ll find a little test on Present

Progressive. You have some minutes to do it. Start working.

Your time is up. Marina, collect the cards, please. Thank you.

All right. Our lesson is coming to the end. We have spoken about famous people who play a

very important part in the life of their countries or in our own life. Can you answer the

question: do we need such people? Do we need an example to follow? Why do you think so?

Ok. Open your record-books and write down your homework: a) make 5-8 sentences to describe a person you are proud of

b)Ex.3 at page 47in your AB. Your task is to write a story about a person you are proud of

c) Find more information about Charlie Chaplin, William Shakespeare, and Rudyard Kipling. You can find this material in books, magazines and libraries. You have a week to do this job.

Hope our lesson was useful for you and you have learned some new facts and information.

1 liked your work at the lesson. I give you next marks.

The lesson is over. Stand up. Good bye.

Choose the correct answer.

1. What is Liverpool associated with?

a) "The Beatles"

b) "Queen"

c) "Rolling Stones"

2. What was the name of the first famous songs of "The Beatles"?

a) Yesterday

b) Love Me Do

c) Let it be

3.The road to success was:

a) Difficult

b) Easy

c) Funny

4.What became the latest fashion during the 1960s ' "The Beatles"?

a) Haircuts

b) Jackets

c) Guitars

5. "The Beatles" decided to break up because of!

a) The disagreements between them

b) The war

Choose the right form of the verb.

1. Listen! Some body ... a lovely song.

a) is singin b) sings

2. Let's go for a walk. It... now.

a) is not raining b) does not rain

3. I don't speak any foreign language, but I... English now.

4. I ... dancing lessons this winter.

a) am taking b) take

5. It often ... in this part of the world.

a) rains b) is raining

6. Dad ... on Sundays.

a) is usually working b) usually works

7. Usually I... in the morning, but now I... tea.

a) am having coffee, drink

b) have coffee, am taking

8. Granny is in the kitchen. She ... a cake.

a) is making b) makes

9. My wife ... cake.

a) is often making b) often makes

10. Mary ... an interesting book now.

a) is reading d) reads










Краткое описание документа:

Данная разработка урока составлена к учебнику для 7 класса авторов В.П. Кузовлев и др. Целью урока является поддержание интереса учащихся к английскому языку, воспитание уважения и любви к членам своей семьи, к знаменитым людям своей страны и страны изучаемого языка.

Задачами урока являются:

1)практиковать учащихся в аудировании

2)практиковать учащихся в устной речи (монологической и диалогической)

3)практиковатьучащихся в чтении

4)практиковать учащихся в употреблении Present Progressive

Во время урока проводятся различные виды работы (парная, индивидуальная), а также используются различные материалы (аудио, раздаточный материал, иллюстрации)


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