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Конспекты на тему "Vocabulary"

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Grade: 6 a, 6 ә

Date: 20.10.2015

The theme of the lesson: «Vocabulary»

The aims of the lesson:

practical: to enrich pupils knowledge, to develop pupils abilities in speaking, to enrich their vocabulary;

developing: to develop the pupil’s creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading, writing , lexical skills.

educational: to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom and to develop friendship.

Inter-subject connection: Kazakh, English

Visual aids: books, pictures, posters, cards.

The procedure of the lesson

I.Oraganization moment.

Teacher: Good afternoon, pupils!

Pupils: Good afternoon, teacher!

Teacher: Sit down, please.Who is on duty today?

Pupil: I’m on duty today.

Teacher: Who is absent today?

Pupils: All are present.

Teacher: What date is it today?

Pupils: Today is the 20th of October

Teacher: What day is it today?

Pupils: Today is Tuesday

II. Phonetic drill.

T: Ok, pupils. Look at the blackboard. Now, we have a phonetic drill. I’ll read this phonetic drill then you’ll repeat after me.

This is the house that Jack built

This is the corn,

That lay in the house that Jack built

III. Checking homework.

T: Now, let’s check up your homework. What was your home task for today?

P: Our homework was … .

IV.Warm up

Stand up, sit down,

Stand up, sit down.

Up and down,

Up and down


Let’s revise all new words.

VIII.Work with exercises

IX.Giving the home task.

Open you diaries. Write down your home task. Exercise 4. To learn by heart the song.


Have you got any questions? What about we talk today?

XI. Giving marks

I’ll give you marks. Your mark is excellent! Your mark is good! Your mark is sat.

The lesson is over! Good buy children!

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